off TTopic: winter shred

more snowboard shit from the man gus engle. this guy is equal parts creative and crazy... rad direction for snowboarding.


stranger is fucking killing it right now. long beach is the place, stranger is making us all look good. im fucking psyched on these guys and the constant flow of edits they keep us with. tons of long beach spots in this one.

ryd conflict proto

we've seen some pics of seans built up, but heres another ryd conflict proto from hector. i dig it when you see a new proto bike being ridden. as if it makes a difference or you can tell how it rides... this thing looks pretty killer, defintiely a step in the right direction no bb drop, and check out those white walled 29er tires... wtf, so fucking rad. gotta get a set of those.

packy golan 2011

packy is by far one of my favorite "groms" coming up these days. good style, killer spots, big tricks. definitely holding it down hard. im psyched to see these kids bring some shit 2011.

x-men at x-life

here's a new flick from x-life.

untitled feat krislc

been way too long since we've seen something from kris lockedcog. he's got one of the best styles in fgfs imo. this shit is rad. some super creative tricks in there 2:00 and 2:24 are a couple i dont think ive seen before on a fixed bike. must see TTv.

flat fix 2010 cm2

some new shit from flat fix. stand up wheelies are coming in hot in 2011 haha.

got found

quick trailer for got found. looks like its gunna be good.