saturday night... get weird. fuck shit up.

rooTTs: banned in orlando 2

i wish every weekend was as fucked up as a banned video...

unknown v2 dual 26er

this is some "cutting edge" shit right here... the v2 unknown 26er. neg bb drop, 14mm capable, still has plenty of seat tube, tire clearance... not to metoin its a rad looking build, i love chrome cranks and a polished chainwheel. cruise over the UNKNOWN BLOG for build specs and commentary from sean. i cant wait to hear how these things hold up... rumor has it TYLER from SHMOB and CHRISTIAN HAMRICK are going to be rolling around on these soon.

blue nempro

this is TDHK's new build, look at that blue... this mothefucker is so sick. try to look past the naked bars... legit parts kit, sick fucking color.

dual 26 bb17 charmer

ninja posted this over at TRICKTRACK. its actually the frame built for 700's w/ a 26 wheelset. im into this since i prefer the ability to switch back and forth... i couldnt see myself going to a dedicated 26er frame... but i will admit, it does look kind of strange with the seattube cutout and 26 wheels. clean build no matter how you look at it.

speedball magazine

some grassroots shit from elevated engineering... florida look out for this at your local stores.

wolfdrawn X phoenix

this is big news for wolfdrawn... and if phoenix REALLY knows whats up, its big news for them. i was so fucking psyched when i saw this. the typoXthe colorway is as legit as it gets. i cant fucking wait for these to drop... DEFINITELY picking up a set.... dont get this news here tho, cruise over to WOLFDRAWN for the details, and pick up a fuckin shirt while ur there. 
support the real names in fixed. 

rooTTs: remix

here's a remix of a david grant edit... this is one of the best flicks ive seen in a while... and dont pussify yourself with some "oh i could hardly see anything because of the video effects" type bullshit like someone on trick track who blasted one of the flicks i posted up. just watch... rad tunes, digging the effects...

nikon jow: winter

the latest from nikonjow... reppin area cycles, fixed cult, xlife, and star nectar? looks like he's got barhops dialed and some decent parks to ride.

quick clips: forest parker

here's a couple quick clips from forest parker that came to my attention by way of SHMOB mane shane. THIETH loves a quick clip. kill that shit.

2011 P.D.P.

BB17 shot this over to me... looks like theyre organizing a comp. "FGFS ONLY", fuck yeah. theres lots of shit these days where the fgfs shit is just lumped in with sprints and races and shit... not really my "cup of tea", BB17 doing it right.


TT 02.23.11 

dual 26 sadio booster build

this thing looks fucking rad... not a big fan of colored chains, but aside from that this build is super legit. rad sadio parts kit. via: GEOMETRICK  <---click it for details.

matt montoya

matt montoya has skills, big hops, and you know its clean production when its by colby... no more macaframa for for him, i wonder what he's got up his sleeve??? if its more shit like this itll be fucking rad. hopefully...

fixtape #4

ronnies fixtapes are always legit... he stepped his shit up with this one, new camera, clean filming... this was just a quick couple of sessions with the new camera, get psyched for future fixtapes.




THIETH makes me listen to this shit real loud on the way to work sometimes... first thing in the morning... WTF.

eat shiTT

everyone eats shit sometimes.


heres an old but good flick from david grant... dig the lowdef film shit. dude been killing shit forever.

skate shiTT

these skateboard mag mag minute deals are pretty cool... been getting into em lately. melcher is definitely one of those creative/authentic skate guys. shits probably old, but fuck it.

pj padua X ninetysix clothing

this is the first ive heard of ninetysix clothing... cruise over to the NINETYSIX BIG CARTEL and check em out. they got some pretty cool shit... i dig that triangle logo at the end of the video.


skate shiTT

grass roots skate shit, solid production, good music... check it. BOYISHVIDEO.com if you want to pick up a copy.

wheel talk X the grime

fuck yeah. just watch... you know this is fucking fire.

rooTTs: bone deth

bone deth on the gypsy caravan tour... so rad.

3 peak high

fixed trick comp from kiryu city japan. some flatground heavy hitters in here... check out that frame at 2:13, crazy lookin.

build the beast

caught this over at PROLLY'S BLOG... new bike day is the fucking best.

bike check: proud cat 26er

this is the latest build from proud cat. old school lookin 26er. i dig the build, its super clean. the only major drawback in my book is the euro bb... also, check out their sprocket... kinda profile lookin, but i dig it. MORE HERE

rooTTs: dew

dew is killing it on a fixed bike... but he's obviously got rooTTs in bmx. huge hop/he looks natural on it.

sndtrck: february

soundtrack edits are always clean.

sunday night movie: winter shred ediTTion

if ur into snow flicks... give this one a watch... its a full length, so its pretty long. if nothing else catch the intro and the first part. fuckin rad.


skate shiTT

intro slam is fucking solid. booze, skate shit, low tech edit... grass roots skateboarding.

welcome to o'pignon

totally missed a killer one here. awesome production value. riding in the snow looks fucking awesome on video... and the tricks are gnarly on that slippery shit. rad flick. must see TTv.
cruise over and check out O'PIGNON... check their tag... pretty cool with the cog on it.

quick clip: day 6

according to the vimeo description, will had a shitty day with this one. everyone has those, where you cant ride for shit and your heads not in it... but he still came through with his daily.
this will be the last of the daily flicks tho, click over to vimeo for details.


more from the thrash posse... they're staying on it, filming when its not raining, keeping the dream alive. this is what its about, posse up, ride with friends, film the action. some old school 650 front tarck trickini in here... kickin it OG.

quick clip: day 5

day 5: nice weather, some fresh spots, wall ride blaster, good filming.



sdg lucas's charmer build

these charmers are looking real good... seems like every build ive seen so far is looking real proper. BB17 BLOG for details.


pj padua for joseph. fake ass fences. red bars celeste frame, 180's, ride, shred, drop web edits. pj stays on his web flick game.


downcrew holding it "down". some solid/quick lines in this one. check out downcrew on youtube... hopefully they keep this shit coming and keep it entertaining. 



quick clip: day 4

day 4 from will gibbons... looks like they got some better weather out there. he's coming with some bigger tricks in this one. the beginning of 180 bars and some BIG hops, some handrail shit. fuck yeah man.


bone deth is the best. dug up an older one here... i cant wait to see someone fuck shit up like this on a fixed bike. i can dream cant i? check that slam in the intro, holy fuck, this edit in general is just plain raw, rad intro, heavy lines, fucked up hammers...

skate shiTT

super big ollies and creative use of spots... east coast flavor... this ones rad.

thrash teaser

new flick coming soon... here's what they had to say...
"Coming out with a film in a couple months. Its going to be based on a group of teenage track riders in Stockton, CA. It'll range from track riding, trick track, and fixed gear freestyle. Riders will include:
Alex Southemath
Alex Nunez
Tommy Mao
Jordan Madarang
Anthony Perez
Chad Pecchenino
Shiloh Sambo
Devin Raqueno
Dawson Phan
Ryan Mamaradlo
Brian Shin (Maybe)"

marino bikes custom 26er

here's the 2nd marino custom ive seen... and its fucking sick. found this cruising the DUAL 26 BOARD on tricktrack. frenchsantiago posted it up... im dying (almost dead even) to know how these things hold up. 

2011 steveland cleaner

calpreme posted his 2011 steveland cleaner up on tricktrack. fuckin killer looking build and he's claiming this as the best bike he's ever ridden. head over to the STEVELAND CLEANER TOPIC on tricktrack for more details.

also, check out the NEMPRO BLOG. brad stays on it. this is a framebuilder who is fucking killing shit. always innovating, always on that next shit. not to mention, i dont think ive ever seen photos or heard stories of a broken or bent nempro.

dual 26 mordecai

caught this mordecai on tricktrack. clean build. digging that white saddle/white bars combo. 

felix dol for sadio

felix is riding for sadio parts now. he's injured currently so he's holding back the clips til he can drop a full edit, this is a quick teaser. i dig the black and white... looks good on here.

toku trick school

if nothing else... check this dudes setup; a stylin frame with an oldschool bmw gangsta fork. thats some crazy shit.


via: creepyshow

geek down

some mellow riding from diego de leon. lol at the vimeo description; "this is NOT shot in HD". i love that raw shit. keep at it man.

quick clip: day three

will gibbons is still on a mission... day three and counting. check that snow bank pallet ramp, so killer.

26 bmx

this shit got me psyched... new flick from plonka. he's one of those names i follow on vimeo, always killing it on his 26er... freewheel style tho. check the scenes in the abandoned night club, fucking epic.


banned is always the shit... @furoche tweeted this and i had to repost. they definitely one of my favorite names in bmx. kill everyone.

click the banned tag at the bottom of the post for more banned shit.

winter edit

jake lanich and jeffery chen coming through with a solid edit. i dont know which is which, but one of em's got a mean barspin. clean tricks, killer edit. check it.

x-life scorpion frame

here's the latest 26 fixed frame to drop on us. xlife is coming through with this for both 26 and 700. looks like a pretty good geo too. cant wait for more details. head to XLIFE for more pics and details.

fucking killing it: dew's new

holy shit, these are hammers. serious fucking hammers. watch this now. fucking killing it to death.

skate shiTT

bomb hills... this shits fucking nuts.

jonathan davis

some shit from bumsteads way out there in the ie.




some skatepark chill out from pj padua... been a while since the last edit. stay on it.

will gibbons day 2

looks like will's gunna keep at this... i hope he does. these one a day type things are hard to keep up... but  rad to tune in and follow along with.

quick clip: new cutter

quick one liner from jball.

the hisTTory channel

as i remember it... this was one of the first fgfs completes... and it came out during the age of throwing oversized forks on tin can track frames. i remember this bike blowing my mind when it first dropped, like i fucking had to have a setup like this after seeing it. unforgettable project. watch the video and take a look back... it also goes to show how hard ted has been holding it down since waaaayyyy back.

bay-sicz: tyler louie

here's the latest from (shmob) tyler louie... dudes game stepped up hard. looks way natural in the park here. some rad shit/rad style in this flick... i dig that little "oh shit" guy that pops up haha.  cruise over at check out THE BAY-SICZ if hip hop is your thing.

a day in paris

some geometrick shred at that famous paris spot.

skate shiTT: mini shred

some pretty rad cruiser board mini shred. 

BB17 charmer dual 700

these charmer builds are looking super good. dual 700 on 2.1's with full barspin clearance. cruise over to the BB17 BLOG and check it out... they got pictures of all the details you could want. all of em come in matte... so sick.



christian hamrick photo sequences

these are fucking rad. someone in christians posse has photo skills.
dudes on a mission right now...

vimeo dig: sfg

here's a couple from sfg that i missed in the past... while i was on the topic, i figured i would seek out some flicks i might've missed. theres probably more where that came from. i dig the grind one, its rad when you get psyched on a new trick or something and just wear the shit out. check em.

quick clip: will gibbons

quick one liner from will gibbons. some slomo action on it. click it... its only 30 seconds...

off TTopic: winter shred

here's a super early peek at one of next years shred flicks... theres some massive shit in here.


park shit can tend to be dull... but this guy keeps it interesting to say the least.

quick clip: sfg

sfg bangs out quick clips non-stop.

skate shiTT

i dont like to post nike shit... but i saw this over at KEEP IT TRICK and thought id pass it on.

valentines day edit

while the rest of the world bought chocolates, flowers, and acted like cupids little bitches... these guys were getting their shred on.
via: prolly.

sadio 420 bars

yeah... these are eveywhere. they look pretty rad for a riser/crossbar tho.

nasty diy: stem refurb

take your stem from looking like a gnarred up piece of shit to a rawed out clean machine... and back to a fresh painted pristine bike part. cruise over to nasty's blog for the details... i "google translated" it, so it wasnt 100% but... you'll get the idea.

sweat hogs in the snow

"Snow in Texas is about as rare as a democrat winning an election in Texas." LOL.
didnt catch this one yesterday but its worth the watch, entertaining for sure. i wish it would snow in long beach haha.

via: PiNP

welcome to the mid

welcome to the mid "muthafuckas". gorbis dun stepped their game up. check it.

...more enzo

this one had me rollin... check the look back from both enzo and the chick at the end of this one... classic.

quick clips: enzo santi

here's a couple quick ones that enzo just emailed through; he's back on a bike and bringing some hard shit... showin all the lurks at venice park whats up. cruise over to his vimeo page for more... he just uploaded 5 quick clips. new edit dropping soon... get psyched.

yo thieth got tagged in this shit (thanks for the shoutout enzo) try and find me like where the fuck is waldo.


valentines day special ediTTion

off TTopic: winter shred

back to the boneyard is some wierd snow shred shit... check it out, also, the full movie is up on vimeo if you wanted to sit back with a snow flick. check it.

taiwan fixed gear girl

chicks with tricks... girls get down too.

skate shiTT

some old school raw filmed off the screen skate shiTT, i want one of those harold hunter shirts.

rooTTs: OSS mike mastroni

tons of rad shit in this one. 0:41 and 2:18 are two of the raddest things ive seen on a bmx.... thats not to say that loads of other shit in this flick wont fuck your head up, the ender is so rad. dudes got the creative gene.
via: thecomeup

christian hamrick

christian just sent through this photo... its a screen grab from an upcoming edit. this shit is epic... posse on the steps with a bike hop. get psyched, the new edit is bound to blow the last one away.



valentines day special ediTTion;
get your bitch flowers or some shit 

mike for grime

saw this over at wrahw... rad shot.

quick clip: rally

rally's got big ups. get inspired. rally keeps these quick ones coming. 

bears bike 2011,

some grinds and some hang5 action. looks like a full on dj/26er build...


i dig the filmed from the front perspective. cruise.

random shenanigans

irvine is home to uci which is home to a fuckload of spots... lucky guys to have that shit in their backyard... unlucky guys if they're still there when they're old enough to get out on the town haha. check the dirt jumps, looks like they got some killer shit on that end too.

imd minute mondays

fuckin rad edit. high production value, clean filming... im into that black and white, not to mention legit tricks. hopefully they keep these coming.
 ^^^lol, yeah, lecockgit^^^

got found

this is a long one... put your feet up and take it all in. marco has skills and a slew of spots.

vimeo wtf

yo vimeo... what the fuck dawg?
shits not working today... 
check back later. 

that kid nunez

that kid nunez just emailed this flick through... solid edit, mellow tunes, check that nosie at 0:37... big shit. no indian giver = no homo. stay on it man.