quick clip: rooTTs

handlebar grind//pretty sick

skate shiTT


jensens not the only one who rolls chainless///some good shit goes down in this one.

sfc summer edit

sfc just upped this summer edit. looks like some venice in there and some local spots up in their part of town. solid edit.

fixed/inline/bmx/skate comp

"HUGO STEEL presents Borneo Youth Fest 2011
July 24th 2011

One day dedicated to bring together the youth community of Borneo. A regional competition of Skateboard, Aggressive inline, BMX and Fixed Gear.

thank you to all participant and congrats to all winners!"

wolfdrawn: oscar khan

as expected//this shit is so sick. one of the best styles on a bike meets one of the best styles on in the web edit game. a minute and a half of epic. i couldnt wait for this one to drop. oscar kills it///check that american flag shirt haha. via: WOLFDRAWN

bumsteads X dynt: locals

psyched on this one///garrison was telling me to look out for a new edit. its been too long since the BUMSTEADS squad dropped something on us. these guys are holding it down hard for the IE/// shop at bumsteads if you out there, these guys are down for what ur doing. check out: DYNT

black sunday

this ones a nice change of pace. no music. some good chill out riding///mixed with some bmx in there... and beer.

skate shiTT

caught this one on oscars vimeo likes///good shit, its sick how they bring the dog to spots with them haha. digging the dancehall tunes too.


congo got me psyched on this one///insane hop skills

quick clip: roll out

kickin it old school.

late night

backyard ramp session///itd be killer to have any kind of ramp shit going on in your own yard. these guys are living the dream. nothing crazy goes down, they just living the dream.

vigor studio

its friday night. post up and trick out haha. some mellow flatground from over seas.

gwang for keep it trick

gwang from SFG put this quick one together for KEEPITTRICK. check it. in store ramp setup is sick

toTTal repost: christian musgrave back in nam

this is a toTTal repost of a flick from a couple days ago. i definitely prefer vimeo quality//this flick was legit as fuck//musgrave digs feedback. head over to VIMEO and comment on this shit. he's killing it right now.

filipe motta gnarcotix edit

this shit is sic, surprise edit of the week. if i knew how to sticky post this shit would hang up top. its sick to see someone come out of the woods on some new shit. stacked footage, spot variety, creative tricks. dont miss this one//must see TTv//fucking killing it.

skate shiTT

no big names or big hype in this one///some skate down the street shit and footage on one of these deathwish tallcan cruisers, that part is sick.


steven hamilton kills it. caught this on WRAHW's vimeo likes///too much good shit in here.

the histtory channel: death pedal 2 trailer 2

i was just talking to someone about this the other day so i thought id post it up. this one goes back about a year///if you missed it, this is some must see TTv. some of your favorite fixed gear super heroes killing shit on inline skates.

skatepark hour

alfonso garcia put this one together. its a quick skatepark edit. that skatepark looks so sick.

hurricane promotion video

chacon one upped himself with this one... maybe more than one upped///this edit is sick. big gaps, some tech, high speed wheelie, trucks, some serious shit. putting in work on that new frame. fucking killing it for real///must see TTv. here's what mike had to say

"Been beating up my new signature frame "The Hurricane" Took it to some spots I wanted to be sure that this is a sturdy product worth paying for. Did some jumps and grind spots I have done before but just wanted to be sure this frame was comfortable and reliable. Very impressed with what Leader Bikes has done with this frame, I hope everyone is as pleased as I am with it. Enjoy the Video"

bandel bike trick comp

another trick comp from over seas. nothing too crazy goes down, but its good to see groups gathering around fixed bikes.

cyclo bike trick jam

theres been tons of trick jams lately. some pretty good stuff in here///footage from nasty and marco.



SHMOB SHANE: nollie 180

shane's been working on his nollie 180's lately... this pics the proof. looks like he's getting comfortable on that thrasher. such a sick trick once its dialed. epic picture snagged from SHMOBFIXED. if ur in the long beach area///shanes in town right now, hit him up to ride.


its no secret THIETH loves bonedeth flicks. here's an older one i dug up of jamie mauri//if you havent seen this 1:13 is so fucking sick, even if bonedeth isnt your cup of shit.

bike check: leader pharaoh

felix dol over at GEOMETRICK just built up a pharaoh. this thing looks legit. head over to their BLOG for a full bike check and more pics. psyched to see more of these get out there. im still wondering about that rear triangle on these... hopefully leader learned from the mordecai.

big wheel bmx

these crux flicks have been blowing up lately. definitely good shit///mixed big bike and bmx.

fixed bandit: AA 533 K

another one from fixed bandit//a little better quality in this one. some good looking bike builds, scooter antics, but no monkeys this time.


skate shiTT

i dig the style of this one///looks like its filmed off the screen. lets see more stylized fixed flicks. this is big brand creativity, so its just begging to be outdone... just sayin. still a sick flick, check it.

sean coats: pimpin

sean coats is always pimpin haha. this flick is sick//a change of pace from the day to day fixed flicks. i see sean as an essential character in the fixed mix. must see TTv.

off TTopic//skate shiTT

this is off TTopic//no actual skate footage in here, but i dig the concept of this contest. i want to drop some shit for the readers sometime soon. stay tuned.

sungwoo kim: bike check

swoo just dropped a bike check over at CONSTANT REVOLUTION. check his blog out, he keeps good content moving through there. his build looks sick and his riding speaks for itself. swoo stays killing it.

yerson varela

looks like yerson is repping ZLOG now///i thought he was in long beach... head over to zlog for more.

fixed bandit: taman menteng

lol at the monkey on the bike///reminds me of hangover2 haha.



quick clip: the move

chacon style tap to "tornado"

christian musgrave: back from/in nam

not quite sure whether musgrave is back from or in nam///but i am sure he's killing it machine gunner style haha. this edit is way legit, we've seen this guy get down, but i think he's really getting shit dialed lately. sounds like he rode with a bmx posse for this one and got psyched on bikes again. check it out///follow THECOMMONBMX on youtube.

bumsteads wheel builds

 garrison hit me up last night with some good news///they will be building up mtx33's to unknown hubs and selling them as prebuilt wheels (im digging this spy photo). thats a sick hub/rim combination in my opinion. more info over at their BLOG and watch the BUMSTEADS BIG CARTEL for updates. support locally owned//rider run bike shops///hit up bumsteads if ur in the ontario area.


lol///it doesnt have to be nonstop hammers to be entertaining.

big wheel bmx

the spit is a new series from lama cycles. i dont know how frequent these will be coming though, but its a month old and we havent seen a follow up. could be good if they get it rolling. here's what they had to say;
"The Spit will be a series of web videos of what our East Coast Homies can capture on camera over a certain period of time."

the hisTTory channel: chris fonseca

love him or hate him///fonseca was a big part of fixed hisTTory. he put together a couple solid flicks in the early days. this edit is a good representation of where fixed tricks were back in then. lots of "twirl" type shit, haha, roll outs, "blog spins", high seatposts... some people want to hate on this shit looking back, but riding like this is what got us heading towards where we are today.

skate shiTT

new york//skateboards//pizza//what more do you want?? some fuck around skate shiTT. snagged from NYSKATEBOARDING.COM, head over there and click around... they got lots of content.

junho park

junho park is 14, that puts him in the youngest group of fixed riders that i know of. this kid fucking goes for it.



ninja cats: gus mallet

this kid fucking goes for it. ninja cats is the shit///gus goes huge off the hip. here's what they had to say;

"Gus has been riding and a part of the UK scene for a good while now, yet despite his illa manouvers theres not much footage of the man about, heres some clips from 2 hours of riding with Gus. U.K we go hard!"
click here for more: NINJA CATS

leader welcomes matt montoya

matt is definitely on some next level shit with this one. fakie barhops down stairs///and that chain hop to bank are nuts. must see TTv.

big wheel bmx

i slept on this one//dan is a reader, he rides a big bike, it looks like he's got a new frame. his setup is looking legit and he's getting some tricks dialed. click it//follow dan on vimeo, he keeps up on the big bike flicks.


jackson has been putting in some serious work since his last edit. it definitely shows. some real solid lines in here, and that park looks so killer to chill out at. glad to see hes back at it after THIS SLAM (shit was fucking intense). you killing it man.

skate shiTT

theres some solid tricks in this one, but his style is kind of "agro" imo///still good for a watch, and theres some killer spots in it.

torey thornton: velocity rider profile

im always psyched on some news about the WRAHW man torey. VELOCITY did a rider profile on him w/ some q&a interview... couldnt agree more with that first line. head over there and check it out.

quick clip: East Bay 86 Nick Koo

nick sent this quick one through///solid line. digging that slider up over the bridge. keep it coming man.

phillip williams - just got real

title says it all///the man SHARK brought some super good shit to the table with this one. theres some solid lines in here. where most people film one trick at a time, shark is putting down some creative lines. so sick///fucking psyched on this edit. watch it now.

fixies are gay

musgrave must be sitting on a mountain of footage//he's been dropping edits non stop. some goods in this one. dont miss it.


im psyched on the title of this one "roseanne bar" haha. some good creative riding in the mix. that tire slide 180 towards the end is so sick.

kendrick bautista oneday

kendrick gets after a lot of fly out tricks//but theres a little more variety in this one. he's definitely getting better with every edit.

YNOT straps up close

here's an up close look at YNOT straps, an installation how to, and a couple tricks from mosher... here's what YNOT had to say:

"We are pleased to announce that we have made the YNOT Cycle Pedal Straps even better and are offering them at a new lower price. For a limited time we are offering a free YNOT Cycle Wallet with every online purchase. Check out the NEW VIDEO."

sunday funday!#%

bbg posse on with some chill in the park footage. killing it off the bikes too with those fire shots haha.

go shoppin

that new grime shit wonka and anthony combs. quick one//all hammers. killing it.



quick clip: collin teaser

heres a quick one from collin for unknown. massive hop.

skate shiTT

nate broussard for roger skateboards


so sick. zack gerber preview for his part in the hunt.

epiffny summerfix photos

clayton at EPIFFNY emailed these through last week. definitely some sick shots in HERE. head over and check em out. also looks like they stopped by BUMSTEADS while they were around. head over to THEIR BLOG for more///some good content on there.

wolfdrawn: khan's can-can

so fucking sick///WOLFDRAWN for more.

fuji venom

after i saw that last bike check, i did some digging around on the fuji venom. looks like someone at ROLLYA'S built one up legit, also looks like this may ship complete with track cranks and some other swap out shit on it.

mu bike check

this one kind of caught me off guard///i dont know much about this bike (fuji venom), but it looks like 10mm hubs, euro bb, and limited 700c tire clearance. still looks real decent for light tricking or someone new to fixed. either way, clean looking build.



zlog crew: summer day shred

caught this over at ZLOG///tons of good shit today. this one is sick, the rear tire tap and foot down whip skid near the end are the shit. check it.

off TTopic: sunday night movie

heres a short film from film festival this and award winning that. who gives a fuck about all the rhetoric///this ones entertaining. if you want to sit back and watch a show, tune in.


this has that same banned bmx grit on some next level shit///so sick. i caught this on THECOMEUP a few days ago. here's what he had to say;
"I’ve never heard of this “Chocolate Truck” DVD project, nor have I heard of any of the riders involved. After watching this trailer, none of that matters. I’m buying a copy."

bmh premiere///jj adams benefit

ronnie sent this through yesterday///looks like they had a premiere for big money hustlaz and a benefit for their lost friend. heres what ronnie had to say;
"A quick lil thing from jeremy's memorial event. We raised over 300 bucks and his family doubled it and gave it to the shop to use for kids who need bike parts but can't afford them. Please note the embarrasment in the girls face after seeing herself."


THIS SHIT IS SO SICK. daddyvision fucking killing it. MUST SEE TTv. watch this now.

phoenix in paris 2011

this ones sick. paris looks like it has some killer spots. its so rad to watch euro stuff, the spots are so different over there. PHOENIX does it right.

SNDTRCK: june edit

SNDTRCK always drops super clean edits. lots of mellow footage and good shots in here.

jean-luc mini edit

Maximillian L-H just upped this one///some good shit from across the pond.

mike roll

packy threw this one together for michael stanis. its a quick one, but the slider at the end is fucking crazy long.

martin knorr: trixing

some good shit from a new name///this kid has potential to tear shit down.

big wheel bmx

been a while since i dug up some legit big bike shit///this is it. way solid edit.




im a kareem williams fan for sure///heres a second angle on that broken leg from a while back and that ender is sick as fuck hahahaha.

off TTopic: winter shred

winter is not right around the corner///but the first clip in this one is insane//sick as fuck. digging that "powder sucks" on the bottom of his deck too lol.

skate shiTT

what better than a saturday to celebrate dustin dollins 7 day weekend; a little less skate shiTT a little more antics. head over HERE for more...



kinky's vs westfixed

lino is going hard in the paint for this one///that ledge is nuts.
"puto, o medo é uma cena que a mim não me assiste"


i dont usually post two in one day, but theres not much fixed shit today and this flick is sick hahahaha.

the hisTTory channel: eric puckett

as far as i know eric is no longer down with fixed freestyle///but this shit was insane when it dropped. 2 years old and theres a 180 bar in the first 30 seconds. seems like he came and went super quick, was definitely killing it for more than a minute there. aside from that quick flick with PROLLY a few months back, he hasnt been seen on his fixed bike for a long time. a bunch of you new comers might not even know///so click play, catch up.


theres a bunch of photos of the roadtrip and summerfix up over at BHSK///head over there and check it out.

skate shiTT

if transition spots are your cup of shit///give this one a click. tons of killer ditch spots and skatermade parks.

eighth inch how to: crank installation

this is a good one for them to drop on the world///ive heard of some people having trouble installing these.

quick clip: doi for schmick bike shop

another one from SCHMICK BIKE SHOP. quick welcome to the team clip.

tor for schmick bike shop

tor put together a quick one for SCHMICK BIKE SHOP in thailand. i dig quick edits, check it out and check the shop website, theres a pretty killer bike gallery on there.

last edit with thrasher

alec dropped this one a couple days ago///i blew it getting this on the blog right away, but he's coming up on a new frame so he dropped one last edit with his thrasher. cant wait to see the new build///drop a bike check on us when you got it man.

bike check: grime bone mang

THE GRIME threw up a proper bike check of the new bone mang///head over there for more pics and full build specs. sounds legit. the rear triangle is claimed to be laterally stiffer than other frames on the market///hopefully eliminating that bent rear triangle bullshit everyone goes through. head over to the GRIME BLOG and check it out. whether you like the looks of the wishbone setup or not, this is a step in the right direction. bent rear triangles fucking suck.
bonus pic///this shits been everywhere, but its too sick.


vclub hit the park on 4th of july. this spot looks sick. they always bring good riding.

w-base: vansXcult grips

theres not much to this besides some video of the vansXcult grips, but i dig it. close ups, a look at the packaging, videos like this help bring a product to life before youve had a chance to see it in person. i want a set of these grips.



HBD @goTThross

goTThross///happy birthday, you are a cunt



congo is the man and citygrounds is the shit///and these bars are legit as it gets. if you didnt see this on the CITYGROUNDS BLOG the bars are in stock in their WEB STORE
head over and buy them NOW.


bean always puts good flicks together

rooTTs///big wheel bmx

game of b.i.k.e.///bmx vs big bike

skate shiTT

caught some of this flick last night///brainwash looks sick. theres tons of dtlb footage in it (not so much in this clip), but toy machine does it right.


this is probably my favorite musgrave edit yet. that creative/ride everything mentality is the shit. he puts in work on some unusual spots here. super sick//two thumbs up//"mind expanding" hahaha. must see TTv.

jj ribaya

jj ribaya dropped a second look at his truck driver alongside a couple more flyout tricks. check it.



wolfdrawn: teaser

this ones good for a laugh or two///literal lol when i watched it. pretty much as good as raw footage can get. WOLFDRAWN always drops hammers///head over there and read the caption hahahaha. MUST SEE TTv.

skate shiTT

caught this one on sean coats vimeo likes last night///some fruity music, but the fast tricks are insane.

quick clip: 3 tricks w/ jayjay ribaya

i caught this one over at LOCKEDCOG///quick one with a serious hammer for an ender. truck drivers are no joke and jayjay got one nailed. so fucking sick.

flat fix introducing jun

flat fix always brings solid web edits. clean filming and editing. good riding.

proud cat x mystery

posse up and hit the streets at night.

THIETH repping

caught this on the UNKNOWN KOREA BLOG, it one totally slipped past me for the longest time now. mustve been up for at least a few weeks. shit is so sick. its no secret that im an UNKNOWN BIKES fan... looks like i got some back and missed it. i love how honest he is on there.

" a years back when you started your blog i wasnt happy with you because you post my company product on your blog with wrong infomation but now we are good friend , help each other i am so happy to do some work with you soon and will show you what i can do thanks for your T shirt it is 'FUCKING KILLING IT' "

fucking psyched///i made a shitload of mistakes early in my blog, and still do, im sure they dont go unnoticed.  big shout to EVERYONE affiliated with UNKNOWN BIKES. from what ive seen these guys are pushing fixed freestyle and supporting the community to the fullest.

#SHMOB ((not a summerfix edit))

this is definitely not a summerfix edit hahaha. i remember shane was saying he'd bring his camera down but would be filming "no comp footage". good idea///he snagged some real good street shit while he was here, some long beach, some SHMOB posse, some good clips. #pissy has been killing it hard as fuck lately, that 180 over the rail is so sick. super psyched to have shane as a part of this, he always goes after it with the street footage at comps. his editing skills (and riding) have come up hard in recent months///not to mention he holds it down hard as fuck for TTv. peep game. (big shout to corey for repping that TT-shirt in this)

joh mama

classic title on this one. joh got style, i dig watching him ride///mellow laid back, slow and controlled riding. some good tricks go down. looks like he's getting 3's pretty dialed.


one day edit from banned///always good. 1:22 is so sick.


i dont know what the title means///but i think the description says it all; "@##^%$^&^^#%$@#$@!#$^". this one covers some old school style riding, lots of roll outs, mixed with some new///theres a nollie bar in there. good variety in here.

tadashi nakamura kyoto x osaka edit

yu put this one together for tadashi. looks good, lots of night riding///best time to be on the streets. on off team stays after it.


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