leftover lunch, garbage munch

shea tweeted about a new edit yesterday... and here it is. DPH stays on top of the webflick game. they constantly keep these coming. take note, these guys are doing shit right.

eyeTTunes: pissed jeans

i fuckin love this song. this shit probably won't resonate with many of you... but fuck it, i love it. give it a try.


saw this one over at fish&chips... quick edit, wizard fast flatground execution.

the hisTTory channel

here's some "old school" footage from mosher. one of the first to grind anything on a fixed bike. i remember seeing this when it first dropped and being blown away... check out the ender slowmo, hard to believe that was an ender trick back in the day.

this ones an oldie... johns one of the first people we saw doing this trick. i remember people calling it a prolly spin for a while after... definitely a classic old school trick. i hope it hangs around on some level at least.

"skate shiTT"

that wallie back 50 at the 0:46 mark is rad. lots of that style skate shit in this one.

off TTopic: winter shred

shred the white wave... or some shit like that. this video is some snowboard action from the mid 2000's. solid "street" shit, if you can even call it that.