Sunday October 2, San Jose, CA. Hosted by Andrian Grime, Ed Wonka, & Matt Montoya. This has been in the works for months, shits going to be huge.

big wheel bmx

KNS.LO is easily my favorite big bike squad to watch these days. i dont know how i let this one slip past///but judging from the number of views and likes on vimeo, it looks like everyone missed it.


killer footage

skate shiTT

nestor has sick smoothe style.

bike check///alex garrett's BB17 charmer

look at those fuckin tires. if those roll quick on the street, theyre pretty sick. this build looks mean as fuck. seems like CHARMERS always build up nice. caught it on TRICKTRACK.

bike check///unknown on whitewalls

pretty sick UNKNOWN build here///mine is on whitewalls too these days. caught it on TWITTER, no part list, but a sick build no less.


more from the guys who brought you chocolate truck///these guys bring a killer element to the table. lots of antics in this flick.

bike check: rey-now's ldg hammer

theres been some shit talk on TRICKTRACK lately, but i still dig cruising through the bike photo thread. heres one of the latest snags. solid setup;

Frame:LDG Hammer
Fork:Sadio Booster
Handlebar:Sadio Hotbar
Grip:Animal edwin delarosa signature
Crank:165 mm ryd. i'm gonna change to 175mm crank soon.
Sprocket:33t Sadio molar
Seatpost:resist pivotal seatpost
Seat:Sadio Fatboy x The Grime pivotal seat
L.pedal:animal steven hamilton
R.Pedal:Crankbrothers 5050
F.Rim+tire :Alexrims Supra 34, Maxxis DTH 26x2.30
R.Rim+tire :MTX 33, Maxxis Holyroller 26x2.20

mashafix presents the iminusd comp

MASHAFIX stays at it with some fixed video coverage. this ones from the IMINUSD comp. always one of a kind coverage from jahrome///he gets a perspective on shit that most other people cant connect with. always sick. head over to his blog for a write up on his coverage.

stoked on fixed bikes issue 5

theres always lots of sick "fgfs" pics in these. this shit is going strong///keep it going. i dig the "bloggable" magazine. always killer.

new camera///new ramps

that first clip is epic///fucking going for it. 



360 trick tip

this is sick//reppin that TT for the trick tip. claiming he made this shit for his speech class. thats some funny shit if he did. john paul case has been holding it down for a long time, good to see something from him.  it looks like hes definitely comfortable on his bike these days///has a dialed 360. sick flick.

FOAD///sam sings

i got high hopes for this posse///second flick i think ive seen from them, and that first one was sick for sure. this ones full of antics and shit. check it.


thanks to the fixiefactory for filling in today.

revoked full video on vimeo

this is sick///thanks to fonseca for putting this shit up on vimeo. so sick. if you havent seen it, dont miss it. the whole video start to finish is up on vimeo now.

FF/// Dance2011

Pissy and Congo have some sick dance moves.... who knew?! via wolfdrawn

FF/// Spank Rock: DFT DADT

FF/// Mikey Babbel Snafu Edit

Mikey Babbel crushes it in this edit for Snafu. The bump jump to double peg over the planter was SICK! Seems like feeble hard 180's are becoming the norm after the Dave Thompson edit dropped last week... oh yeah... -as seen on TCU.


If you're a frequent reader of this blog you should know what FF is by now. We've got some stickers and an edit in the process/// keep your eyes and ears to the street for more details

FF/// Throwback Thursday Presents Eric Puckett

Japanther, River PHoenix, Eric Puckett, Lobster Hands, 26" front 700 rear, Volume Cutter, track cranks, super raked out fork.... this video had all the right ingredients. I remember seeing this one a couple of years back and it blew my mind. Just watched it twice so that makes it.... the 73rd time.

FF/// Jibbin

Zac Marben, I think, has one of the sickest styles in the game. Full board control. This video is 3 years old and I still revisit it frequently. Rocker boards FTW. Sick song choice too!

FF/// Kenny Hong

Taking over the the TheithSayer while he is away training/// I found this on TrickTrack today. Sick edit and keep at it. I haven't seen a backwards circle to slider in years!!

"prolly spin" tutorial

real slow day for fixed flicks, so i went digging and came up with this tutorial. i love how he calls it a "prolly" spin. back in the day i think it was even called a blog spin at one point. thanks for the tutorial man//i dont see many people doing these anymore, but its a classic trick for sure.

bike check///jamil gray's unknown

jamil just posted up this bike check on THE ESTABLISHED. he keeps that shit updated, its definitely worth a look. head over there for details on his UNKNOWN build. looks sick///and still pushing 700c.


i think most will agree that when this flick dropped, the fixed freestyle game changed. jensen kills it and came out of nowhere. a bunch of tricks in here still cant be matched. this flick is definitely some BEST SHIT EVER in my book. if you havent seen it///dont be stupid, click that shit. if you have, watch it again. so sick.

skate shiTT

more "rap inspired" web flick action///another current one from the skate world. skatepark annihilation, rap tunes, music video style "swagger" haha. pretty solid one day style edit.


something current this time///definitely some killer shit in here and some "hip hop" tunes for those who get down like that.

the hisTTory channel///tony k

this hisTTory channel doesnt go back as far as some of em, but i saw tony was posting up some of his old edits on FACEBOOK. he's been consistently delivering fixed flicks for our entertainment for about a year now///not only that but most have been legitimately entertaining. i enjoyed the look back, so im passing it on. this is the oldest flick i could find on his vimeo... youll see some familiar faces in here. seems like he rides with everyone in long beach and gets killer coverage. keep em coming tony... these flicks are classic.

proud cat 26er

just caught this on the PROUDCAT FACEBOOK. looks like the latest rev of their 26er frame. head over and check it out. more build pics over at the PROUD CAT BLOG too.

fixeddrunk x galihpurnomo

this is a teaser///something is coming soon.


tell that bitch///#HUYAMOUF

one day

this is some real good shit from musgrave. a short//entertaining edit for sure. looks like he's pushing a new whip///its built up way sick and he puts down some real solid tricks in here. probably one of his best flicks ive seen so far. must see TTv.

cofo///the streets are watching

this edit is so fucking sick//real creative riding at its finest. i been wanting to see a solo flick from colin for a while now. this shit is so epic///he has some real interesting bike builds, a crazy take on spots, and a style all his own. tons of super sick "mini shred" in this flick. must see TTv///fucking killing it.


great visuals///mellow tunes. works over, get loose.

TTigerbeer//Tour de Fat

Friend and photographer Lance Skundrich hit me up with this photo from the Tour de Fat in SF last weekend. That's Sean, owner of DESTROY, repping TT hard. The TTiger mask is fucking awesome, & I'm loving the K-LAB decal that's visible on his headtube.


i havent had a chance to watch this yet(full on full length), but im assuming it covers more than just the freestyle side of SFG///here's what they had to say;

"This film is about the people of S.F.G.(Seoul Fixed Gear) and Seoul city. This story shows the people who are trying to blaze a trail for fixed gear in Seoul, a city in which bicycle culture has not yet been defined. The people in the film range from graffiti artists, to film directors, to T-shirt designers, to B-boys, swimmers and bicycle mechanics. "

visit SFG and VM PROJECT for details.

skate shiTT

lots of hammers here.


real solid//homegrown feel. sick flick.

i would buy one

so sick to see a PROLLY flick with some OG names in it. aj and tony dont constantly drop web flicks, but they obviously stay at it. it's sick to see new footage from all these guys. lots of 20" shred in here. former fixed ripper, eric puckett, makes his presence known on a bmx whip, a couple clips from prolly, and the ender is killer haha. must see TTv from some "fgfs" "good ol boys" haha. don't miss this one.


caught this one on TRICKTRACK///head over there for more photos. these MARINO customs come out looking legit. cruise over to their site and check out some builds. here's the rundown;
Frame : Marino custom with headtube angel 73 and bb-25
Fork : BB17 Cobra V2
Headset : Cult
BB : S&M mid bb
Sprocket :treebike 33t
Stem : Unknows bike
Crank : 175mm Profile
Bars : UNKNOWN bike hight bars with cult x vans grips
Seat : and seat post - Cult
Pedals : Odyssey twisted with burro
Front : Mtx-33 laced to Formula with 2.35 Schwalbe crazy bob
Rear : Mtx-33 laced to Unknown with 2.3 Maxxis DTH
Cogs : 13t and lockring mke

bastien raoux september

bastien put some clips together for one gear, he's been keeping the flicks coming for a while now.

sam bike check

video bike check of a G.O.A.T. build. looks solid.



zlog crew diy spot "the living room"

the spot, the riding, the absence of music, this flick is so sick. you already know its some must see TTv coming from the ZLOG POSSE, but the spot itself is worth a look. so good, i watched this three times. always killing it//psyched on the TTSHIRT in there. i wanna know what that frame is that butchers riding///that geo looks sick.


fuck yeah///this shit is unbelievable///slaylor is back from the dead. been soooooo long since we've seen some footage from him. arimoto killing the handrail game and danimal comes through with some hammers for sure. this flick is pure fire. sick to see the boss over there makes an appearance at the end. real deal shit//must see TTv.

gorbis///payton schwarz

looks like payton has been going hard to stack clips and learn tricks. their game stepped up hard since the previous flicks. this is some killer progression from the GORBIS posse, been a bit since we've seen an edit, but the improvement speaks for itself. keep em coming guys.


sights and sounds

skate shiTT

speed, spots, style, creativity///this is a grass roots skate flick at its finest. this guy fucking kills it for sure. must see TTv. dont miss this one if you dig the skate flicks. DRY BONES is legit, check em out, follow if ur with it. caught this via 888888PURPLEDRANK's like list on vimeo.

iminusd two year anniversary

clean high production coverage of the IMINUSD 2 year comp. click through to their blog for details.

monday sucks///eat shiTT

this ones fuckin heavy///"viewer discretion advised"///caught this on sean coats like list.


this ones making the rounds///its fire. definitely worth the watch.

horchata is good

THIETH loves a quickie///especially when its some shit like this. fucking epic one liner from antonyo. looks like hes getting the best of of his california experience. the fixie factory is the truth.

B.M.F. quick peek

looks like steven dunnuck and will gibbons teamed up for a BLKMRKT edit. ive skated this park they are riding and its insanely tight (like small transitions, shits close together///literally tight). still sick to see two of these bikes in one place, and cool to see these guys getting out to ride together.

bike check: radio bombtrack

TOMYPUNK of SOUNDTRACK posted up some pics and specs of his RADIO BOMBTRACK setup. this shit looks like a sick complete. i wonder how available these will be out here. head over and check it out.

quick clip///flashing lights

there hasnt been too much in the way of quick clips lately. psyched to see em.

bike check: BB17 26er

caught this one on TRICKTRACK. killer clean build, legit parts, these BB17 frames look sick as fuck for sure. head over to TRICKTRACK for more pics and detailed build specs.

takeaminute summerish

this is a first flick from takeaminute, but theres some good shit in here. looks like some norcal, digging the skate clip intro.


tony k got a chance to build up/ride the UNKNOWN proto. cool to see it on 26's and still looking good.

irvine group edit

more from irvine. these guys have a shitload of spots to ride. i can imagine fixed bikes in irvine is probably growing beyond what we end up seeing on the internet. tons of spots and probably a shit load of people who ride, not to mention, super easy to get around on bike trails there. this edit is named appropriately haha, definitely a big group, some familiar faces, some new. 




seems like these SAVAGE edits get more savage every time. this shit is so sick. some unseen shit goes down for sure//fucking killing it.

Justin "Congo" Mitchell
Tony Khensouvan
Mike Dinh
Christian Musgrave
Joe Mckeag
Nick Narachi


WRAHW shit is always sick. im psyched as fuck on this///cant wait for it to drop;

"This is the first "teaser" for our team/family video, Excessive Underabundance. We are no where near being done with filming for the video..."


this EVAN SERVICE///FOAD edit is legit. looks like stacked footage, solid variety in this flick, lots of good riding, and some TT//SHIRT in there. so fucking sick. must see TTv for sure.

phillip williams///still here

shark and sam clark are staying at it. this is some serious dedication to constantly getting edits out. lots of fresh spots in this one. phillips been staying on his bike and it shows.

night sesh///dennis&swoo

"Randomly went out for a ride with Denis at 3am and rode for a couple hours. Was a tiring night but very fun as well. Totally messed me up the next day though, so never again!!" -swoo

iminusd team winter/spring sraps

fucking sick. hardly scraps. tons of hammers.

planet hops show reel

planet hops always brings good flicks, ks yun put a good oen together here. this ones got some editing tricks, killer filming, and quality riding. heres what they had to say:

"We've been building up our team for 2years.
This film will show you all our 2 years' time.
We've been injured but at the same time we really enjoyed ourselves all lot.
And we will remember all those memories and do ourselves best for our bright future!
_Kiseok YUN
_SeoungWan OH
_BonJun KOO
_YoungMin YOE
_HyunHo KIM
_HyunWoo KIM
_SeoungYup LEE"


this one was twitted at me by @won_yer///some real solid riding from some exotic foreign land. haha. i dig seeing footage from "around the world" its always sick to see different spots. Ghilbran, Kiki, Reyno go hard... its been a while since they last dropped an edit.


uh. theres definitely some interesting music in this one. haha. little bit of trick shit in the mix too.


Fixie Factory// rooTTs

Verde BMX - Dave Thompson Video Part from Verde Bikes on Vimeo.

us here at the fixie factory have been wildin out over the creative grinds in this edit. give it a watch. must see fixie factory tv -k

michael chacon sept 2011 quickie

just caught this one on THEESTABLISHED (jamils blog). pretty sick quick flick. dont miss it. chacon can just hammer out tricks non stop.


hahahaha. this is sick.


fucking epic///these guys go hard as fuck. get juiced for the weekend. i hope they keep edits like this coming. must see TTv.

c'est la merckx 2

looks like some good shit went down. marco was definitely killing it. 1st place was definitely deserved.

skate shiTT

this one goes out to TJ///as far as i know, he's a big geoff rowley fan. this one dates back to 1996, 15 years old, kind of hard to believe. hopefully it goes back far enough that some geoff rowley fans out there havent seen it. he's been skating since before some of you could walk or were born haha.

big wheel bmx

not too much fixed shit this morning///but theres some brand new big wheel bmx. mellow edit. some solid lines in her for sure.


a change of pace///some soft tunes for your inner bitch haha. kidding. start your friday with some tunes and and eye show.



miles mathia "mystery edit"

snagged this from WRAWH by way of colin. such a sick edit, i definitely didnt catch this the first time around. way psyched on this find//its so sick when someone digs shit like this up.

dont break yourself kid

what better than a flick repping some nempro to follow up that web store post. this guy has a crazy cab3 style.

bike check: pissy's whip

caught this one on instagram too///pissys whip got a fresh coat of paint and its looking sick as fuck. this color is epic. the whole setup is looking real mean right now. always killing it.

nempro web store

i caught this on instagram///the NEMESIS PROJECT BIG CARTEL store is looking good. lots of new shit in there. CLICK THROUGH and check it out. support rider owned/grass roots brands.

for the country

i havent been able to watch this yet, and its way long, but it looks interesting.




most of you have probably already seen this///but did you SEE this??? haha. boothby is repping that TTSHIRT in the pic. here we have the kind of news that i would typically keep going past since im not much for photos, but fuck man, i think this is the first time THIETH has been repped upside down. haha. so fucking sick. boothby's killing it. (i cant believe i even caught that///either way, im psyched, thanks boothby for reppin that thing on backflip day)


WOLFDRAWN flicks are fucking sick. some classic midwest spots, killer bank spots, epic slams... coupled with style and delivery. corey's drop down grinder is epic. everyone went hard in the paint and it shows. always fucking sick. must see TTv.


its been a while since i posted up some TRONG, but i always like to support local/grassroots shit. this squad is from the long beach area and they kill it on skateboards. head over to THEIR BLOG and check em out. support local shit, support grassroots, people going hard in the paint just for the love of it.

reppin that TT

its so sick seeing you guys rep these///and the photo tags are welcomed, its almost like i was there and forgot (cant say thats never happened before) haha. fucking psyched on it.  be on the lookout for that #HUYΔMOUF to drop soon... possibly somewhere other than here, so keep watch on some of THIETHs favorite sites.


more goods from PISSEDEAD, i love these. they are definitely setting the standard for a particular genre of fixed flick. these are always entertaining, killer use of spots, no fucks given. that footplant in the first few seconds is sick as fuck. keep this shit coming guys. digging that TT shirt rep in there///but what a waste of beer haha.

big wheel bmx

we have musgrave to thank for this find///he posted it up on facebook, and this is just about one of the most solid big wheel flicks ive seen in a long time. MUST SEE TTv.

rooTTs///RIP rickey bates

RIP to the fearless//fun loving rickey bates. more details HERE (ESPN),  HERE (RIDE BMX), HERE (VITAL BMX), HERE (DIGITAL BMX)  and HERE (THECOMEUP). keep that #BANNED hashtag going.

backyard chillin

hellachunky sent this one through. some backyard chillout///makes me wish i had a back yard, a nice big concrete one like that. id probably hang out back there and ride too.

off TTopic///lol

elevated engineering upped this///some sick "tricks" "go down" lol.


rick wanted me to share this with you. its a gif of him eating breakfast with the G.O.A.T.

interbike show G.O.A.T.

this makes for a good follow up to that KRILLZ bike check. heres the G.O.A.T. from interbike. quick//dig the intro and editing.

bike check: krillz g.o.a.t.

its always sick to see peoples setups///more so when its someone "high profile". mike sent through this pic of krillz' G.O.A.T. build. its a step outside the norm with a more commuter type feel, but i can dig it. definitely sick color choices, and these frames pretty much look sick no matter how you chop em. head over to the GRIME BLOG and read some words on their prototyping///doesnt look like theyre in stock yet, but im psyched to see these hit the street.


sick quick flick from WK for YNOT. "smoothe flowing lines"///dig the vibe in this one.


yo THIETH///the readers are sick of all that BANNED and BONEDETH shit you post, they want some tech shit. haha/fuck you. heres some tech shit. dig that double take clip stuff in this one.

big wheel bmx

caught this on facebook///cant remember who from. its squish fork, but its packed full of entertainment.


this edit is sick///straight out the gate with the title i was interested, and that content delivers. haha. legit fucking skateboarding mixed with fixed. must see TTv///please drop more of these. 1:06 is epic. thanks to alex for sending this through.

meow meow

NINJA CATS always spit fire and oscar is some kind of filming machine. tons of creative clips in here, antics, entertainment. good to see people holding down the gritty side of fixed flicks. so necessary, so well executed.

skate shiTT

i know this is pretty much a commercial, but i can handle the video type advertisements.this is a pretty killer contest///head over to THUNDER for details. skate stoppers fucking suck.


i see a hit single on KISSFM (does that still exist? i dont have radio in my car anymore) and a video on MTV in the future for this one. haha.

off TTopic?

this is definitely fixed shit, and definitely trick shit, but not the kind id typically post. looks like its some sort of commercial from foreign tv. make sure you watch it til the end or its not worth watching. snagged this from the 14BIKECO BLOG

weird pista 022

once you get into this, theres actually some real good comp coverage.

bike check: swoo's charmer 26

swoo's bike is looking clean and dialed. i got a good laugh out of that rock shox sticker on the fork hahaha. so sick. click through to CONSTANT REVOLUTION for more details and better pics.

sams custom reflective hold fast straps

these are sick///click over to BMORE FIXED for pics of the straps. also, stay tuned to their blog, they keep it constantly updated. BMORE FIXED stays at it with their blog, i dig reading it, and i dig reblogging from em. they keep it fresh and the site looks good these days.