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congo making thieth look sexy

Congo thieth
Congo X TTHIETTH = pure sex

quick clip: Nass Mcrank

heres a quick one from dahiyaht yusof on vimeo... rad shot, rad slowmo, cool choice of tunes.

quick clip: surachet manowong

fuck yeah... a quick one from surachet manowong. short, to the point, serious fire. feeling that awol one jam.

collin mui 2010

collin mui putting in some work and throwing down some hammers. solid edit. 2011 is shaping up to be some good shit already. stay posted, keep this shit coming.

dong dong dong

saw this over at prollys joint . lol at the music. some new shit from favor bikes and bpf.

rooTTs: wheel talk bmx

this is pretty rad. fully legit tricks on bmx bikes. wheel talk keeping us pumped in 2011.
via: slum worm