ed wonka's the dog

wonka got out there and snagged some clips with some people while he was out in ca///shit makes for a real good edit. here's the vimeo caption;
Filmed, Edited and Produced by Ed Wonka Laforte; "The Dog" is an extreme experience through time and space through the eyes of a candy man.

must see TTv


this is a two parter haha//(1) i didnt even realize AXION still existed (2)this guy kills shit, check that ender. wtf.

people reppin TT

a shitload of you were repping TT at MWM2///so fucking psyched on that shit. spotted a few in the comp flicks too. fucking epic shit. big thanks goes out to everyone wearing these shirts/repping this TT, holding it down for TTvBLOG.

MWM2 (FIENDSxprollyisnotprobably)

this is the latest MWM2 edit to drop from ronnie. super psyched on this one, great clips, ronnie always brings good shit.


caught this one on THECOMEUP some creative shit mixed with some gnarly shit. killer edit.

skate shiTT

ran across some skate shit from MKE. ive seen some comments about how mke has some killer street spots///these dont come close to some of the shit ive seen in recent updates from the fixed posse out there, but it thought id rep some mke skate shit.

nucult: trick comp trailer

some funny shit from nucult. looks like they got a trick comp coming up pretty soon. tons of trick comp shit these days. nice trailer tho, definitely worth a watch.

jball: almost summer

jball posse'd up for this one... lots of local names in this flick. some big shit goes down. pretty killer to see the group effort, lots of stacked footage here. psyched to see more of this in the future.



MWM2: destroy van breaks down

this just in//got an email from sean at destroy with this video of the van getting loaded up on a tow truck. sounds like it took a shit in utah and they're riding on some triple a tow mileage right now.

MWM2: the aftercomp

checking in with a couple clips from matt killing some mke street spots. that bank is steep as fuck... and one more check in from brad leaving his fireworks behind///shoulda shipped that shit haha.

midwest mayhem comp

looks like this is the first full edit from MWM2. some pretty epic coverage here. this shit was nuts. rad edit/dont miss this shit.

quick clip: MWM2 HUYAMOUF

this shit is super sick//lol at the title, epic quick clip from matt reyes. cant wait for more of these MKE edits to start coming through.

24/SE7EN video mag 2

some flatground mininshred from 24/SE7EN. some bmx in there too.

epiffny clothing: new camera test

looks like the guys at epiffny got a new hd cam. should be some killer shit coming in the near future. heres the camera test and some night time shred.

eat shiTT

holy fuck//monday sucks//eat shiTT

MWM2 LIVE: one man cemetery

brad is making good use of his free time in milwaukee...

hold fast X congo: signature straps

lol at this one. here's a first look at congo's signature straps from HOLD FAST///these things look sick. i wanna get my hands on some. snag a set, support grass roots, hold fast has been "holding" it down since forever.

mwm2: the aftercomp

they out riding some street shit///this "jank park" spot looks fucking rad, and brad is killing shit. ill keep the updates coming as long as people stay uploading.


this just upped thanks to congo///lamarche is a fucking beast. heres another look at that massive three that took best trick.

skate shiTT

caught this on THEESTABLISHED tumblr. head over and check it. super solid skatepark edit.

tyler louie bay-sicz shit

this edit is fucking epic///tyler's game stepped way up. intro line is epic, he's geting super consistent. pretty sick that tyler is in with the bay-sicz bikesXmusic collaboration is some killer shit. check the speed bump to grind at 2:08///fuck yeah, keeping it creative. tons of #TTIGERBLOOD rep in here, psyched as fuck on this edit. thanks to tyler for holding down THIETH. CLICK HERE if ur into the tunes//OR HERE to check their facebook. #TTIGERBLOOD


this shit is so fucking massive//we got a clip of this from the top angle, but this is clean as fuck. LOCKEDCOG w/ some proper coverage.

big wheel bmx: kns.lo

this shit is so fucking sick///these guys are setting the standard for big bike shit. by far my favorite big bike posse, so much sick shit in this flick. MUST SEE TTv///FUCKING KILLING IT


this is hearsay:




super slam//going hard as fuck right now


congo is on point right now//huyamouf


hard to tell who this is///but, this is fucking huge


heres another one from earlier of krislc throwing one of his plant whips///so sick


heres one from earlier that i missed///antonyo killing shit





this ones sick




some santos and some hamrick


from all the recent shit ive seen///boothby is on point right now. fucking killing shit in this clip

MWM2 LIVE: #pissy slams hard

super hard slam

MWM2 LIVE: live mayhem

the first live clip is gus getting his thrash on///THIETH#blowingit

MWM2 LIVE: video premiere

everyone is starting to show up at the video premiere///if last night looked like a mob, it should be nuts from here. more to come.

MWM2 LIVE: bens//back to the bike shit

live from the bens warehouse//fucking epic wheelhoop wetdream haha. psyched for some riding today, this shit is going to be sick//everyone should be there by now, and we should be getting some comp footage soon///who knows what we'll get in the way of comp footage, but stay tuned--- ill be posting this shit as quick as i can today for the main event.

MWM2 LIVE: sticky situation

sequential chain of events//sticky situation at denny's. this is where multiple cameras in one place captures shit in a way you never could with just one/shits a good laugh too.

MWM2 LIVE: mayhem at denny's

the turn out this year looks fucking sick//so many fixed killers in one place in this flick, the comp is going to be nuts today. heres some antics from last nights trip to denny's//dont miss that last one hahhahaa. ~@ brad snagged a shitload of clips.

MWM2 LIVE: more notes from the road

more notes from the road: looks like TK was almost there at their last check in//the last video looks like there was a run in with local law enforcement last night hahaha. shit got real for a minute there.

MWM2: street spots//out riding

so many sick clips in here... this is a quick clip gold mine. WATCH THEM ALL. fucking epic, highlights from todays mission out on the streets. so sick//thanks to everyone who snagged a clip today. must see TTv.

MWM2 LIVE: antics from last night (re-upped)

huyamouf midwest mayhem 2 baby. holy fuck///so glad congo re-upped this shit, check the butt darts "picking up where jackass ledt off" hahahaha. and one big GROUP HUYAMOUF. some good shit in this update, fucking amped for the upcoming fireworks.

MWM2 LIVE: on the road

real shit from the road///bringin some housewarming gifts TK style//late night driving///brad keeps a drive alive.

MWM2 LIVE: more antics//fireworks

these lucky fuckers just stacked up some fireworks//get ready for some madness. lol at that second one, brad is a fucking character.

diego's scrap clips

diego stays on his edit game///keeps shit coming. some throwaway from his footage stack. he's repping KNICE CLOTHING and JAIRO'S BIKE SHOP//head over and check their shit out.

bike check: jotta's bb17 charmer 26

this build looks pretty sick//jott's bb17 charmer 26. i dig these things, ive seen way too many clean builds/want one haha. head over to the BB17 BLOG and check the full build specs.


the hisTTory channel: midwest mayhem 1

here's a couple quick clips from last years... these were two of the standout tricks that i still remember without even having to look them up. shit better get fucking nuts this year//way more people, way more energy, you know everyone is going to be killing shit, im fucking pumped to see what goes down in the main event.

the hisTTory channel: midwest mayhem 1

its pretty killer to look back on this shit and compare it where we are currently... the bike setups have come a long way since these days, and the tricks even further. take a look back; here's the RVA fixed persepctive on the event, kinda long but i remember this edit being pretty solid. more to come.

skate shiTT

psyched on tiltmode///if you never saw the early flicks from these guys #youfuckinup.


some new banned shit just dropped///i dont hesitate to post these. always entertaining, always solid riding.

MWM2 LIVE: more outtakes

since some cunt busted in and deleted all of the youtube content (learn to self regulate), here we go again building from the ground up.the first one was the only remaining video on the account, and the second; i got this email this morning from the WRAHW fam lol. keep this shit going. there's a new password if you want in... hit me up.


SOMEONE DELETED ALL OF THE EXISTING CLIPS. THAT SHIT IS FUCKED. i just gunna hope that shit was an accident. i thought something like this might happen///but theres no way to prepare. fuck it///lets keep this going.



tony k for savage

mellow vibes from tony k and savage///seems like they really stepping their game up these days. im a big fan of what they got going, amped for updates and the future of this brand. head over to LBSAVAGE.com  and buy some shit//keep grassroots shit going.

mwm2 live

lol//mwm2 is going to be the shit. hahahahahaha. more and more heads are showing up, everyone there is getting fucking amped, the park looks way sick, the live coverage keeps getting better. MWM2 is going to be the fucking shit. im super psyched on the participation from everyone and amped to be able to deliver this to TTv readers//stay tuned. 

mwm2 live: ouTTakes

WILL WORK FOR THUNDERKILL///here's to keeping the variety in this shit. more huyamouf in this update//antonyo almost slam//gus puttin his game face on. big shout to everyone keeping us entertained.

mwm2 live: park footage//epic update

epic fucking update on this one. tons of footage from mke//some big shit is already going down//lots of people are starting to show up. looks like matt is throwing down out there on someone else's bike. everyone is getting amped to kill shit.

mwm2 live - sour j

some skate park shit//a quick clip from sour j blasting one. this park looks rad with all the trees around it. seems like a mellow spot to spend a day.


tukasa twitted this shit at me//fucking psyched on that//thanks for the link man. another solid edit from the FROOTS CREW  theyve been holding it down in fukuoka for a while now. lots of cruising, flatground, solid style, i dig that kind of shit. that build looks soo good. charmers are legit as fuck.

MWM2: part7//morning coffee//lol

motherfuckers finally gave me my morning coffee hahaha


the ender is so fucking huge.

quick clip: rooTTs//big wheel bmx

some bmx and some big bike shit showing us that it doesnt matter whats in front of you///ride shit.


this one comes from badrulezwan on vimeo. putting in work///obviously some dedication and effort went into this shit. not bad for a first edit.

mwm2: part6///prolly stranded

i dont know if everyone caught this over at PROLLY// but some bullshit weather and fucked up flight schedules have left prolly stranded with no way to get to MWM2 until saturday PM (missing the comp altogether). i feel for this situation, im even bummed he wont be there snagging the signature prolly only coverage. so i hit him up to join us in THIETH's VICARIOUS LIVING PROJECT, and he offered to snag some footage. here's how we find him. super fucking bummer, but the fact that he participated is epic///THANKS A SHITLOAD PROLLY.

mwm2: part5//THUNDERKILL checking in

this shit is SICK. TK leader charles just checked in with a look inside THUNDERKILL headquarters before he takes off for #MWM2. this shit is going to be sick.


musgrave has been stacking footage for a solid edit. this is for sure his best shit to date. some solid lines in here, big gaps, epic spots, long slider for the ender. next level shit for sure, his style is getting smoother and tricks more dialed. must see TTv.

skate shit: four seasons skate park

im going to do what i can to bring some MWM2 hype for the next couple days, alongside some youtube live shit. here are a couple of "less than recent" skate flicks from fourseasons skate park. id imagine the setup is a bit different these days, but youll get a feel for the park this way.



mwm2: part4//huyamouf

shit just wouldnt be good without at least one of these//lol///hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg with the after ride footage--rumor has it some of our "event-goers" have fireworks this year. fucking psyched on that shit. HUGE THANKS goes out to everyone who has participated so far and to those who plan to participate in the next few days.... this shit is so sick.

mwm2: part3//park footage

the next set of clips was some quick clip gold from these fuckers. shit is so sick. dont hesitate to click any of these. looks like its anyones guess at this point as to who takes it this year. fucking psyched for more.

mwm2: part2//test footage and shit

the rest of the day was basically test footage from "anonymous participants" ...followed up by some ~@gold with that second video.

mwm2: part1//so based//we made it

part one follows a couple people you dont know know on their travel. lol at that last video, i fucking shit myself laughing i heard that ender.

imporTTant message from THIETH #2

if you have audio probelms///watch the second one//this shit is not high tech

eighthinch for mwm2

eighthinch dropped this quick flick for mwm2 showcasing the riders that will be repping their shit at mwmII. get psyched for this shit. i cant wait.


DESTROY's web store is officially up and running. they also dropped this t-shirt on us. its fucking sick//digging the white on black color scheme and the dark graphic style///epic. head over, check the DESTROY STORE, and pick one up.

fgg: laurent pili

here's one i skipped past about a week ago. (#blowingit) some nice shots in here. mix of some old school and some new shit. laurent hasnt lost sight of the killerness of wheelies.

packy golan for palms cycle

packy gets better/more consistent/smoother with each edit. dont miss this shit. he's been holding it down for a while now. his grinds, hops, gaps are getting bigger//not one indian giver in this flick either haha. watch out for packy///he's looking more comfortable than ever on his bike. psyched as fuck to have him reppin some THIETH shit.


bone deth keeps these sections from surfin for the ugly broads coming. liv fucks shit up for sure. rides fast, goes huge///that first clip is some heavy shit.

skate shiTT

this ones kind of long///but these b-sides are sick, and this kid definitely throws down. cant wait for the barrier kult b-side haha.

deviation may 2011

deviation brings us fixed with a bmx background. he's getting better with each flick.



bbg chronicles: episode 7

this one is my favorite so far. mellow "vibes" in this one, lol intro, sick mini bike shreddage, some killer slams. BBGKCMO fucks shit up. this is probably the longest running fixed series with few exceptions, and they definitely progressing with every new flick. must see TTv. keep this shit going, head over and comment on this flick//repost//retweet//this shit is fucking sick//and theyre holding down TT-shirts hard.

big wheel bmx

this one was sent in by a reader//i dig that shit so keep em coming. rick fucks shit up on a big bike. thanks for keeping me in the loop with the freewheel shit guys.

off TTopic: hipster trash compactor

i dont usually post this genre of riding... but this is some holy fuck type shit. had to post this. epic find by dan//thanks a shitload man.


roof drops, creative lines, low tech video effects, smoothe style... this flick brings some goods. check out 1:45 for some epic shit.

destroy bikes: minotaur and unicorn killer

here's a couple new customs from DESTROY BICYCLES. watch out for these guys//destroy is a builder who isnt afraid to innovate and try new shit. both of these frames have super modern geometries. the first being the unicorn killer (which SLUMWORM covered yesterday), has some crazy 26/dj style geo going. the second is the minotaur for GNARCOTIX. im really into the second/gnarcotix biuld, both are ultra progressive and causing some shit talk//"discussion" in the twitter shit. do yourself a favor and check out DESTROY BIKES. local, grass roots, hand made in the USA.

skate shiTT: trong your mind

TRONG YOUR MIND keeps their shit up to date and keeps the flicks coming. head over and check their shit out for some locally grown grass roots shit.

weird pista 16

weird pista covers shiokaze. kind of long, but a different perspective on shiokaze.


SFG (king of quick clips) teams up with XXLSTYLE to bring us a couple quick trick tutorials. back in the day everyone was asking for trick tips. these two are real basic, but this is gold for the beginner. just to be able to watch a trick done over and over again helps a shitload.

houghton nights 2

the first one was sick and this follow up definitely brings some big shit. hopefully they keep this going. so fucking pumped to see jd repping that TT shirt. everyone kills it in this edit, the night crew obviously gets fucking SAVAGE on when they get together.

tom and tony in texas

here's some cell phone clips from tom and tony's visit to texas. looks like some good shit. psyched to see prolly on a bike, even if he's not getting after any heavy tricks//that new bruiser looks so sick. check the ledge at 2:09, so sick. tom and tony are always killing it/im a big fan of lamarche since way back. this is classic fixed freestyle at its finest. must see TTv.




gorbis: stay chud

stay chud motherfuckers... and gorbis stepped shit up with this one. definitely some bigger tricks in this one.

gage foo spring 2011

i havent watched this shit yet because it wont play for some reason.... maybe youll have better luck.

skate shiTT

quick trailer for creature's video "hesh law". this shit isnt new, but i never picked up a copy. looks fucking killer//rumor has it theres a barrier kult section in here.

big wheel bmx: nothing serious

street, trails, and park in this one... nothing serious, just some mellow big bike shit. check it.

jesse jambox

shred the city at night... i love cruising downtown at night and hanging at spots. here's what jesse had to say; "nothing serious, just riding around having fun,drinking beers and recording the party with our cell phones"

bike check: wonder's bb17 charmer build

these BB17 frames are super legit. here's another clean build via the BB17 BLOG. head over there for full build specs, i cant say that ive even seen one of these built up that i didnt like. shit looks so good. also sounds like they ready for purchase, get your BB17 on.

volume vandal finalized

if you didnt already catch this, it sounds like the vandal is being finalized. geo looks sick///pumped on these. a quality 26er frame from a name you can trust. i have no doubt these will be sick as fuck. head over to VOLUME for more.

bike check: dual 26 unknown v2

here's a super clean build i caught on TRICK TRACK (wtf happened to TRICK TRACK, seems like hardly anyone posts builds anymore.) this thing looks fucking sick, dialed, clean colorway, solid part kit. here's the rundown:
Bike Check-
Frame-Unknown v 2
Fork- BB17 Cobra
Grips- Odi longneck cut flange
Stem- The Shadow Conspiracy Strike
Headset- Eclat Dual integrated
Seat/Seatpost- Resist
Sprocket- Profile Polished 36t
Crank arms- EighthInch 170
Pedals- Atomlab
Frs- Molecule Trigger prototypes
Chain- Halflink
Wheelset- Atomlab Pimlites 32h laced to 32h Sadio Spark Hubs
Cog- Soma 13t & 15t
Lockring- Dura ace

head over to TRICK TRACK for more photos//post your shit up over there. 

nasty at shiokaze

caught this on NASTY'S WBASE BLOG. one of his runs from shiokaze//always psyched to see him ride.

chawlie duee

more fixed shit from dtlb. long beach is the spot. this one sums up the weekend pretty good, rainbow flags and brendan benefit tee shirts. chawlie has a mean barspin and hits up a bunch of classic dtlb spots.

shiokaze 11

a look at the W-LINE DISTRO possed heading for shiokaze. some real good clips in here. nasty skate shiTT, he skates like a motherfucker, back lips on ledges///wtf.

quick clip: nyc shin

workin on those back wheelies... psyched to see people get these dialed and take em to some next level shit.

ddr sunset

this one dates back to december... ddr posse holding down some flatground///reppin that Ali shit.

eat shiTT

monday sucks//eat shiTT



skate shiTT: tyler johnson

so sick. tyler fucking kills it on a skateboard.

steven dunnuck

steven has one of those new blk mrkt street fiend frames built up. from the sound of these he's part of the test ride squad. clean build for sure tho. these are gunna be sick.

chris delia iko iko lines

some trials inspired fixed riding. pretty sick, dude has massive hops.

kendrick bautista

some skatepark footage from kendrick of the FAST posse.

michael chacon quickie

super clean production from mike on a bike. dialing in some tech shit/classic chacon footage on that next level.

skate shiTT

jball sent this shit through... this is one of his friends older brothers flick. its fucking insane, so many massive tricks in here. 1:56 is some of the heaviest shit out there. must see TTv.

some tarck shiTT

here's a flashback to the tarck days...


i heard this was a tv spot on mke local tv hahaha. this shit is so rad. dont miss it. MWM2 is going to be so sick.

skate shiTT

skate flicks dont usually get the stamp... but this shit is pretty fucking heavy.


roof drops, parties, knives, broken bones, slams, typical banned shit. dont miss 03:23.

end of the world day edit

1:55 of pure entertainment//this edit is sick. lol at the song. this is some must see shit, too many highlights in here to call out. fucking killing it.

SHMOB saTTurdays: TTyler Louie

Photos by Luns Louie


shits gunna be sick.

SHMOB saTTurdays: buTTcher rebirTTh

Night sesh with my boy Lance Selleaze.

This is his V3 Scrambler build.


not the craziest riding///but the concept is pretty killer.

skate shiTT

yeah... more skate shiTT from barrier kult. i get all bent on shit sometimes and post the fuck out of it. the shirts look fucking sick tho and the skate in ski masks shit is epic. 

off TTopic: DONT DO IT

i wont shove my opinion down your face//nor have i watched this video yet, so i cant talk... but keep shit grass roots. the people still have a hand on fixed bikes. sent a pic of this to gus as a joke, but for real, dont do it. #justsayin

aj austin bruiser bike check

aj showing us his new bruiser. these things look so sick. dont miss the end lol. TTv is on a little bit of a bike check binge right now. im gunna try to keep this shit going///get your builds on trick track so i can get some shit to post #justsayin//i love bike checks.

wrahw: gus molina bike check

this build looks sick//gus is pumped on the flanged grips these days haha. im into this one, clean fuckin machine. head over to WRAHW for the details.