who the fuck is andy?

...and what the fuck does he ride? haha. i know other blogs will drop that video and probably already have, so i took a couple seconds to dig around HIS BLOG. he's been doing this for a while and he rides a BLKMRKT STREET FIEND ///psyched on his build. head over there for more pics//check his blog and his YOUTUBE for a shitload of quick clips.

andy a day in sapporo

heres some good shit from overseas//its short, but real good. he keeps his speed up and got super smoothe style. back wheelie in there too/so sick. this ones for STEADFASTCLOTHING///head over there and check em out.


no such thing as too much BONEDETH.

skate shiTT

sick part for sure.

BIKE CHECK: durcus one "killin' it" frame

i missed the link on the marco edit///but clicked through once i caught it on vimeo. this is what i found///so fucking sick. the frame and fork is called "killin' it". so fucking psyched on it. CLICK HERE to head to the W-LINE distro page. its got all the shit you want and a killer name//all black, 14mm, tire clearance, neg bb. so fucking epic. FUCKING "KILLIN' IT"

killin' it

hassy just upped this flick of marco killing it. that first grind is a huge hop. the tricks keep coming through to the end. marco has a rad style///theres a feeble t-bog in there... i dont think we've seen that shit before. epic.

big wheel bmx

just caught this on WBASED. looks pretty sick. its WTP's take on the 26 bmx. aside from having bb drop and 10mm axles, this thing is sick. i wonder if people will set these up for fixed use. either way///this thing would make a sick cruiser.



fixed flicks have been slow lately///the redeemer just dropped. haha. this ones sick. definitely one of those must see TTv joints. if you only watch one today this is it. tons of variety and a sick posse holding it down in here//pissy/oscar/congo/joe/matts middle finger//so sick, mixtape leftover style on that next level. WOLFDRΔWN DOT COM

fgg///pepy todesky

some good riding from switzerland//fgg doing things. loving the dirt shit in edits these days. head over and check out THEIR BLOG they been on it lately.


ride fast//die trying. this guy fucking goes for it. some epic slams in here too. eventually someone will show up and ride a fixed bike like this...

jammin on my homeboy

some ACE METRIC footage from trvthless on vimeo. psyched to see some TT shirt reppin from my homeboy out there. some good use of unusual spots here.


some quick snag footage of packy down at the venice boardwalk.

steven marco

if this is a new flick///they re-used some clips in here. 1:58 tire slide is sick. steven has legit bike handling skills and not a single indian giver in this flick haha. even if i already posted this its legit. these days people repeat tricks, film their whole edit at one spot, or dont take the time to learn how to come out of tricks without indian givers... steven crushed all those with this one.

skate shiTT

this ones from FOURTY OUNCE CLOTHING ///if you never heard of em before, head to the site and check it. they got some killer t-shirt graphics. this flick is sick hypnotic//skate shit with psychedelic flavor.

flat fix "marco tour"

flat fix on a cruise mission. the first minute or so is a spot that looks sick//but no one really gets it dialed//the tricks start hammering down around 1:15.


join impact now

i dig the portable spot. looks pretty killer. bring the skatepark with you.

bike check: bear bike 26 fixed

another adition to the fixed freestyle line up from BEARS BIKE. head over there for the details. 

bike check: grime goat at xlife

the raw GRIME G.O.A.T. looks sick as fuck. this build looks clean. 
check the specs and head over to XLIFE for more pics. 

FRAME: The Grime G.O.A.T 26"*470mm
FORK: Xlife Scorpio V2 fork
HANDLEBAR: Xlife 690mm handlebar
STEM: Portotype
SEAT: Xlife Pivotal Fat Seat
SEAT POST: Xlife Pivotal Post 200mm
CRANKS: Xlife 175mm
SPROCKET: Xlife Peace 36T
TYRES: Da bomb 26*2.35 & CST 26*1.95
FRONT RIM: Xlife 25 Rim
REAR HUB: Xlife 14mm Por Hub 32H
REAR RIM: Xlife 25 Rim

skate shiTT

holy shit this guy kills it//so much creative shit in here//the spot variety is fucking insane//the tricks are so sick. retarded 90's soundtrack with clips from the music video for shits haha. this edit is sick as fuck. must see TTv//pure entertainment.

BEST SHIT EVER// ɔıƃɐɯ ʞɔɐןq

this is a new post im rolling out// and this flick right here is by all means one of my favorite fixed freestyle edits ever. shit is themed/the riding is so fucking sick/details included; the fucking upside down ɔıƃɐɯ ʞɔɐןq font on the title. if you havent watched this shit yet///you fuckin up. this is one of the most dialed edits ive ever seen.

the hisTTory channel

this one is a three parter///mwm1 was the first event that really blew up fixed competitions imo//wonka has been killing it for fucking ever///and PROLLY has been present and or covering this shit since day one. short flick//but this fucking wall ride was mind blowing. as for the hisTTory channel, i try to post up shit that changed fixed and opened up shit that people didnt think was possible... this definitely embodies all that shit.


this one heats up in the second half///feeling that k birdie section.


internet was down all day. back to your regularly scheduled TTv programs.


FBM//holding it down.


2x7=14 /// shark

shark and sam came through with another new flick. sams editing game stepped up hard for this one. the shots are super sick too... and shark is on a fucking mission, he's come a long way since that edit he dropped earlier this summer. this flick covers only 2 lines//7 tricks each. shark man is getting consistent as fuck

back 2 summerfix 2

that dirt spot next to the wall is sick as fuck. the street riding in this is legit. good to see something other than the run of the mill trick comp stuff from summerfix. nick, mike, matt, and dylan all kill it.

mashafix: tyler camu bklmrkt

MASHAFIX is dedicated to bringing us nonstop web entertainment right now. its sick when someone gets after it like this and keeps em coming. here's a look at the new BLKMRKT frame and bars.


sick weird flick.

skate shiTT

caught this on facebook via TOREY who found it via COLIN haha. however this came in front of me, its too sick not to post up. skateboarding at its best.

27/SE7EN video mag 4

the 4th installment of 24/SE7EN. mostly bmx in this one, but theres some pretty solid fixed tricks.

edit soon

this is a trailer for an upcoming edit///seems like theres a lot of these showing up right now. drop the edit son.

markn short edit

some new footage from on off team.

woah, mike dinh's edit

this shit is sick as fuck. dinh is fucking killing it right now and tony k put a killer edit together. lots of legit footage coming from him and some super good clips in this flick. 0:53 is sick//0:55 is sicker. feeling those tan wall tires too. so legit. fucking killing it.

the overgrown compound

this some high production/epic riding. wonka, slum, and scott killing it up at the compound. so much good double stuff in here. the compound is looking dialed, so much to ride in there. must see TTv.

steven dunnuck

steven is way out on some next level shit in this one. he's killing shit//never seen that first spot before. sick flick for sure.

skate shiTT

palace flicks are sick//dig the raw shittiness of the footage.

andy edit coming soon

psyched to see the full edit.

felix for leader

felix has been shredding hard lately//lots of sick pics and flicks coming from him. looks like he put one down for LEADER and made it official. fucking sick addition to the leader team and it looks like he's digging the new frame.

fuck redbull

"make sure you bring banners out to the desert for our rock riding photo shoot."
banners at a contest is one thing//banners on rocks in the desert is fucking stupid.

christina X hold fast

saw these at BMORE FIXED and they is sick. psyched on em//navajo shit is pretty sick. HOLD FAST always comes through with killer shit.

new shit from unknown

vince just sent this pic through, looks like they just got some UNKNOWN top caps /// sick


the NINJACATS fucking kill it. 0:44 is a fucking blow out haha. too much sick shit in here//watch this now. FUCKING KILLING IT

summertime shine: alec aranowitz

alec is only 14//but throws down man tricks. this kid kills it. lots of good tricks in here. 0:49 was clean/legit. so sick//keep killing it man.

skate shiTT

@xxCONGOxx this ones for you///skate shiTT plus kittens haha. the very last clip is so fucking sick.


its friday get weird///less of the tunes more of the eye part.



big wheel bmx

some soft fork park shit. pretty solid.



happy birthday ~@brad

brad just texted me this shit hahaha. maybe i shouldnt love a slam on his birthday, but this flick is sick. loving how someone flies by in a TT-shirt right after the slam///classic. happy birthday motherfucker. dude is a fucking character, hes been on a fixed bike in long beach for as long as i can remember, and he goes fucking huge.

big wheel bmx

some real deal big wheel bmx. этот фильм очень больна / / / удержание ее на жесткой вилкой ж / некоторые реальные сделки BMX трюки. гребаный убивая его.

skate shiTT

yeah todays a double double///double skate double rooTTs. theres not much fixed freestyle shit to post so im digging up some killer skate and bmx shit. this is some real deal authentic skate shiTT. "peep game" if "you know whats good"


yeah i just posted some rooTTs shit///but this is probably one my favorites ive seen in the past couple weeks so i couldnt just sit on it. shit is sick, big shit/tech shit/creative lines/weird styles/creative spots... fucking epic. must see TTv.

jamil gray august 2011

fuck its been way too long since we've seen some shit from jamil. forgot how sick dudes style is. this edit is nonstop hammers//looks like he's been on a kill it mission. looking real comfortable on that unknown frame and fucking shit up real proper. so sick.


caught this photo on MIKE CHACONS BLOG// sounds like he'll be out filming some shit with jonah. the kid kills shit//grom draft pick haha. i posted a video from him a few days ago, but heres more that i missed previously. look out for the chacon edit tho, its sure to be fire///nothing pushes it harder than riding with someone who kills it. cant fucking wait for the flick to drop.


ginger fire//that roof work at 0:51 is so sick.

quick clip//eat shit

careful with those 180 bars haha.

off TTopic

trans van beer bong at 90mph//lol. i know its way the fuck off TTopic, but how could i watch some shit like this and not share haha.

skate shiTT

high production value/epic spot/good skating


bank mini

more entertainment from packy golans throwaway///psyched on this one. these guys keep the hits coming.


this ones more mainstream/pop than the tunes i usually fuck with, but im into that jim jonestown and this video is a pretty killer use of old footage///aside from that, judging from your flicks, some of you guys are into this kind of shit.

the hisTTory channel

this one goes waaay back. no one was on this level back in the day and even currently this shit stays legit. tom showed us all whats was possible on a fixed bike SINCE DAY 1///he blazed a trail and set a standard. back here, your average fixed "freestyle" rider was doing leg over skids, pop up barspins, and "keo spin" roll outs. i still get psyched for lamarche edits, and he still fucking kills it. he should be remembered as the one of originators of fixed freestyle, if thats not straight in your head, you fuckin up.

skate shiTT

roger flicks are always legit.

quick clip: tony k

tony k has been holding it down///heres one i missed a quick one liner. always sick.


"shnazboots" dropped this one on TRICK TRACK. this guy has some serious potential. creative tricks and long grinds. killer tricks//shiTT video quality.

rooTTs//wednesday sucks//eat shiTT

basically every day, with the exception of friday nights and weekends///so every fucking weekday sucks. (work and/or school sucks dick) haha. eat shiTT. heres some old school bone deth.

quick clip: T.D

quick one from the other side of the world

n00bs: colin aranowitz

he filmed some shit "cuz he was bored". they young ones catch me off guard every time. seems like more and more groms are picking up fixed bikes.



enzo's back

enzo santi fell of the map for a couple months///good to see him back. some mellow lines down at venice park.

mad killer crank

definitely a couple stand out tricks/lines in here. new riders showing up everywhere "worldwide" motherfucker. haha.


congo fucking kills it//this photo is epic. head over and check the RESIST FACEBOOK.

coming soon//the goat has spoken

this commercial is fucking sick///GRIME webflicks always come through legit. according to mike this color will be limited up front so get em while you can. head over to the GRIME BLOG and check out some detailed pics... tubing looks beefy as fuck.

training grounds

wonka, worm, montoya, devon, blanco///fucking epic posse. i have a feeling we are going to see non-stop fire from these guys up there. this shit is insane, one minute and twenty of fucking highlights. everyones fucking killing it.

fullcab tutorial w//swoo

this is fucking sick, and swoo has been the go to guy for tutorials these days. i wish there was more of this to accelerate the learning curve. watch and learn. thanks swoo. follow CONSTANT REVOLUTION to keep up with swoo.

quick clip: one day one trick

k birdie keeps bringing some good shit. tuck no//x-up is fucking sick.

n00bs: sMc//junho park

looks like the sMc posse picked up a new camera. young gun junho is getting his tricks dialed.

quick clip: katrina medina

been too long since we've seen something from katrina. looks like she's working on feebles, loving that DESTROY shirt, and dropping an edit soon. kill it.

2011 x-life team weekend

the guys from x-live putting it down//looks like theyre getting comfortable on those frames.

impact summer fix

some new summer shit from impact garage.


creative skatepark and street riding.

mike dinh reppin TT

caught this one on LDG's facebook. looks like its from the event over there a couple weeks back. mike dinh flying high in his TT-shirt. so sick to see him rep it. he's definitely fucking killing it right now.



straight common

musgrave just sent this through///he's been out shredding with some local bmx riders. be careful if your stomachs feeling loose cuz musgrave warns you might shit a little bit hahaha. his riding keeps stepping up, and its killer to see fixed and bmx roll together.

one gear//welcome to the family david pili

solid quick edit from david pili and ONEGEAR, good style, mellow skatepark, good shit. sounds like PILI teamed up with one gear. killer man.

stefano old school profile

this ones like some brand new hisTTory channel shit//stefano of SOUNDTRACK built up an old school setup with a 650 front and took to the streets to get his OG shred on.


caught this one via sean coats likes on vimeo///ender is fucking fire.

lake owen//minneapolis road trip

i think this one went up a while ago and came back down... fucking sick its back up. #HUYAMOUF if you dont like this shit. i fuckin love seeing antonyo footage, its too rare and too fucking good. rick kills it too///if you like seeing boys go swimming, this shit is your dream come true. HUYAMOUF BAYBEEEEE

tittay cittay

garrison sent this one through///him and steven went out and filmed some shit. these guys hold it down hard. fucking psyched to see steven killing shit in his TT shirt. i got much respect for these two. fontanna park looks sick, and steven is getting a slew of grind shit dialed//lol at the anime in between clips. killer flick for sure.

skate shiTT

transition killer///super sick park skate. some real creative lines through the park in this flick.


caught this on SUBJECT PHAN via mikes facebook. these G.O.A.T. tee's look sick as fuck.


caught this one via oscar khans likes on vimeo///good shit, killer visuals.

bike check: humon moeen's ldg hammer

humon moeen sent this bike check through on facebook. i dig these LDG frames, this one looks sick built up with the tank fork. digging the huya-cover rim job. haha. here's humon's description.
frame-LDG hammer 
fork- LDG tank 
stem- odyssey elementary v3 
bars- gusset open prison 
grips- odyssey griswald 
rims- undercover chukkers dressed as mtx 
hubs- resist (14mm rear) 
bb- resist 
sprocket-resist 36t 
crank-resist 160 
pedals-demolition pc 
seat-macneil pivotal 
seat post- resist 
tires- resist nomad 45 
pegs (right side)- demolition dumbchucks, (left side rear) shadow conspiracy little one wrapped in plastic sleeve, (left side front) eastern bird

ricardo lino: river jam 2011

sounds like lino wants to hold west jam 2012 in a ditch//this spot looks pretty sick.

new proud cat frames and hubs

PROUD CAT is dropping some new shit. i never saw their previous revision in person, but these new ones look like a step in the right direction//more of a standard looking freestyle frame. the hubs are looking pretty sick too. head over to their blog//they make a shitload of components.

streer § SPUN

spuns been hitting it hard with the web edits lately.


(the saga continues huyaregister#2)


@weasonwhy ///corey is one of my favorite fixed personalities///and i didnt find out til i met up with congo that yesterday was his birthday too, so happy fucking birthday corey//one day late but fuck it. celebrate past pissy edits... he has been killing it for a long time now... sometimes jokes get aimed at him, but his riding is no fucking joke. happy birthday man. kill it.

skate shiTT

tommy mao sent this through///some skate shit from norcal. this is one of those parks that the fixed squad rides, michael martin put down an edit for em. digging the soundtrack on this one and the ender is pretty sick.

phillip williams #8

shark and sam are on a fucking mission. so many edits from these two recently. phillips style has developed a shitload over the past couple months, so many creative lines in here. so many sick tricks. fucker is getting super dialed. killing shit hard. keep an eye on this guy.

n00bs: jonah kessel

this kid is one of the younger groms out there shredding shit. he's got some epic potential. fucking sick to see rippers this young. stay at it man//you coming in with a mean bag of tricks.


grit//good tunes//good tricks... i dig the overall feel of this edit. the switch over to bluegrass and perspective change in the second half is killer.

quick clip///big hop

sam gaunt hops lloyds in bristol//big shit.

john berkel august edition

lots of grinds in this one///looks like a good ledge spot.

skate shiTT

killer spot variety in this one//good tunes


i dont usually post up flatland shit, but im into this one. good song, sick take on flatland trick style, and its filmed in dtlb. i used to chill out in that parking structure all the time.

huyahowdy mike scrapsh

mike dinh riding X sean coats putting an edit together = good shit. mike is fucking killing it right now. this flick is way sick//killer title//must see TTv. ldgruppe.com has a killer team right now.

nagoya session

digging that doubles stair hop intro.


the man//the legend//the birthday. im celebrating all day with or without him. congo fucking killis it//these are some of my favorite past edits. happy birthday motherfucker.