quick clip: few tricks with pepe

its been a while since we've seen anything from gnarcotix... this ones a quick edit from "20 minutes of riding". i dig it. hopefully we'll see more from these guys in the coming months. 

"skate shiTT": pfg

i caught this at the PFGBLOG. some pretty legit skate shiTT from daniel torrez. who wouldve thought. its rad to see skate influence in fixed freestyle.

quick clip: sdg 2011

quick clip from sdg.

rooTTs: miles rogoish

gritty. killer tricks in here.

off TTopic: winter shred/wtf

here's a quick snowboard clip of some crazy shit... never seen anything like this, i dont even know if i believe it.

skate shiTT: fishing lines

creative, stylish, epic skate flick.

peninsula fixed gear

these guys are fuckin animals. that 180 ender was massive, and the kinked rail attempt was some serious shit. killer edit. must see TTv.

top business

heres a quick look at future tense.

injured and aging

that table on top of the quarter is pretty rad.