this is a repost of a video i put up this morning... this is in fact the place where west jam will be held. Take a good look, the place looks fucking amazing.

 ...in case you forgot. here's what ricardo had to say about WEST JAM;

"freestyle fixed jam in lisbon in the 19th and 20th march and a bike polo tournament in a big indoor park, more people from europe is coming such as geometrick crew, the rotterdam crew and we have some americans trying to come..such as wonka, jakob santos, michael chacon and wheel talk crew...."
for more info, head to the facebook event page 

anthony rasca edit

more from lb locals. love seeing cherry park in edits. long beach is fucking shit up in 2011, the rest of the world best watch out.

rooTTs: fully cocked "the vortex"

heres the latest from clint and his mag wheel. fuckin love watching this posse. this edit wont disappoint. follow CLINT on vimeo.

flying high

heres mike flying high... more literal than figurative in this case. lol. blasting some hops, bars, and 180s off some big shit. that 180 bar ender was pretty flawless. mike steps his game up with every edit...

dawson phan

the younger crowd is bringing some shit to the table these days. some real legit tricks in this flick... 2:56 wtf.

quick clip: collin teaser

here's another one from retrogradeflicks for unknown bike co. these guys are keeping the hits coming right now. rad quick clip of some solid flatground.

west fixed

could this be the spot where west jam is going down??? that place looks fucking epic. not to mention ricardo turns it into a killing grounds in this flick. so many solid tricks in here. this dude is coming in hot.

quick clip: forest parker