bumsteads teaching newbs whats up with bike setup.

"bike woman tricker"

why not?

rooTTs: david grant

one of the raddest styles in bmx. imo.

unknown bike co 26" build

here's sean rosner's unknown 26er build. super clean, i love murdered out bikes.seen at tricktrack and phoenix. these things look solid.

quick clip: smoking crack

jpc has some huge hops. if you smoke crack, you can "get this high" too.

mini webo

this shit is so killer. those tricks into the banks/hills with the ditch at the bottom, that hop into the stairs, someone strapped on their gnar boots. haha. fucking killing it... the first of 2011. andrew voegeli is fucking nuts.

fixtape #2

the fixtape continues with this latest installment... ronnies flicks are always pure entertainment. check that fried scorpion intro haha. lots of rad shit in here.

quick clip: "cult park"

heres a quick clip from a little place called "cult park"... is that really the name. that spot is fucking rad.