shmob is now in HD

this is the latest from shmob who is now filming in HD, now filming more than ever, and now hammering out some real solid tricks like theyre nothing. expect fire from shmob in 2011.

geometrick: welcome

geometrick noob throwing down some tricks. couple real thrillers in there too. i get the feeling 2011 is shaping up for some new names to bring some heavy shit. 

hellachunky weekend download

hellachunky just put up 3 new ones today... these guys are stacking some footage and flooding it right now.

resist winter edit

you know these two are going to be killing it before you even click play... but this shit blew my mind. too many holy shit moments to even call out, and that ender is fucking insane. maTT and congo are on some next level shit with this one. these two put long beach on the map to begin with and continue to set the standard for everyone everywhere. must see TTv. fucking killing it.

another bike woman tricker flick?

this ones rad. MUST SEE TTv. the music, the riding, the chick, this is too rad.

bumsteads: when pigs fly

this ones the latest from garrison. that high speed stand up wheelie at 1:04 is rad haha. some skate shit in there too. this flicks legit.

ks yun for byclipse

heres a quick ad for byclips bike shop... clean prodution. ks yun has been keeping the hits coming lately.

sean brian rosner for unknown

here's the latest from the unknown bikes saga... theres that frame we covered a couple days ago. looking clean. that three up the bank was fuckin solid.