gus gettin loko

just saw this over at WRAHW  (go check it)
...and it reminded me of this;
get fuckin loko. 

by the way... rumor has it gothross still knows where to get that real loko with the caffeine and shit in it... just sayin. 

"mtb street": heartland

shane from shmob put me on to this flick... its an entertaining edit. i dont usually go for suspension fork joints... but this shit is pretty cool.

spoTT check

spoTT check 1
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reload: ronnie

heres a rad flick i totally missed... dates way back to last year. killer production quality.

rooTTs: OSS

here's the OSS extras mixtape... check the 1:16 mark and step your game up... back wheelie time. bmx is roots, but fixed can hold down back wheelies way harder, why arent these showing up in our flicks???

"skate shiTT": trong your mind

heres some new shit from the local heroes at trong your mind... the realest in homegrown skateboarding... take note, skate mobs like this have been doing this for longer than fixed has even existed. (on a side note, shout out to dahiya who has some clips in this one) see the below photos for evidence of trongs raw dedication to realness.

 bookmark these guys: TRONG

off TTopic: a musical audience

this must be how ted tests tubing... the volume of fixed flicks has dropped off hard over the past few weeks. this ones kind of a reach as far as our TTypical content goes.

quick clips: wk seoul

these guys keep the quick clips coming. rides a shitload and keeps the webflicks nonstop. heres a couple quick clips.