bike check /// all city airwolf

i havent posted up a single ALL CITY AIRWOLF since these things dropped. this ones pretty sick. "alex svc" posted it up on TRICK TRACK. check the build list//pretty legit//metal pedals to buck the trend;

Frame- All City Airwolf Medium
Stem/Bars- Eclat Hannibal/Congoloids
Headset - Kink Integrated
Fork - Unknown
Seat/Post - FBM/Volume
Drivetrain - 33T RYD Sprocket/170 Demolition Revolt/12T/Resist BB
Chain - Eighthinch Half-Link
Front wheel - MTX/Unknown/Geax Tattoo 
Rear wheel - MTX/Destroy 14mm/Geax Tattoo
Pedals/Straps - Ns Bikes metal/19TxNUNEZ
Ratio - 33/12 

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