here's the latest from SHMOB. some driveway shreddage, perfecting the art of fucking shit up. tyler and shane got some serious momentum going... fuckin psyched for the home team. expect some bigger and better shit from these guys in 2011.

planet hops

some new shit from planet hops... super clean picture quality, some nice production value, some "legeet" tricks... 2011, kim hyun ho coming in hot.


here's a couple quick ones from gorbis... new to the game but keeping us entertained. they're coming from santa cruz, home of shitloads of rad spots. im looking forward to seeing these groms bring some shit in 2011. 

sfg 2011

here's some of that new 2011 shit... i guess its the "best of both worlds" some riding and some fgfs. i always prefer strictly tricks, but i guess its cool to see some high speed street shit every now and then.

tyler johnson spare clips

nice fuckin spares... it seems like every time we see something new from tyler its some serious shit. those nosie barspins are fucking rad. tyler stays way ahead of the game... which is why he stays one of my favorite names in fixed gear.

geometrick happy new year

some legit lines in this flick.