SHMOB: tyler bar hop

SHMOB is keeping their name hot and keeping the world informed with pics and flicks. heres the latest, a pic of tyler blasting a barhop at their local park.
ladies, you know you love tyler, so click the image for a full size and set it as your desktop wallpaper.


i got an email from ricardo lino a few days ago telling me about this event... sounds like its gunna be a good deal. here's what he had to say;
"freestyle fixed jam in lisbon in the 19th and 20th march and a bike polo tournament in a big indoor park, more people from europe is coming such as geometrick crew, the roterdam crew and we have some americans trying to come..such as wonka, jakob santos, michael chacon and wheel talk crew...."
for more info, head to the facebook event page 

fixed gear geneva: david pili

fgfs is international language... learn it. these guys speak it fluently. lol. heres a "robust" edit from switzerland. spot variety, some technical tricks... nice one. check their blog for updates.

jordan and sol in the icey and wet

saw this over at the phoenix blog and brought it over here... some snow and ice tricking. fuckin nuts imo, i dont even like to ride after rain and these two are pulling sliders on ice.

holy shiTT

off TTopic: winter shred

this ones not really off TTopic... but its definitely a winter shred post. haha. the guys at bpf put me on to this and its rad. check it.

gorbis magic monday

the gorbis posse is deep and theyve got a steady stream of edits moving through. soon a real killer will emerge from this mob, i can feel it.