here's the latest TT-shirt graphic, we cruised out to sheens house and brought him back to gothross's basement for some photos... its a tribute to another psycho charles... only a matter of time before he starts killing people. here's to "banging 7 gram rocks", "its ok to smoke crack if you can manage it socially",  to those of you who are loving the sheen tweets, a tribute to porn star girlfriends, and... ive had some respond with "i cant wear that shit" to the manson graphic, this ones for you.

elevated engineering: miles mathia

HOLY FUCK!!!!! @JOHNPROLLY (#respect) tweeted this shit at me with the note "FUCKING KILLING IT" and this by all means, without a doubt, some next level shit, FUCKING KILLING IT. thats all there is to say... words will just muddy the water, watch this now.

big wheel bmx

just caught this on vimeo, these guys are the shit. kns.lo is probably my favorite big bmx posse out there, dont miss their flicks.

citygrounds trips to phx

this is a serious stack of footage for a few days of filming... and a super quick turn around. matt really gets shit done, no fucking around. so many sick spots, rad tricks, and the re-emergence of WEASONWHY, so psyched on that shit. everyone is killing it, that nollie bar to whillie was nuts. there's too many rad clips in here to call out, everyone killed it, not to mention you get the clean filming, solid editing, and good tunes you've come to expect from matt's edits. hit WOLFDRAWN for the story and some photos.

skate shiTT

black label has been holding it down forever.


that clint guy has rad style, dig the magwheel setup, check the build at 0:42, fucking nuts. this posse kills shit.

grime yo mang build

art school posted this up on trick track. super clean build, solid parts kit, i dig the matching pedals and grips. here's the bike check rundown:

frame: large Grime Yo Mang - 14mm
fork: Sadio Booster
bars: Sadio Hotbar with demo missile grips
stem: Demolition Keystone topload
headset: flybikes
seat: Resist
post: dmr lockjaw
cranks: Profile 165
sprocket: tree lite 33t
bb: animal
pedals: twisted pcs with Pheonix v2 straps
front wheel: mtx 33 4x to madera pilot v2
rear wheel: mtx33 4x to profile fix/fix 14mm
tires: kenda k-rads 2.3
pegs: shadow
head over to TRICK TRACK and give ARTSCHOOL a shoutout

imporTTant message update

so fucking psyched!!! @wolfdrawn just tweeted this shit over to me... looks like corey, matt, and tyler went shopping this morning and picked up a couple TT-shirts. FUCKING SICK!!!! i love the shit out of that photo of corey at the clearance rack. haha.
check the THUNDERKILL news report.

eat shiTT

couldnt resist. LOL.  (big ups to people who push it as hard as they can no matter how big or small)

...more trick trick boom

more footage from the trick trick boom event. this one covers some shit i dont think i saw in the other ones. was that gap to grind at 3:10 in other edits? wish they wouldnt have chopped the edit right there. either way fucking sick.

fixed gear bike trick girl

chicks get down too.

o.s.k session tokushima& kouti trip

some new shit from fixed trick labolatory... kinda long, but theres some good clips in here.



shane reppin TT

EPIC... saw this on the SHMOB TTUMBLR
get out and skid out on some dirt. 

west jam: oscar kahn and ed wonka

hector brings us some wonka/khan carnage from the west jam trip. those first couple clips of oscar are fucking insane. these two kill shit to death. lol at the music, dont miss this edit.

wonka at trick trick boom

wonka is super consistent, always looks natural, kills it at contests. this is some raw footage style of wonkas run straight through.

kenny arimoto for destroy

fuckin rad shot/high hop from kenny, he stays fucking killing it. judging from his recent edit and the photos ive seen, these DESTROY frames are going to be strong as fuck. head over to PFG for details.

skate shiTT

thrasher is the shit. fuckin beer slave, short sweet trailer, i think the whole flick is up on youtube if you wanted to tune in to some raw skate shit.

big wheel bmx

...more minishred

p.d.p. 3

more coverage from that pdp event. 0:12 was fuckin sick... and pegless, 0:22 wtf/lol/holy shit haha/was that on purpose? some pretty good event coverage here, bunnyhop contest, some trick comp highlights, some nasty footage. check it.

the second flick covers the winners circle and tons of obey product handout

christian musgrave: everything

musgrave pretty much does everything in this video... haha. i dig this one, some "aggressive inline", some skate shit, some scooter, some fixed. christian likes "sports", art, dogs, and long walks on the beach.



tony fast - curb jibs

psyched to see tony's still at it. some mellow minishred here from a fixed freestyle originator.

skate shiTT

caught this on sean coats like list... so fucking sick. raw vhs skate shit. this might be one of the fucking baddest skate flicks ive seen in a long time.

one day edit

old school tarck trickin... on a track bike.

devin tolman: a day in the life

this is a pretty rad edit. not your typical fixed freestyle. this bridges the gap between gofast and trick styles. i dig it. i would love to see more shit progress in this direction, especially in sf, like that style of skate shit where people hit gaps and shit on super steep hills. check it, dont miss it, must see TTv.

quick clip: mgd fixed gear budapest

hop up wheelie shit... an essential basic trick, wheelies are the shit in general.


one last update... i was interested in how this fucker made its way back to sean... if you havent heard the story, musgrave hit me up on vimeo, and here's how it went (in his words);
good story/people who steal shit are dumb motherfuckers

trick trick boom

head over to GEOMETRICK for a trick trick boom photo report.

charge scissor complete build

this thing looks fucking sick, look at the tire clearance on this motherfucker. caught this on COGWEI's blog. cruise over there for more.

chunk's revenge

this edit is fucking sick. biker gang beat downs, rad ledge spots, chunks, gus... entertainment and bikes makes for some good web flick shit. garrison bumstead keeps em coming. cruise over to FIXED CULT for more... and dual buttholes.

return of the viking

im sure most of you have already seen this via PROLLY, but i cant skip past some shit like this. psyched to see an edit from john. he's been doing this since before most of you even had a bike. i remember looking for a bike that would barspin like 4 years ago and seeing prolly post pics on bike forums with his IRO. much respect, prolly has been a huge part of what this shit has become.

looks like thailand is bringing us more good shit... seems like everytime an edit drops from over there its legit. best bodin drops some tech grinds, smoothe style, good spots... psyched on that nollie 180 towards the end. must see TTv. 

eighth inch butcher build

i dig these build up videos... piecing together a bike is the shit, when its all brand new parts its like fucking christmas.



chacon in paris/portugal

footage from paris and portugal... footage from recent trick comps, local spots, parks... that barhop at west jam was huge...



practice, hector ward

some new shit from DEATHGRIP... nothing serious just some tennis court practice shit. psyched on this edit, some lowdef effects. cruise over to the blog and check the dogboarding video, LOL.

square minute with javon duong

this is pretty fuckin solid. on vimeo the claim is;
"HE NEEDS A BIKE ! Bikeless for 2 months and this is what he threw down for his first time with a friend's bike.."
thats some shit right there for someone who hasnt been riding for 2 months and jumped on someone else's shit for the afternoon. fuck man. he definitely needs a bike.

exclusive firsTT look: unknown topload stem

i was shooting the shit with vincent shim, one of the brains behind UNKNOWN BIKES, about bikes, unkown, and living the fuckin dream... and he dropped this clean/rad looking top load stem on me. here's a first look at that new shit coming from UNKNOWN. no word on release as of yet, but get psyched on some hype. they're attentive to riders and soon to be coming through with some big things. support grass roots rider operated brands.

march madness

young guns gettin their trick on... dig seeing some off road shit in these edits. dont miss 1:11 for the win haha.

the hisTTory channel: CONGOFRAMA

i always say it, congo has been holding down long beach (and fixed tricks) for fucking ever... back in the days of 650 front wheels and "TARCK"... this motherfucker was killing shit. i had to laugh when i saw this shit, totally remember it from back in the day, and had to drop this flick on here. so sick.

unknown v2 build

here's another UNKNOWN dual 26 build i caught over at GEOMETRICK head over there for the details. every build ive seen so far has looked proper.

wolfdrawnXphoenix now available

caught this over at PHOENIX blog, these are now available. dont jump the gun tho, order through WOLFDRAWN so his webstore blows up/check out muϟik-mθnd△yϟ-5 whule ur over there.

skate shiTT

by way of GOTHROSS we bring you a creature flick... he was suggesting i post some creature skate shiTT... here it is. THIETH loves a themed edit.



the bike was stolen on the corner of McFadden and Beach in Fountain Valley. sean is offering a $200 reward for the recovered bike. look for the yellow irak sticker and yellow grips. i will also be offering a TT-SHIRT to anyone who tracks this fucker down.

undeader strike pro framesets

im interested in this undeader brand, cool name, full line of parts, these dont look to have massive tire clearance, but its a good looking geo and i dig the seattube cutouts. cruise over to BKK FIXED for some message board, or over to TAOBAO for more detailed shots/to pick one up. (if someone buys one of these from TAOBAO, hit me on my email, i want the details)

quick clip: daoden fixedfew

dig that slow motion. looks like he's riding a dj frame or something.

quick clip: fixed gear budapest

some quick shit from budapest. this guys got a good handle on his bike. hopefully more to come...

cookies tough day

some heavy hits in here. shit man... looks like they fou nd some good spots in pedro tho.

xlife new frame

caught this at BHSK... totally missed it,  they dont sleep on the new product shit over at bhsk. this frame looks fucking epic, dig the geo, xlife has been an underdog in this fixed freestyle shit for a while, cant wait to see how this frame comes out/how much/how availability will be in the US. check it.

about unknown bike company

interview with subtitles and riding in betweeen... the story of unknown bike. pretty cool, give it a check.

quick clip: big wheel bmx

more minishred, nothing serious... upload some fixed flicks motherfuckers.

off TTopic: winter shred

shred flicks arent easy to come by... most of it is just some "dudes" in ultra baggy gear chucking twirlybirds off shit... i mean seriously, whats the draw to that? if you live in the LA area, it just snowed up there again... there still a chance to get out and shred some white wave shit.

skate shiTT

no-ho shred, deathwishXshake junt. anyone know what park this is?

SHMOB saTTurdays: sTTorm sessions

So the weather for over a week has pretty much been nonstop rain. These are some clips Tyler and I managed to get when the weather was rideable. Tyler finally got pegs, the grind clips are day 1 & 2 with them. Shoutout to Matt Bruesch, who couldn't make an appearance in this one due to a snapped axle.




fuck the motherfucker who stole seans bike (this has nothing to do with seans bike, i just wanted to get that out there). its friday night. fuck shit up.

fgg: west jam

here's a long one from FIXED GEAR GENEVA... looks like it covers all things west jam. tons of footage of the event, street riding, awards ceremony, the whole nine. check it if you got the time.


shane posted this shit up on the SHMOB.TUMBLR with the caption; "tyler needs a sponsor". he's starting to get some shit real dialed, got a natural style, and he's hammering down some tech tricks these days.

unknown v2 build

yerson's v2 build. these things look sick.
snagged from UNKNOWN bikes blog, cruise over there for full build specs.

ynot: steven jensen straps

if you buy these straps, you will be able to do fixed tailwhips.
head over to YNOT for more info


caught this over at THECOMEUP. theres a bunch of OC spots i used to skate in this shit. fucking solid edit.

unlock teaser

caught this over at FROOTS, its kind of old news, but looks pretty killer. i dig the mixed bmx and fixed. check it.

p.d.p. taiwan

here's some footage from that pdp event in taiwan. i dont think ive ever seen nasty do grinds? looks like the event was good, everyones killing it everywhere right now.

sndtrck: west jam

this shit went off... wonka and mike were on fire. must see TTv.


eat shit to the cunt who stole seans bike



fuck the motherfucker who stole this shit, you are a scum cunt worthless piece of shit. 

the bike was stolen on the corner of McFadden and Beach in Fountain Valley. sean is offering a $200 reward for the recovered bike. look for the yellow irak sticker and yellow grips. i will also be offering a TT-SHIRT to anyone who tracks this fucker down. recover this fucking bike by any means. i will replace seans spokes if you shove a stick in the fuckers front wheel while he's riding it.