SHMOB saTTurdays: Days in the ciTTy preview

Having dinner with Sean, Fish n Chips, Buck, and Brad right before his gnarly allergic reaction to Caesar Salad.
Shout out to Jay and Willy of Savage who couldn't make it out this weekend.

Its been an incredible few days in San Francisco for me. I've met so many new people and rode a ton of sick spots. I have an edit in the works with some street riding and lots of comp footage, stay tuned for that. Huge thanks to Sean Coats for hitting me up and making it possible for me to ride with a bunch of guys who truly shred. Stay TTuned for more.





GotTTH Ross Speaks

Thank you for engorging your eyes on this wicked Red Bull event

I skate harder than the Deerman of the Dark Forest & am not aware of the full cacophony of names for the wicked stunts that were thrown down today.

I pray you all enjoyed yourselves

Red Bull: TJ Goes Huge

Red Bull: Boothby 360 Out

Red Bull: Congo Rolls the Dice

Snake Eyes

Red Bull: Tyler Johnson

Red Bull; Montoya's Outta the Park

Fuck this shit, I'm outta here

Red Bull: Boothby up rail

Red Bull: Joe

Red Bull: Santos on the Hubba

Feeble grind bar spin out on the hubba


Red Bull: Matt Reyes

this run is killing it

Red Bull: Chacon

Red Bull: Congo's Killing It Hard

Murdering the Red Bull Course

Red Bull: Congo's Killing It


Red Bull: Miles Hubba Grind

Feeble Grind the Hubba

Red Bull: Nasty

skids for days

Red Bull: Top 10 Announcement

Red Bull: Congo Rides the Course

Red Bull: Gus goes out on a stretcher

Shit got really gnarly

Red Bull: TJ and Ruff

Red Bull: Steven Jensen

Gangster Ass bar spins

Red Bull: Brad getting Gnarly

Red Bull: Kozo BACKFLIP

Holy Fuck

Everyone just got shut down

Red Bull: Kozo's tail whip

Red Bull: Arimoto

Red Bull: Josh Boothby 2

Red Bull: Josh Boothby

TT shirt

Red Bull 360's

Get it, get it, didn't get it

Red Bull Scene

It's Live Bitch

Wonka Just Slammed Hard, didn't get a clip but he might be out of this shit

Red Bull Event in San Fran

Live Blogging Is A Go

Be Prepared



11.04.30 @tiene

more from deviation... big flat bank spot is pretty mellow.

wonka and some iminusd guys at google? wtf? this one caught me off guard.

teppei and marco at 3rd and army

must be so fucking sick coming from so far and checking out a spot like this. classic skate spot, killer riding.

flat fix 2011

some new shit from flat fix. bmx/fixed. lots of footage, food, slams, flat fix keeps it coming.

TT-reppin @ redbull/SF

congo has been sending through pics of people reppin TT up at the redbull event... so fucking sick. he also has shirts, so if ur up there, get after him while there's still some left.

quick clip

sean coats lurkin in the background///skatepark grindin

quick clip: daniel chamlern

heres a quick line from "steezysquares" and danile chamlern///holding down long beach while the rest of em are up north for that unnamed mega-corporate contest.

big wheel bmx: arcsi hegedűs ~ prowanted

some big wheel bmx shit... mostly mini shred... there might not be anything in this flick that todays fixed crowd cant hold down... just sayin. i caught this on matt reyes like list, you should follow him on vimeo, he clicks through some real good shit.

dora la exploradora para la suciedad

lol. nice title///nice intro. tony coming through with some self filmed shit. going hard in the skatepark blasting some big ones. psyched to see tony staying after this shit... he's up there in the grand dad group of fixed freestyle since bootleg1. #respect


too much TTv will make your fucking eyes explode and shit
got something in the works... hopefully it pans out

quick clip: nick bench jump

thats a fuckin solid hop right there...

forest parker for iminusd

sick fucking edit. lots of hammers in here. check that doubles shit on the wall, that flat gap, so many killer lines. dont miss this/must see TTv.

mission workshop and mixt meat

just caught this over at PROLLY, i usually skip past anything that says mission workshop since they dont typically aim shit at fixed freestyle, but i saw that MIXT MEAT had a part in this and gave it a watch. super high production value; clean filming, editing, good riding... the whole deal. worth a watch.


sounds like the pitbull (aka the FAUXrilla) will be released this month... some of you might have seen this a while ago. i consider it less of an "immatation" and more of a resurrection of a geo. looks like they'll also be dropping some parts on us. i caught this at KEEP IT TRICK, followed up for more at DICE, head HERE  for more photos.

pfg night session

either some or all of these clips were previously released... not sure if this is a re-edit, but either way its worth a re-watch. PFG "goes hard in the paint" haha. some big shit in here, not to mention someone living the #skimasklifestyle. haha. big ups to kenny arimoto///THIETH is down for PFG and DESTROY BIKES.

the ughs introduces simon gomok

the UGH'S is so fucking sick. coming in on some psychedelic shit. these guys are on some next level shit, super creative edits, solid riding, rad visuals, good music, KILLER BLOG, their style is so legit. im fucking pumped to see this shit develop. i watched this edit multiple times before posting it///fucking fire///fucking killing it///must see TTv.

yokohama session

mixed fixed and bmx... hopefully we see more of this in the future, bmx teaming up with fixed riders. this is some chill in the park///shred with friends type shit.

84 in san francisco

im guessing there's going to be a shitload of sf riding clips over the next few days. here's some classic "tarck" style one handed wheelie. wheelies down sf streets are a flashback to the mash days.



wheel talk mini jam

i know this is like two weeks old/but i missed it somehow; these fucking guys keep coming through with shit. generators, lights, a ramp over a car, a fucking band... this is some next level "event" shit. wheel talk compound is some kind of mecca haha. check this shit out.

westfixed at lourinhã

here's the latest flick from jotta and west fixed. that skatepark looks like a fun spot. caught this over at PROLLY, so cruise over there for a blog introduction and more detail.

gears are 4 girls

thats a 26er/DJ frame. are we gunna see more set ups like this in the future? i remember there were quite a few builds like this before the 26 specific frames caught on.

rooTTs: stranger

its no secret im a stranger fan. theyve been delivering solid/cretive/entertaining edits for some time now. must see TTv.


its wednesday, get weird, fuck work, fuck school... watch web flicks.

bike check: coles RYD conflict

caught this after seeing that latest flick from cole. totally missed it first time around.

nasty's signature frame

this is fucking rad and long overdue. nasty signature frame. seen at WRAHW///head over there for more pics and details.

bbg chronicles: episode 3

here's the latest from BBGKCMO. the third installment, the posse seems to be growing. i could be wrong. these flicks are coming out quick. so sick, fucking going for it. i dig the mtb in there for variety. and it looks like hamrick is killing shit on his unknown frame.


here's some learning tricks type shit, solo filmed, pure dedication. this is what it takes to get shit dialed. i wish my local park had some shit like this...


heres a flick i overlooked by musgrave... sounds like his frame is on its way out (cracked and bent) so he will be saying "farewell" to fixed bikes. thats a son of a bitch if you ask me... we'll miss the webflicks man.

24/SE7EN video mag

nice intro guys hahaha. something new, hope this continues... its a video mag (obviously) stay tuned to see how frequent///the progression along the way.



the hisTTory channel: skate shiTT edition

this is some classic skate shit right here... if you havent seen mouse "you fuckin up".  the flick you see here is one of my most memorable pieces of skate video history. i fucking loved this shit when it dropped... and i still, to this day, fucking love themed edits like this. "peep game"

cole's law

haha more clever title shit from cole and RYD. another pretty solid edit, staying on it. some "horrifying" music haha and a quick creeper clip in there. yeah theres some riding too, cole holds down a bunch of grinds and that intro slam was some shit.

individual crew

some fgmx shit from japan... posse up ride at night shit. japan looks rad at night. i been wanting to go there for a while now.


@WOLFDRAWN just twitted this shit at me... if you follow on twitter you might have already caught this... but i couldnt RESIST a re-post(lol///get it?). this is fucking epic shit right here, old vhs footage, some of the most creative bmx we might ever see. so sick. kind of long, but dont miss the enders, they fucking nuts.

lunch with stevo

really psyched on this one... the energy keeps strong through this edit, quick angle changes, solid bag of tricks, interesting filming and editing. cant wait for more from these guys... and this is just "warming up with some basic tricks" so theres more in store.

unknown in las vegas

vince hit me with this edit earlier today... everyone goes fucking hard in this flick. big shout to mckeag for killing shit even though he rides volume haha. this edit is sick. dont miss the ender. HOLY FUCK. more must see TTv//fucking killing it.

oscar and felix

holy shit this is awesome... check that grind at 0:36. oscar fucking kills shit everytime. some big hops, long grinds, epic spots... this shit wont disappoint. fucking killing it///must see TTv.

quick clip: really soon

here's a quick one from poland... shop opening "really soon"

trafik: keo curry rides la

been a looong time since we've seen keo's signature style... he keeps it "old school" with the "tarck" setup.


shea seems like a cool guy to be around... i love that TK shoutout at the end(150% down for TK). this dude has been hold it down for fixed freestyle for a while now///(we need to collectively come up with a better name than fixed freestyle)



i caught this via PROLLY's likes on vimeo... rad edit. seems like tree stays after creative riders, they dont disappoint.

skate shiTT

@adwinadam twitted this flick at me... some solid production, some good times, themed webflick action.

sorry, gypsy

caught this over at PROLLY... some tony fast slow motion fuck up. sounds like a NEW BLOG is dropping on us from the 407.

jeffyd in pdx

matt reyes threw together some clips from jeffy d's stay in portland. lots of solid lines in here, some killer skatepark clips. looks like theres some legit shit to ride up there in portland. this edit is packed, no slow parts.

WRAHW: miles mathia interview

theres a MILES MATHIA interview up on WRAHW right now. dont miss it, torey seems to get in with some of the more interesting personalities in this fixed shit. not to mention, he himself is one of the more interesting personalities/interesting perspectives. i always dig these.

TT-shirt reppin

caught these on WOLFDRAWN. corey and matt reppin the new #TTIGERBLOOD TT-shirts. psyched on that shit. HEAD OVER THERE and check the gettin buck post for some epic mid slam photos. also, there's some people expecting TT-shirts as of lately, sent a bunch out friday and the rest will go today. keep watch on your mailbox.

bike check: the future of fixed


stylin 26er proto

i caught this on the BB17 BLOG. looks like there's gunna be a stylin 26er. ive always liked the looks of the og stylin frame, but this thing looks way legit on 26's. head over to BB17 for more detailed photos.

極限運動協會舉辦FIXED GEAR單速車體驗營

bike demo with a little bit of fixed shit... seems like theres some kind event involving fixed bikes every week these days.

street 2011.04

some hang in the park flatground shit, this is how you get shit dialed. a couple tech tricks and long sliders in there.

phoenix X wolfdrawn shirts

these shirts look sick. i was hoping they'd do more with that logo. there's a couple other graphics on the blog, head over to PHOENIX and check it out.


"fuck school fuck straps" some strapless fixed riding. kinda surprised he can 180 like that without straps.

fixation trailer

a little bit of fgmx shit in there.

wheel talk mini jam

cant wait to see more footage from this... the compound looks fucking dialed these days.



skate shiTT

themed intro and some creative use of spots in this one... dont miss the ender, fucking sick.

rooTTs: eat shit edition

this shit is nuts


shiloh brings us a quick look at the thrash posse... they been stacking footage for their up coming flick, here's another look. seems like they're stepping their game up//some bigger tricks/killer spots in here. check that down flat hubba ledge.

bb17: velocity rims in stock

looks like bb17 store keeps big stock on velocity wheels...

big wheel bmx

solid edit. check the 14bikeco shirt. sick.

knice clothing: diego deleon

diego sent this through on vimeo earlier today, some new diego deleon for knice clothing... had a fucked up day so i couldnt get to much of this blog shit... thanks for sending it through man, all the readers should keep that in mind, i dig getting links in my email///it makes this blog thing a fuckload easier.

skate shiTT

caught this on sean coats likes... rad/creative skateboarding



j-ruff's bb17 26er conversion

here's an update (posted yesterday) of RUFF's BB17 26er conversion. looks fucking sick. this build looks so sick. blacked out... and those immortis bars are so killer. fucking psyched on this setup.

another quickie

this kid has potential... some interesting tricks in there and he looks pretty natural on his bike. lots of new names coming in on this fixed shit.

skate shiTT

here's a second look at some rad grass roots shit//TOXIC TURDZ haha. lol at the name, but the skating in this flick is legit.

leader usa: matthew spencer

this edit is so fucking sick... matt always brings big shit, but this one is packed with insane clips. some huge gaps, super creative use of spots, never seen before skatepark lines, subtle styling with the black and white, good music, so much sick shit in this. TONS OF TT-SHIRT REP.  SO PSYCHED ON IT. i would call out tricks but there's way too much here///but that rock hop ender is some holy shit... FUCKING KILLING IT TO DEATH. im definitely backing the "best edit 2011" claims.

daichi slider

here's another one from blackened. digging those horror clips in between riding.




cousteau insists you listen to this shit//we 80 feet high right now//LOL

quick clip

this ones from mgd fixed gear budapest... wheelies are the shit, this is a quick line with some wheelie in. check it.

"fixie fixed gear tricks"

seems like i may have already posted this video under another title... youtube is fucked like that sometimes. anyways, pretty solid bag of tricks here.


here's a few bmx quick clips that i dug up... that first one is rad///and the last one, if you know that spot (dtlb) is a solid fucking three. so sick. check em.

skate shiTT: deer man of dark woods

this ones for you gus... deer man of dark woods is the shit... here is one with some higher production value, rad shots, rad location. check it.

wolfdrawnXphoenix straps now in stock

there's still a handful of these straps left over at WOLFDRAWN. head over and snag a set while you still can. if nothing else, click through and check out MATT'S TIRE SLIDE PHOTO... so fucking sick.