christian hamrick /// im out here

...scraps my dick/// theres some fucking sick clips in here. tons of creative spots, rock riders, rails, fuck yeah... killer clips fucking stacked. looks like hamrick flipped the GRIME switch as you can see//thats some news. that squad is spreading like a forest fire. hamricks always killing it, psyched on this one.

ah fuck that hurts

one more for the road /// i havent watched this shit, but it came up on my list of shit to post... so get it. alec always brings some good shit to the mix.


some new shit from iminusd // im scrapin by on internet connection atm, so i havent even seen this shit yet, but you know its fire... team IMINUSD is deep with rippers. from what i did see theres some killer shit in here, and arimoto's new purple frame is fucking sick.


get em while they're hot. sick graphic // hand made with care. true grass roots operation DESTROY stays killing it.

rooTTs // EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

this is so fucking good// WATCH IT NOW // happy new years motherfuckers. thanks antonyo.

kbirdie // we all dyin'

heres that new kbirdie shit// always welcome at TTv. digging the tunes. mini shred to death, good styles. kbirdie kills.

quick clip // jball

sick quick one liner from jball// always good.

1/2 assed v.4

fuckin love these half ass flicks // doesnt have to be months of stacked footage to bring some necessary entertainment to the mix. gus and jaydee got out for some shred time/ what you see is what you get. theres always good shit, good spots, good clips. 1:23 trophy smash is too good// i got a laugh out of that. always must see TTv when these two get together.

phillip williams // daps

phil and sam dont stop /// snow cant even stop these two from putting out hits. due to weather they got forced indoors for this one, but theres some good shit in here// park looks a little tight for big bikes, but SHVRK made the best of it. fuckin non stop// these two put in work.

mashafix//ff powerhour

not that its "legal" to post lol; you already know whats good// probably already saw this shit on MASHAFIX// but its too fucking good not to add to the TT collection. 1:47 "i hate to interrupt you but i just really wanna do this and im in the zone" hahaha i love that guy. joe's 3 down the big set like a boss// antonyo is slaughtering rails, and that wallride 180 fuuh. so much action in this flick// probably the best MASHAFIX flick so far too, his editing style is getting dialed.


this ones epic// you already know i love that raw footage style no music shit. gotta love this guys temper// i used to get like this with skateboards haha.

skate shiTT // rooTTs // wTTf

if you know whats good for you// watch this shit now. caught this on facebook via torey thornton. so fucking good//


RITUAL EDIFICE where you at with this spot man// haha, so sick.

sfg disty // ynot korea

these YNOT KOREA flicks keep coming and stay legit. always good.



you already know joe and antonyo kill it /// theres so much fire in this flick. MASHAFIX kept this flick locked to drive some traffic to his site/// SO GO WATCH THE SHIT OVER THERE. feelin that gravediggaz sountrack so here's my favorite track from em.

jball // truckdriver attempts

so sick /// jball is going for some trucks inspired by gabe. this is what i was hoping to see more of when the contest dropped, everyone to get after it and push fixed tricks forward. so sick to see some next level tricks coming in. lets see more truck attempts, i know theres more people that got this in em.


caught this one via PHOENIX /// ruff's current build. i dig how he's kind of in his own world with the colorway, he always builds em up sick.

jball // compilation/chrome submission

this one goes back over a month, but i dont think i snagged it first time around. jball put this together for the chrome contest, its a compilation of some of his favorite clips to date. you can see some serious style progression between the clips on his old bike vs new... so sick. probably one of the earliest (if not the earliest) fixed truckdriver in the mix too. check it. thanks to jball for sending this through.

thunderkill 2011

the new THUNDERKILL line just dropped. head over and check it out. some real solid graphics this time around// i highlited some of my favorites below. TK has been doing this for a long time now// one of the original FGFS t-shirt brands. support the sport// keep it in the "trusted circle" haha. click through and buy some shit.

big wheel bmx

triple up today // fuck it. i dig watching these flicks. super clean bike build too.

snafu fixed freestyle

looks like footage was stacked for this one. spot variety, good clips, 2:06 was "ill". check it.

nasty signature frame

super clean filming and editing/// and some new footage from nasty. he always kills it with his signature style. 0:25 is so epic.


theres some super sick front wheel rider action in this flick /// check out 1:44 haha... epic. crispy aims to entertain.

quick clip /// nick lpr

quick clips are always sick. this ones got some double exposure editing going on, i dig the style.

eat shiTT

had to post this up as soon as i saw it/// the slam isnt as bad as it couldve been but, holy shit, check that catastrophic fork fail.

big wheel bmx

kuba makin freewheels look fun/// some big bike mini shred.

skate shiTT

i been into these ny skate flicks lately. quartersnacks keeps it spicy.

382 /// goodbye 2011

good way to start new years weekend with some "homage" to the year past. im psyched for 2012 and the end of the world and shit.

n00bs /// darnel balasabas

heres some n00b shit from about a month ago that i missed. some pretty solid clips in here.



tarck and skate

some tarck style roll outs // og "fixie" shit mixed with some real solid skateboarding. unexpected flick of the day type shit. definitely worth a watch, and their blog LEBOOMBLOG is pretty solid too, check it.

bike check /// musgraves favor

jball sent this through via SMC // musgraves new favor all built up. sick build for sure. im still wondering if its polished, chromed, or painted. either way/// its a clean build. click through for the all the bits and shit called out.


FOR THE RECORD// GABE ISNT CLAIMING THIS AS THE END ALL FLAT TRUCK, its his first ride away/// my thoughts are below;

i saw some mention of this on facebook recently, but i thought they were fucking around. shits no joke tho// gabe is a fucking boss for coming through with this. as far as i know, or have seen, what you see here is the first flatground truckdriver. boothby seemed like he had em locked, but i dont remember ever seeing him ride away. to all the "nay-sayers" out there, i knew someone would come through with it. unfortunately for gabe its after the contest, but fuck it, even sicker just doing it to do it. gabe, without question, ur fucking killing it man//

quick clip // matt montoya?

killer quick clip. goin big in this one.


now that its "legal" to post, i wanted to give it another go. this shit is worth watching more than a few times.  not to mention, his flick made its way on to THECOMEUP haha// even though they fixthie shit talkers they know whats good when they see it, but you gotta cruise over there and read the comments if you havent yet, lol at the shit talk. so sick to see tj killing it /// keep in mind he's been on pushing fixed tricks since way back before there were strong bikes or 26" wheels. #respect

heres some "vintage" TJ footage from 3 years ago in case you new to this shit

stoner mini

omar got out to shred some stoner park/// looks like he got some skate homies in the mix for this one. that park always gets me psyched. omar's getting better.

skate shiTT

lots of creative skate shit in here. 


some white ring


you already know that OSS shit is always sick, but this shit is epic. they giving away free dvds// head over and snatch one while you can. CLICK HERE // such a sick concept.



VV VV ⨘☇✞☪⊼

this weeks VV VV ⨘☇✞☪⊼ is more of a suggestion since i couldnt find it online// but i highly recommend you find it, torrent it or i believe it is on netflix
but watch it.


holy shit, that is all.





still not giving a fuck


osaka funny park mini edit

some real sick park shred in here/// funny rides park super smoothe. some big hops and creative lines in the mix. so killer// bob woods holding it down with the edit.


a real chill edit feature russ barone talking about moving from nyc to lbc // and some riding thrown in as well


hollywood shooting spree

this fool just opened fire on a street in hollywood for who knows what reason// but then go blasted on by the cops at the end


eat shiTT


on the run

revok talks about life graf and other shit// i like some of the views he has on some shit


skate shiTT

are parents just handing skateboards to their kids straight out the womb? // fucking young guns man.


swoo // bb17

1:06 got me psyched. swoo always finds something new to ride, progresses with every flick, and keeps a constant evolution with his CONSTANT REVOLUTION. serious dedication// much respect for this guy and his never ending web flicks, updates, photos, bike checks, tutorials, he's been giving back to fixed by way of content for ages. killing it for BB17





fish and chips flicks are never a let down /// no shortage of style or good clips here. dont miss this one.

More drunk dude//madness

i honestly dont see how this guy could have even gotten as far as he did// or how he didnt drowned



the FOAD squad got out for some skatepark shred. looks like a sick spot, they got no shortage of epic places to ride out there.


rob dyrdek always doing some nutty shit hahaha


skate shiTT /// skateboarding is a crime

way too sick not to post up.

tyler nakamoto /// backyard clips

pretty solid tricks for some backyard shred. n00bs getting they tricks dialed these days.

Chester Blacksmith

any one that drops off a roof to double peg is a mans man// no doubt about this its got bangers and some good crashes


bike check // durcus stylin

not every day you see one of these stylin frames built up.


ha/// i thought this kids wheels were fucked judging by the screen shot. always psyched to see the real young grom guys get their shred on.



these FINN3D joints are epic. perfect VVIKEDVVEDNESDAY shit. so sick. thanks finn for sending it through. keep these coming forever. haha. i love this shit. 


this is a bit on the long side *thats what she said* // but its well worth the watch.



Corey San Agustin came to temecula on christmas to celebrate with family then stayed at my house that night we hit it hard the next day keep it half assed all good times nothing serious


n00bs /// n00b shit blowout

the volume of n00b flicks is unreal these days. 





this ones for congo


@mashafix /// #youknowwhatsgood


fucked this one up the other day /// thanks @tylermjohnson

fuck its been way too long since we seen some david grant footage. so sick// looks like he's rolling with bsd these days.

christian musgrave /// sketchy sundays #1

musgrave's been doin this for a long time, looks like he's gettin some styles dialed. this web flick came out sick/// hopefully we see a consitent series out of this. some killer mini shred in the mix.

forest parker for LDG

this ones worth a double take. soo much good shit in here. forest has sick hops// that intro clip is fucking lofty. dont miss this one, chain hops, big drops, massive hops, tech shit, sooo much fucking style... forest kills it. i hope he keeps this fire coming nonstop.

skate shiTT // trong your mind

TRONG stays legit. keepin the flicks coming and always solid. dahiya's line at 0:32 is so fucking sick, that spot is epic. check it// support some long beach local shit.

payton schwarz for blkmrkt

its always sick to see someone coming up// paytons been progressing real quick lately. so sick to see a new flick from him, and even more psyche to see he got connected with BLKMRKT. fuck yeah man

winter shred

this park is gunna be fucking sick for sure.


nothin new here, but i dig some grass roots bmx. 1:50 got me psyched.

n00bs // bijan pirsaheli

bijan got at me on fb sayin this shit was gunna drop// psyched to see him come though. definitely some solid clips in here. n00bs are gunna come up. always amped to see you guys reppin that TT in your flicks.

n00bs // shit clips

always fucking psyched to hear that people read, rollin sent this through on fb and i had to post it up, definitely the makings for some entertaining flicks. good shit guys.

torey thornton // coogi cu'chi cruiser

this shit is so sick. quick, raw, no music, epic spots, the fuckin jib king returns with some sick mini shred. always killing it.


i kinda cant fucking believe i never caught this one before/// asleep at the wheel. keo curry eat you heart bruh/// send me an angel remix is fucking fire.

catacomb bikes /// chilled boxing day

catacomb bringing some shred footage to the mix. always sick. check the tunes in this one haha.

skate shiTT

kinda hard to believe birdhouse is still in this shit.

sputum // rico

sputum stepped their shit up with this one. solid flick.

sfg // ynot korea

all i wanted for christmas was a JUDGE/// but my bitch didnt get it for me. this is definitely on some monday sucks eat shiTT type flick.



santas dead

christmas is over in like 8 minutes/// nothin like guns and santa claus combined, wait for the ender. i dont think his jolly fat ass will be back next year hahahaha.

skate shiTT // more santa skate

legit santa skate.


jackass is kind of a blowout these days, but this shit is pure fucking classic shit. if you never heard this song/seen the video, play this shit for your little sister.

fixie shiTT // christmas dump

chick shred, tony k, fish n chips christmas shit, mashafix, quick clips, bmx, here's a christmas dump cuz i dont feel like doing this shit today.

rooTTs /// santa squad

a whole fuckin gang of santas in this one.

skate shiTT /// santa skate

sick flick for sure. lots of mini shred.

eat shiTT // santa claus

all you really need is the first 20 seconds or so hahaha. dumbass.


christmas in compton haha.

off TTopic // wTTf

lol/wtf whats in santas pants.

winter shred // santa style

that jolly motherfucker gets loose on the winter shred. sick clips in here for sure.

off TTopic /// santas wasted

looks like the bitch is pushing a car instead of a sleigh this year. lol when he starts throwing gifts out the window haha.

beavis and butthead christmas

heres some christmas "cheer" from everyones two favorite fuckheads

seasons greetings from TTv

merry christmas. i was hanging with santa last night and he says he's not bringing shit to any of you little bitches this year.


campus creepin

~@brad just dropped a christmas flick on us. theres some epic riding in here. brad, buck, corey, congo, these guys always go hard, so much footage stacked here. corey is on a fucking mission these days// that ender is insane as fuck, and brad took back to fixed riding like he never put it down. long beach kills it.

SHMOB saTTurdays: fish((eye))Phone

As of recently, SHMOB has been equipped with a MIVEU iPhone fish eye lens attachment. This product is still in the prototype phases, but we are stoked to be testing it out. So far i've been very impressed with the quality and scope of the lens, as well as the ease of use. The photos and video are just some small examples of what the MIVEU is capable of. Expect an edit soon comprised entirely of clips using it.



tylers SKYLMT flick is on some edit of the year type shit right here. we've all been waiting and tyler delivers. so much good shit in here/// the last few clips are INSANE. one of the best styles in fixed and an OG killer at that. this ones definitely worth the wait. 0:23/1:43/1:48 are some serious shit. cruise through and check out tylers new site, BLOGGING MILES//  FUCKING KILLNG IT.

fixie god and friends

some local flavor from fixie god// mckeag, congo, pissy, and dunnuck killing shit. fixie factory gets out and rides with everyone. youknowwhatsgood// i love how he's embracing the fixie god title haha.


lol // santa claus where are you im based hahaha. caught this on facebook yesterday. seasons greetings/stay based.


bmx/grass/fixed bikes. some random clips from alejandro de leon.

quick clip // christmas

fuckin sick one liner from jball.

bike check /// cofo's bruiser26

if you didnt already catch this at BMOREFIXED // check it. wanted to keep the BALHOGS hype going so i thought id throw this one up. COFO always has epic builds. here's the rundown;
Frame/Fork: MKE Bruiser 26
Bars: SPIKE 2pc High Bar
Sprocket: SPIKE Y6 33t
FRS: Sam Hanson Pro Hold Fast
Cranks: Profile 175s
Grips: ODI
Rims: MTX 33
Hubs: Sadio rear/All-City front

winter shred

a little snow for some "holiday spirit" // alway killer when you push someone to try something and they pull it out of their ass first try.

skate shiTT

more killer skate shred from ny/// they killing it over there lately.

skate shiTT

EPIC SKATE SHITT/// watch this shit now.


bmx full lenght for that down time/// you know you gettin some kind of bike shit for christmas// save this one up to get psyched to ride.


charles lost his head on this flick// got it all in the mix; fixed, skate, bmx, suicide, crazy tunes.. lots of entertainment in this flick. he's saying this might turn into a series/// i fuckin hope it does.


kris just posted up this "hard hitting interview" with the man himself phillip williams//aka//shark. he's been killing it for a "short" time but fucking up the web flick game with more force than some old timers. kris gets down to business in this one. LOCKEDCOG knows whats good// been doin this shit a looong time and knows how to put together an interview. check it// his new massochist bike check is in the mix too. 

santos reppin

holding it down at walmart hahaha.


too sick not to post. double roots today.

phillip williams // masochist project

fuck man/// shark and sam are relentless with the flicks. from the looks of it, phil built up a DESTROY MASOCHIST the build looks sick, that trans red comes out looking real good. its nuts how phils riding progresses a shitload every time he drops a new flick. always sick, killing it non stop.


an edit like this is an early fucking christmas present. this shit is so sick. i been hearing some stuff about BALHOGS for a little bit now and couldnt wait to see a flick from these guys. this shit will not disappoint. the squad is deep with your favorite riders // colin foster, sam hanson, chris clappe, torey thornton, and mike schmitt. so fucking psyched on this. sick to see mike reppin that TT shirt in the flick too, always amped to see those out there. edit of the fucking week, so much good creative shred in here/cant fucking wait to see where this goes. must see TTv///FUCKING KILLING IT.
cruise to their store and pick up a BH GRIPSTICKER/// all the profits go to getting their shit rolling and pushing some new products. support grass roots//keep your money in the real fgfs circles.

elliot milner // december solo

elliot is on a killing spree right now// two edits two days in a row. this ones super sick, dude has such sick style. i see JMIK(BHSK) talking about how small his bike is and how bikes are getting smaller, but fuck all that noise (no disrespect), the bikes continue to develop. im not one to "resist" anything when it comes to fixed freestyle progress. the small bike, the tricks, the style, elliot is on top of his game and pushing shit forward. oh fuck, and the ender is FUCKING INSANE.


mike, ed, matt/// you already know theres going to be some fire in the mix. but alex blanco seems like he came out of nowhere with some fucking epic riding. so sick to see new names get in the mix and kill it. must see TTv for sure.


charlie has skills/// sounds like he switched over to a freecoaster and this is the last cassette riding flick he's putting out. killer lines in here for sure.

quick winter edit

THIETH always appreciates some shit that comes in under a minute. easy to tune in no matter what/// its even more epic when theres good clips in the mix. classic sf spots in here.

bike check /// swoo/spike parts

SPIKE shit looks pretty legit, and swoo always keeps us up to date with his setups. always good. check it. as usual, legit riding in the mix. follow him over at CONSTANT REVOLUTION.

skate shiTT

quick one//fucking nuts


some n00b shit from some other place. check this gear ratio/// looks like he's pushing close to 1/1 judging from how much he pedals. crazy shit. makes tricks easier to learn and slow riding more bearable. i hooked up a super low ratio back in the day to learn wheelies, but this looks waaay low.



thray sixx mafiahh

gabe just posted up some killer throwaway/b-side shit

elliot milner welcome to royalhc

this edit is sick// lots of killer clips, i always dig upstair rides. elliot has killer style and a deep bag of tricks. epic entertainment, this edit is packed. ROYALHC is killing shit right now.

finn got hit by a car

looks like finn took a beat down by a car. shit fucking sucks. he walked away, and obviously kept a sense of humor about it postin this shit on my fb. haha. hopefully he'll send photos of the bust up bike, but we'll see. just glad he walked away. heal up man.