bike check: mike dinh leaves leader for livery

mike dinh (aka biggest barspin ever seen on a fixed bike) left leader to join the LIVERY DESING GRUPPE squad. seems like theyre building a pretty epic team right now. he will killing it on one of these hammer frames from now on. above pictured is his build which came out clean as fuck. check the tanwalls///so sick. mike knows how to drop a legit build, these frames look sick, i took congo's for a spin the other day and shit rides real comfortable. kill it mike. that first photo is courtesy of tony k who covers long beach like a motherfucker.... shit came out sick, and mike is going fucking huge. 
mike wanted to make sure that SCOTT at livery gets his///a big fuckin howdy to SCOTT at LDG for hooking this up, you doin it right man. 


this edit is so sick///ughs hit paris and put some good shit together. the songless edit is epic. these guys always keep it authentic and bring something original to the table. i love this one. watch it now.

rooTTs: bone deth bomber bars

sick///bone death is the fucking best

sfc park edit

that park looks like fun


epic visuals

skate shiTT

killer ditch spots///good tunes///real good skating


david grant kills shit///i slept on this one, but his edits are super sick. this one has some killer tunes///general classic rock and roll stoney feel to it. dont miss it.

icee edit

musgrave and jball got out to film some shit. always good stuff coming from these two. check that footplant action at 0:50///so sick. getting creative... and in case you havent heard, musgrave needs a left strap. hit him up if you got a half set laying around.


quick clip: can you manual

this is one of those new classic tricks///sick tho.


froots crew brings us a mountain stack of footage with this flick. tons of riding in here///kinda long so be ready to sit back and watch. theres some flatland and bmx mixed in too.

quick clip: jball

super fresh one liner from jball. im digging this one///old school with some new flavor on that first trick too. sick shit. his riding is definitely progressing.

chris (butcher)'s VEE RUBBER 29ER tires

two snags in a row from ZLOG///but these look too sick to not spread the word. HEAD OVER THERE for details. good//big//street 29er tires are hard to come by, these look epic. spread the word. 


caught this one over at ZLOG. pretty solid riding. good to see some new faces from seattle.

skate shiTT

apparently reynolds has a sock sponsor now... yeah skate specific socks... i dont get it, but this edit is pretty sick. i dig watching reynolds skate, and that park looks pretty rad.

skate shiTT

nasty skates as good as he rides fixed. this photo is sick as fuck. 

toTTal repost///the hisTTory channel

i posted this once before, but jball hit me up earlier suggesting this shit. if he doesnt remember, chances are you dont either. sam miller was a fucking slaughterhouse back in the day. who the fuck knows where he went, but i wish he was still in this. probably one of the smoothest styles in the early times, he kept it creative, and always innovative. i can remember when his first few edits dropped it was mind blowing. this goes back to the first days of mtb forks on track frames, the biggest tires were 35c, and pop up barspins were still sick hahaha.

quick clip///ryd: welcome kendall cooper

bar in bar out bitch hahaha. some tech shit from the ryd noob.


more from nsp///these guys keep it coming.


the new banned mixtape///this shit is so sick.



andreas swede roof top hop

caught this via oscar's likes on vimeo. andreas is killing it right now///he's been flying under the radar for too long. psyched to see where he goes with his fixed bike, he got that natural comfortable on a bike talent.

skate shiTT

weekend warriors vol 23///they keep it loose in this one... thats what all this shit is about. fuck around, as soon as you try to get all serious about your skate//bike//whatever you fuckin up.


lots of long beach footage in this one///that joey motta section is sick. all of it is sick, but that guy throws some crazy shit down. obviously pulled from THECOMEUP

bike check: BLKMRKT NSF

after i posted that last flick///i cruised over to BLKMRKT  to catch some news on the NSF and there was his bike build, full bike check. head over there and check it out. super clean build.

new bike edit

here's another one via LOCKEDCOG///he on fire today. this is one of those BLKMRKT NSF frames. looks sick comfortable. he slaughters some slick flatground. head over to SFC for some pics of the bike.

mike chacon and jamil gray for myspace

i saw this on LOCKEDCOG. caught me off guard just as much as him haha. i thought myspace was dead. interesting that myspace came after some fixed freestyle riders... these two always put it down. check it.

david fitzgerald edit 1.0

david is kickin shit out old school with some tarck flavor. i cant believe that aerospoke holds up to the abuse haha. we dont see much tarck style riding these days.

seoul trick jam trailer

i slept on this one///gotta ride my bike sometimes. this looks sick tho. real clean filming and editing. looks like jd was fucking going for it. cant wait to see the full edit.


haha///looks like coats has an edit coming soon. youll never be ready.

quick clip: F.A.S.T. 360

kendrick keeps em coming///heres a quick one of a couple back to back fly out 3's

24/SE7EN video mag 3

looks like they stacked some footage for this one. that steep bank spot is pretty sick.

front yard sessions 1

adam sent this through last night. if i had a front yard or lived in a suburban neighborhood like this id definitely get down like this as much as possible. this is how tricks get dialed. looks like hes got some solid shred in the works. thanks for sending it through man.


So fucking stoked on this. Kenny just sent these teaser shots to me. The frame is my custom DESTROY #TTIGERBLOOD 29". More info coming real soon//stay TTuned.

Thanks for the pics Kenny!



quick clip

hang five 180///pretty killer

summer in los angeles

packy just upped a new one. these guys always keep the spots fresh. he's been at this for a while and always has some new spots up his sleeve, the tricks keep getting better, and packy finds his way through creative lines, looks like they hit up houghton in long beach in this one, sick. he's still repping that #TTIGERBLOOD too. psyched to have packy rep TTv///psyched to see him on his come up.

photo: torey for bb17

if you follow torey on twitter///you would know he's been putting it down hard on his new frame as of late. this photo tells the tale. fucking sick massive gap to cellar door. take note; thats how you rep your new sponsor. not to mention, this photo is so killer.

will gibbons: untitled

will twitted this shit just a minute ago. its the latest///some stacked footage he's been sitting on. definitely good shit in here///some riding with the 1/8th inch squad, its good to see new shit from will. keep it coming man. head over and check out HIS TUMBLR theres some good shit on there.

photo: joe mckeag

snagged this photo of joe mckeag from TRICK TRACK fucking blasting one. thanks to tony k for posting it.

zlog crew mix

this ones super sick. caught it on ZLOG obviously///some stacked footage chris clappe has been sitting on for a while. so many epic tricks in here. my hightlites are 0:39///1:22///the ender///and j. ruff repping that TT shirt. psyched as fuck on this one.

unknown v2 builds

here's a couple clean UNKNOWN builds i caught on TRICK TRACK.

unknown bike co: seoul'd out

this edit is sick///UNKNOWN in seoul. rick and jd fucking kill it. some real big shit goes down///these two have their fixed game dialed. ricks nollie 180's are dialed and jd's blast to wallride toward the end is nuts. theres more worth mentioning, this is some must watch shit. clean production, the whole package in this one. fucking killing it.

skate shiTT

slave knows whats up with a good web edit. no shortage of creative lines and tricks in here either. that ender is sick as fuck. dont miss it.

oscar in ny

oscar is in ny w/ torey. fucking sick to put those two together. i cant fucking wait for the edit from this shit. prolly and torey have been snagging photos and footage. get psyched. one from WRAHW one from PROLLY.


cult X vans///bmx X skate. real good shit.

johor bahru trick comp

theres been a shitload of trick comps lately///here's coverage by meel lao of johor bahru.

monday sucks///eat shiTT

monday sucks///eat shit



bwaflower: mystery taiwan

some super sick quick flatground lines in this. kinda hard to see with the nighttime filming, but some real legit tricks in the mix.

san jose fixed gear primary

some sick riding and good filming from san jose. jeff dempler, scott horton, colin gonzo cable killing shit.

albert edit

the guys over at LAB got a solid squad repping their shit. lots of good shit coming from them. albert throws down//got some tech tricks dialed.

swede day edit

missed this one yesterday///caught it on ZLOG today. andreas has super smoothe style and a good bag of tricks. that skatepark looks sick.

rooTTs: banned

its been a while since i posted a banned flick and this one is some serious fire. must see TTv for sure.

quick clip: rise of the dawn

that shit probably hurt.

shmob saTTurdays: nikko jow//xlife scorpio v2

The homie Nikko Jow just posted up this shot his his new xlife Scorpio V2 build. This thing looks sick//reppin SHMOB hard on the top tube.

big wheel bmx

good shit


this is some insane tech right here///caught via cogwei's likes on vimeo.


this is some heavy shit///

off TTopic: winter shred

i keep saying "im not going to post anymore winter shred flicks" but im still watching that shit occasionally and i come across gems like this///so im posting it. solid riding/filiming/editing/music in this one. check it, killer late season shred flick.

D.O.G(Dog of Gangseogu)

...even more from seoul, this is some mellow fixed riding. no real hammers in here, but the tunes are mellow, some wheelies, some cruising. dont usually post flicks like this... but it got me motivated to ride today so i thought id pass that on.

sfg team 2011 opening

not sure if i snagged this one the first time around or not///kinda old, but i been digging around youtube for seoul footage after seeing clips from the fixed comp. theres definitely some good riding going on out there.

skate shiTT: seoul

some skate shiTT from seoul///looks like theres lots of good spots out there.


quick clip: get ready

this is fucking killing it. such a sick edit. the best quick clip i think ive seen. congo is tough as shit///that slam was nuts. WOLFDRAWN always brings top notch edit/music/style. so sick. FUCKING KILLING IT.


epic visuals.


there is some real good shit in this one. i dont know how i overlooked these guys. maybe they are tagging it searchable or some shit. (tag em so i can find em everyone///unless you dont want em found). but this is so sick. a posse i never seen before making their presence known real hard. that roof gap at 2:43 was nuts.

off TTopic: "t-shirt stories"

if you didnt know///im a big fan of t-shirts. all TT-shirts so far have been my donation to fixed gear because i wanted to see people wearing them/i wanted to bring something different. havent watched this with sound yet, but it gets posted because im juiced on t-shirts. wear your manson/#TTIGERBLOOD proud. im psyched to see you guys rep that shit.

NSP (gabriel)

i caught this one last night but forgot to post

unknown bikes is now a sadio dealer

quick flick to bring it public///unknown now deals sadio. some shots of various parts/bars/chainwheels/all that.

ninja cats: sol smith for 14 bike co

i dig this NINJA CATS posse. sol brings some heat to this one. nollie bars are sick as fuck, some big stairs, and some weird in general coming from these guys. dont miss this. cruise over to the NINJA CATS BLOG and fuck your head up for a little bit.


mike brennan fucks shit up///theres some heavy lines, crazy tricks in this flick. 2:28 is plain insane.

skate shiTT

thrasher tours down under.

off TTopic: bike check

you may or may not have seen this a while back///but its track bike check. not the kind of shit i usually post, and im probably never going to go deep on this style of bikes. but im down for CITYGROUNDS and DAVE sent this through//im a supporter of local shit. my big question is///wheres the congo//matt//corey bike checks???

five tricks with wizard

this is fucking sick FINALLY a fresh wizard edit. he kills the tech flatground and this is proof. coming in hot with that 180 bar. marwin has supernatural skills... he's a fucking wizard.

toTTal repost

this one goes back a year or more///but we never saw much from taliban tom. for the time (even current) this shit was a huge drop. fuckin blew my mind//some total unknown comes out with some big shit and a crazy fixed setup like you never seen before. check it.

the hisTTory channel: sean coats

this ones over a year old///sean has been holding it down. this is a solid first edit, especially a year ago. 180's were dialed w/ no indian givers, kept it smoothe, kept rolling. not only that, but his gorilla build was so legit. the potential was obvious. these days he's killing it harder than ever w/ a signature style and some solid sponsors.

SHMOBTYLER repping TTv hard

shane posted this shit up on the SHMOB TUMBLR. so sick///thats dedication. TTvLER and SHANE rep TTv hard as fuck. head over to the tumblr and check em out.

rooTTs///quick clip: mark grime

a quick one from matt reyes aka SLUMWORM. always epic filming from this guy.



i know this is everywhere, but its some noteworthy shit, and if ur doing it right TTvBLOG is your only source for fixed freestyle haha. back on track, these LDG HAMMER frames look sick. kinda reminds me of a new "freestyle version" of the og BMW GANGSTA TRACK's take on street fixed frames. head over and check em out, the pics on their site are sick. 

skate shiTT///toTTal repost

i didnt catch this the first time around, and there was a flood of skate shiTT from goTThross... but this edit is sick as fuck. definitely give it a click if you missed it.


shane's been on an edit mission since he's bikeless. heres the second installment of bikeless. he's got some signature style going these days. i dig that shit. keep em coming shane



skate shiTT: dark side of the moon

this is nothing new if you follow skateboarding close//but if you dont, you should check this one out. ipath headed out to slick rock to skate some natural terrain. i think the photos came out way better than the flick. the magazine itself is fucking epic///i snagged a copy and its one of my favorite bits of skate shiTT.
head over to the SKATEBOARDERMAG blog for the back story.


some vacation shit from @WOLFDRAWN //head over there for more (photos and shit). i dig it. also///click on the video and head to his youtube for some killer tunes. #huyamouf


mark webb is killing shit. i caugh it over on TRICK TRACK, (thanks ahusted for posting), theres some nutty tricks in here. good mix of tech and big stuff, some epic spots, super creative tricks, the last 4 or 5 clips are so sick. fakie whip wtf.

big wheel bmx?

here's some trials influenced big wheel bmx? or is it bmx influenced trials? either way///some killer riding in here. more redbull video

over a month later we still get edits from this event. had an epic weekend at this, i dig it when these keep popping up. pretty good coverage in this one, good editing too.



quick clips: grom killer

this kid is killing shit//youngest grom doing grown ass tricks. probably the sickest grom shred ive seen in a long time.

bears bike

this shit is pretty sick//unexpected edit of the month type shit. check it out, pretty solid//totally different style than the typical shit as of late. must see TTv.

imax session

MBASE doing it for melbourne. some solid tricks, a mellow spot, some "old school" tunes. keeping shit classy. lets see some stacked footage from this squad, looks like they got some solid tricks dialed.

SHMOB: bikeless

THIETH's back//thanks SHANE AND GOTTHROSS for keeping everyone entertained this morning. the man SHMOB SHANE sent this one through, just a quick one. he got bored while he's off his bike waiting for his #TTIGERBLOOD frame to come through, so he put together a few clips of some footage he had laying around. some solid tricks in here. he's getting real comfortable on that front wheel//on the bike in general. psyched to see where a solid custom fitted bike takes him, should be fire coming soon.

skate shiTT ||||||| Jamie TTancowny sTTay Gold bside

rawest bside to date

skate shiTT ... Heath Kirchart in Mindfield

skate shiTT ::::::: Daniel Lutheran - Brainwash

skate shiTT ***** Trevor Colden for Mystery

skate shiTT ... Jerry Hsu Stay Gold B-Side


MATER SUSPIRIA VISION feat. SHIVABEL - Allucinazione! (2011, Inverted Triangle II LP) OFFICIAL VIDEO from Mater Suspiria Vision on Vimeo.


@wolfdrawn just tweeted this shit and its too epic not to post. Thats fucking huge. I believe the pic comes from Fixed Fest in Indonesia. Rad!

rooTTs: max & igor

Don't miss this one from Velomarket. Street shit is dialed...Rail rides, nollie bars, awesome tech grind combos. This is my favorite kind of riding to watch.

the hisTTory Channel: summer fixxx

This one from Mike Chacon dates back almost a year to the first Summer Fix. Too many names//tricks to call out, but the edit is sick. This year's is sure to be even bigger, I can't wait for this shit. I was stoked to hear that SAVAGE is going to be an official sponsor for Summer Fix II.
July 16 Venice Beach Basketball Courts...BE THERE.

go fucking ~@SKATE!!!

As promised, ~@bRAD delivers a killer skate flick to celebrate GO SKATEBOARDING DAY. The intro in this one had me laughing....~@LURK pole smash is epic! Super chill web flick//Lots of good shred//4:45 is fucking awesome//Loving the ender clip.

Good one Brad!

maTT bruesch

Matt Bruesch of SHMOB blasting a killer X-up.

Fuck Yeah.