tyler has always been one to push fixed riding///psyched he made an attempt at it. looks like hes just about got em. the wood chip spot is like tylers foam pit or something haha, we've seen this spot in the past. thanks a shitload for sending this trough.

weekend fuck around

some grom shred///none of these four are old enough to drive, but they definitely got some bike handling. watch out for the next generation of fixed freestyle, they start younger and learn way more difficult tricks out the gate. 



quick clip///tyler johnson///bad quality

tyler just upped this quick one///looks like that SKYLMT frame is treating him right. super comofortable on this thing. i hope he stays with these quick clip/raw footage style clips he's been upping. these are killer. dont miss his bike check at RESIST if you havent seen it yet.


looks like evan picked up one of those UNKNOWN shirts/// so fucking sick to see these out in the wild. black and white styled edit for some halloween eerie shit. haha. FOAD has been coming in hot with the entertainment. nonstop flicks from these guys. thanks for sending it through, and for repping the shit out of that shirt. so sick. 


heres the bike check we've all been waiting for///dropped thursday but i slept on it. but here it is///the SKYLMT SL-1. tylers build looks sick as fuck. i dig that hes not afraid to show some seatpost. he's now officially on RESIST and his bike is built up with some premium parts. head over there and check it out///and if you missed it, check out the TTv INTERVIEW with tyler about this bike. psyched to see he's set up with some real/involved fixed freestyle sponsors.

skate shiTT

these guys fucking go for it. looks like it was probably filmed last winter, some place where it gets cold as shit, this is dedication. check the 5:00 mark haha.



yu kusumoto for bb17

this ones over a month old, but i dont think i snagged it. sick edit for sure, some creative filming in there. killer all around, yu always brings some good shit to the table.

winter shred

this one came recommended by rick anderson on twitter///if you like your snowboarding on some extreme creative shit, this is it. hardly a stock trick in here. insane for sure. it snowed in the east a couple days ago, so winter is here.

monday sucks /// eat shit

ive been looking for this one /// monday fucking sucks /// eat shit.


1:00 nose man down stairs///so sick.




dont miss this shit. so many hammers. that ender is nuts. sadio squad is deep and everyone kills it.


the contest ends tomorrow///all shit must be submit by midnight tomorrow night. looks like the boothby attempt is all there is so far... so this shit is still wide open. 

will gibbons afternoon sesh version 2

sounds like will is gunna get at some web flicks and this ones a sick kick off. theres two versions of it if you click through to VIMEO///i dig this one, the music is way creepier than the metal version haha, the intro is sick, and hes definitely been killing it on his bike lately. looks like he got out and filmed at uci with some irvine locals. psyched to see more of this, keep it coming will, thanks for sending it through.

common bikes

musgraves been getting out and filming with common bmx for a while now. mostly bmx in here but musgrave has a bunch of clips. sick to see fixed and bmx getting mixed in.

ninja cats ss phoenix repping

this is sick//a circus of a web flick. tons of slams in here, tons of weird fuckin mini shred. NINJA CATS kill it and sol brings us a change of pace with this flick. sick entertainment. haha.


this is so sick///i know boothby has it in him, i figured him to be someone who might get in on this. so fucking sick. he has 3's like nothing. fuckin psyched on this, the only submission so far... tomorrow is the last day to submit, get em in. BIGGEST TRUCK CONTEST///boothby you kill it man. thanks to MASHAFIX for the coverage.

winter shred

that winter shred is almost here///this ones a full length, some grass roots winter shred shit. sunday morning movie type shit.


HOLY SHIT/// this one is sick as fuck. KVLT KLIPS just went next level. everyone is killing it in this one. deeep stack of footage. theres some fucked up shit in here, i dont even know what to call out//so many hammers.  WOLFDRAWN DELIVERS



off TTopic /// more neckface

theres been a shitload of neckface lately//i get into it sometimes. fuck it///his opinion on shit is funny.


its like halloween all year if you listen to this shit.


caught this while cruising the BONEDETH blog///also saw these picks of burns new build///chromed out looking sick as fuck.

SHMOB saTTurdays: \/\/alnut cr33k sesh

Hit the Walnut Creek skatepark with the crew this week, snagged some phone clips while we were there and took it to the streets for a nighTTsesh afterwards.

skate shiTT///ny subway skateboarding

ive seen a fuckload of webflicks///and shit starts to look generic sometimes, but this ones definitely a change of pace. so sick. creative skate shit at its finest. must see TTv.
snagged from WHATCHULOOKLIKE aka (dahstreets.blogspot) /// been a reader of their blog for a long time, head over and check it out.

big wheel bmx

consider this your saturday night movie or some shit. lots of park riding from some of the best big bike shredders in the game.

tae apicha pudpong

some shit from overseas///kinda long but theres some good riding in here. check the intro antics, looks like good times. caught this via MATTREYES on vimeo.

SHMOB saTTurdays: Kulture Lab TTeasers

Here's a series of 30 second clips promoting Kulture Lab Components. The first is me outside of San Francisco city hall and the next two are Sean Sieling (killing it with that 3 down the set). I'm stoked on how these came out, Go-Pro quality is on point//quick clips are the shit. Defintely expect more from K-Lab soon. Hit up the online store for sprockets, tees, and decals.

SHMOB saTTurdays: screenshoTT

Fixie Factory: @JoeMckeagSays

FℲ regular joe mckeag now was a twitter// follow for a good look into his soul -a

fixed freestyle trailer

sounds like slumone is working on a documentary. looks sick as fuck. via WHEELTALK ///head over there for more info.


way too fucking sick///thanks to congo for sending this through. haha. epic sticker placement. 

skate shiTT///halloweekend

fuck work, fuck school///time for chicks dressed as sluts and other retarded halloween shit. lol at the flick... and this pic; hahaha so sick
lol///is this joe? haha snagged from wolfdrawn instagram. 

off TTopic // halloween shit

this shits from last halloween, but it looks like it couldve been sick. did anyone go to it?

best shit ever // torey thornton loose nuts layback

this ones definitely on my best shit ever list. sick edit for sure. quick and simple with some epic tricks in it. that last section with the crazy lighting is epic. definitely a re-run worth watching a few times.


its friday//i hope everyones weekend is just as fucked as a banned video.

skate shiTT

palace flicks are always pretty sick.


sights and sounds.


lol///nice music guys. tune in for some bump & grind haha.


luv u jakob and teppei -a




if you havent seen this shit yet, head over to GRIME now and check out mikes bike check. probably the sickest bike check photos to hit fixed bikes. his build looks fuckin legit too. way more photos over there, click through.


on some sissy shit today///this video is killer tho. fuck it.

the hisTTory channel /// keo curry

when i get feedback like this///i try not to pass it up (see below) i dig it when people get involved. here's a response to yesterdays downtown showdown flick, and i definitely fuckin agree. keo will be respected for as long as people are riding fixed bikes in the street and i can see the comparison here. his tricks on some early fixed shit, back to the tarck days, really werent matched, and may never be... kind of like rodney mullen. its a style of riding that kind of disappeared when stronger bikes showed up, noobs and racer/fast bike types will still fuck with these tricks but ive never seen anyone with the dedication it would take to step to some keo shit.

skate shiTT

from the squad that brought us TOXIC TURDZ /// some epic creative skate shit. big wheels, loose trucks, killer spots, makeshift transition, all kinds of sick shit in here. via WILLROSENSTOCK

lane daniels

holy shit lane is coming in hot. some serious clips in here///1:20 is so sick hahaha. lots of good riding from a name we dont see much of. cant wait to see more//keep em coming lane.

gabe cunningham clips

serious fuckin wallrides at the beginning here///he pedals through that shit, so legit. some real big drops in here. killing shit. is this some n00b shit? if it is, watch the fuck out for the next wave of new riders.

a typical sf trip

some bmx mixed with some fixed. theres at goat with the front brake we saw built up yesterday.

quick clip///FOAD dumpster diving

quick dumpster double peg. FOAD keeps em coming.


more from kert petersel///caught this one via kenny arimotos likes on vimeo. sick hesher shit.

o-tak fall 2011

feeling all the wheelie shit in this one.




the \/\/4L/\/\4RTTv video is back for a limited time. shit was sick to do and i was psyched on the response. this was one of my favorite TTv moments of all time so far, hopefully there will be more shit like this in the future. READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS NEXT PART /// THIS VIDEO IS A PAST EVENT, THE SHIRTS ARE NOT THERE ANYMORE, SO LOOK IF YOU WANT TO BUT THEY ARENT THERE, and no, that isnt me in the video.


take a trip way back to THIETH's first attempt at contest coverage. im not some fucking editing genius or cinematography pro///so fuck the quality. sorry about the audio at 1:43, i posted up that other one so i thought id dig in the vault. this is basically some hisTTory channel shit right here. goes way back over a year now, everyone is on 700's with tiny tires, you get it. just watch this shit.

eyeTTunes// electric wizard

go to your local haunted area, crank this up real loud///& lose yourself.


off TTopic // #BSGD |nsfw|

god bless america for things like this hahaha



i was at the fixie factory last weekend & thieth should me these videos & my mind was blown ///this seriously puts cyk/jackass to shame & it doesnt hurt that there is some riding in this.

PS: if you find part 3 please tell me.

edit deux:
thanks to kenny arimoto sent me this via fb here is the full video


off TTopic // bootleg fireworks



destroy masochist v2

looks like V2 of the the DESTROY MASOCHIST is about to hit the streets. the translucent colors are so sick, and the free hub deal for preorders is legit. get on this while you can, supplies are limited. head over to the DESTROY BLOG for more details (shortest rear end in the game) so sick. fair price too.

eyeTTunes// de la soul



rooTTs //

some classic street riding from edwin delarosa



looks like PHOENIX is dropping some nylon pedals///i thought pedals have typically been pc. i always imagined nylon would make for good pedals. either way sick to see the phoenix line growing. i also hear rumors of some epic strap colorways coming sometime in the near future. 

skate shiTT

sick backyard ramp setup.


"crimes that are done in the name of satan"


giant one

a nice time lapse of mike giant///doing a piece for a pop up store in la for rebel 8



this says it was filmed two years ago// for a neckface movie so hopefully that shit will be coming out soon
ps: i liked him alot more when no body knew what he looked liked//i feel like he kinda lost his hype but regardless hes still badass.



bracewars the band and cats are the jam// haha but seriously who the fuck has this many cats?


rooTTs // Jake Seeley

this is seriously one of my favorite video parts//dude does alot of tech stuff and is kind of a bigger dude so he hold it down & the line at 2:11 is straight madness


the hisTTory channel/// ɔıƃɐɯ ʞɔɐןq

when this edit came out i remember being so stoked on everything about it//the riding,editing,& music. its funny to see matt running a 26 in the front and corey rock'n a set of pegs. haha



i love how this dude makes a parody trailer// just goes to show you not to take shit so seriously all the time// loosen up and just ride


eyeTTunes // lukid

its almost hyptonising the way they edited this///


skate shiTT//quick clip


off TTopic// FTS

caught this one on steven jensens facebook//& got so pumped to see people fuck up these cops for brutality



theres a pack of G.O.A.T.s in the wild now///head over to GRIME and check em out. lots of build pics just posted up.

alex nunez for all city

looks like ALL CITY is getting these frames into the right peoples hands. the recent edits for all city have been sick. alex stepped up for this one, lots of sick clips and a quick turnaround from build to completed edit. some super good shit in here.




lets hear it for //8Y8LURK'S \/\/ICKED \/\/EDNESDAYS


lots of killer edits today///musgrave just upped this one. another epic intro haha. jball is looking comfortable on that all city whip and musgraves riding is dialed these days. this is definitely one of the best edits christian has put together.



FINN posted this up on facebook///way too sick not to post up. sounds like theres more where this came from///keep em coming for sure. who the fuck doesnt love gifs//3d future shit.

tony k's really gay quickie

heres some footage from tony's really gay quickie earlier today///him and one other guy. hahahaha. its killer to see someone drop flicks regularly like this. tony keeps us entertained non stop.


this is a real clean easy to follow tutorial with some good tips in it. im a big fan of posting up tutorials. anything that pushes someone to learn quicker pushes this whole thing to progress faster. killer flick too, clean edit. thanks to sam houser for sharing this shit.

pissedead tree kids

the glass eating intro is some heavy shit haha///PISSEDEAD keeps the fucked up shit coming. antics/grass/fire/glass/street folk/and theres some riding in here too haha. the 2:00 mark is fuckin sick.


i dont usually post pictures///but vince sent this through and its pretty sick. JD fuckin flies and hes been getting after it "behind the scenes" for a while now. i expect the next time we see something from him itll be well with some serious shit.


heres one i missed from about two months ago/// super sick flick from the guys at SHRED. cant believe i slept on something so sick. must see TTv for sure///epic styled entertainment. i definitely want to see way more like this.

skate shiTT

keeping the halloween vibes strong.


fuck yeah

winter shred

theres some real creative use of street spots in here///looks like mutiple angles of the same shit, but its worth the watch if ur into that winter shred. super sick spots.

YNOT KOREA // independence gate

YNOT KOREA has been going hard in the paint to bring us edits lately. web flick factory line style. these guys are non stop right now. hopefully they keep this going. legit riding/legit webflick from VM PROJECT.

phillip williams///SHVRK CR!M3

phillip williams has dropped more edits this summer than some people do the whole time they ride fixed. sick to see someone dive in face first and get at the shit. this ones got some antics and more video variety than weve seen in the past. dig the shark clips and the chicks at the end haha.


G.O.A.T. builds are gunna start showing up now that theyve hit the streets. heres a super clean build from klaang at TRACKS&TRACKBIKES head over there for more photos. 
Fork: Unknown V2
Rims: MTX-33, with Duro City Cavaliers with 1.95 tires
Hubs: Resist (back with a 13t cog)
Stem/Headset: FSA Impact, Integral stem
Bars: SADIO 420s with Shadow Conspiracy Finger Bangers
Saddle: Resist Icon w/ Resist pivotal seatpost
Sprocket: Sadio Molar 33t
BB: Sadio
Cranks: Resist
Pedals: Specialized P-Series
Foot Retention: RE-Loads

germán karp // GRINDER

this guy basically lives for double pegs haha. solid edit from someone we havent seen much of.

big wheel bmx

some big bike shred from japan.

one gear///bastien raoux et quentin oddo

clean filming and editing from the guys over at one gear.

kendrick bautista///grind

kendrick is getting at it///practice makes perfect. i dig how he chopped this up, nothing insane in here, but he keeps it interesting.

B.I.K.E. /// jonah kessel vs tyler nakamoto

young gun shredders go heads up at a game of bike///jonah makes a serious come back in the face of defeat haha. they got pretty deep bags of tricks.

they just keep getting younger



hold fast TT jibjock

next level future shred from torey///this flick is pure fucking fire. he's always killing it and setting a standard for creative riding. watch and learn///this is bike handling way outside the realm of generic riding. WRAHW flicks are always sick, but torey solo edits are epic. fucking killing it.

matt reyes///september montage

slum always does it right//real clean production. fast moving, killer web edit, especially for those with short attention spans haha. serious variety in here and super good shots.

nick ramirez///halloween bike check

holy shit this is sick///bike checks are next level these days. hahaha. always killer to watch creative flicks, and this one delivers entertainment. halloween style, perfectly timed. digging the tricks in the costume, the ditch spot, the voice changer/sound effects, the black and white... so good///fucking killing it.
snagged from MASHAFIX


this is one of those "halloween theme songs" imo///they always play this on the local rock station around halloween. ive been holding out on posting it up until we started to get a real halloween feel, and nicks bike check definitely set that off.


nsfw///this ones been up for a month or so now, so some of you mightve already seen it. fuck it tho, this is epic gritty bmx at its finest.