unknown bikes v2 build

looks fucking killer. really dig their raw. more details over at "keep it trick"


for those who havent caught this yet... click play at the bottom to watch webflicks like tv. its a feed from the TTvFIXED vimeo channel. plays nonstop flicks... make it full screen and let it roll.

謎Street: mystery 2011

far east X west coast g-funk haha. lots of mini shred and some doubles in this one.

26" bmx

heres a short one from "overseas"... i love the self filmed and the lack of music. this is rad. everyone's got a spot they like to chill at when there's no one to ride with, i dig that kinda shit.

"skate shiTT"

this one goes way back... but its still pretty killer. fast skating, big tricks, mixed spots, overall killer flick.

se bikes road trip day1

this ones everywhere... se bikes road trip filmed by everyones favorite fixed photographer (matt lingo). the filming and editing is clean, and the road trip stuff is definitely rad to follow along with... hopefully the updates are daily?

rooTTs: burns monkey spank

fuck yeah. sean burns has been all over the web lately... this shit is fuckin fire, spot on webflick fire.

quick clip: nasty 360

caught this over at prolly's joint. nasty, 360, quick clip... those are three of my favorite catch phrases when it comes to webflicks.

flawless victory teaser

these guys have been pretty much nonstop with webflicks lately... hopefully that translates to mass stacks of footage and a killer flick when this drops. heres the latest teaser.

diego being knice

here's a quick one from diego(freestylemob)... putting it down for knice clothing.

colin mui for unknown bikes

this kids becoming a household name real fast. deep bag of tricks, good style, and dedication to keeping his webflicks up. on another topic... check the screenshot below... LOL (i wasnt gunna say anything)

flawless victory trick comp

must be asleep at the wheel if i missed this. i didnt see any hype for this trick comp, but it looks like it was a good time. this is what really pushes tricks. grab your posse and trick comp some shit.

alec and jball

a couple groms shredding their local spots... looks like they got some killer shit to ride. i actually really like the low res "filmed in 2 hours" rawness of this one. keep these flicks comin guys.


shane from SHMOB just hit me up with this photo... he's been working out those nose manuals, the pic above is a snap from the latest web edit they're working on. should drop any day now? if you look reeeeaallll hard you can see he's repping a TT-shirt. click the shmob link above check out their shit out.

geometrick: nicolas zanoni

some lofty 180's, some park shit, some street shit... geometrick stays in the game and here's the latest "homeboy" to posse up. check it out, you know their flicks are always on point.

matt reppin hard

FUCK YEAH. matt just posted up this wall ride photo and a HUGE TTvBLOG shoutout. so fucking psyched to have one of the realest names in fixed hyping this shit.
thanks for the good words matt. 
 one of the most killing it moments in TTvBLOG.
head to wolfdrawn and check it out. 

ricardo lino: unknown v1 bike check

ricardo just hit me up with this bike check. thats a super fucking clean build right there. the raw x red wheels x white walls is sooo legit. thats definitely some original style. 
here's the build specs:
  • Unknown V1
  • identiti 14mm fork
  • trickster 2 bar
  • mtx3´s (soon to be dodici´s) 26
  • BLB rear hub 13t
  • wethepeople pi front hub
  • profile 165 cranks, deity sproket 36
  • grips eclát
  • eclát gonzo fat pivotal seat and dmr seatpost
  • dmr supermoto 2.2 tires
  • soraia chain
  • PHOENIX pedals and straps
so legit. also... check out west jam if you havent already. 

"freestyle fixed jam in lisbon in  the 19th and 20th march and a  bike polo tournament in a big indoor  park, more people from europe is  coming such as geometrick crew, the rotterdam crew and we have some  americans trying to come..such as wonka,  jakob santos, michael chacon  and wheel talk crew...."

for more info, head to the facebook event page 

resil vila

im flipping through some youtube flicks right now... and here's another one i missed from way back in august. resil has a fluid style and keeps his speed up. i dig watching him ride.

jesus moreno

ive seen his name a lot more than ive seen him ride... this ones been out for a couple months now and somehow i skipped past it. totally legit edit. he is one of a small group who still rides mismatched wheel sizes. check this shit out...

rooTTs: kink in long beach

kinks not my favorite name in bmx, but theres definitely some killer tricks and rad lines go down in this one... and its long beach, not much more to it, long beach is the place.

andrew voegeli

this kid keeps his tricks fresh every time. tricks in front of the shop type of flicks can tend to be dull, but voegeli is on some creative shit. theres a bunch of rad tricks in here. keep your eye on this guy... i expect you'll see some big things from him in the near future.

sean coats: ryd conflict promo

sean is on that next shit with this one. some fuckin fresh tricks, bike looks killer, game stepped up hard. rad t-shirt on the bike check... 3:14 is some holy shit, seans fucking killing it.

tee tee's playhouse



2010 worst skater of the year

"skate shiTT"

skate fast.

wolfdrawn: 700c dont limit me shirts

these shirts are fuckin rad. head over to wolfdrawn for more info...
or just get on it and BUY ONE NOW.  support the real names in fixed gear.

sTTay loosen teaser

0:28 biiig wheelie hop.

50 sec with anTThony and jake

here's a short one from anthony rasca... shred with friends.

quick clip: flawless vicTTory

quick grind from flawless victory.

congo reppin TTHIETTH

 this shit gets me pumped, caught this on twitter (follow congo). you never know who's actually gunna wear the shit and i couldnt be more psyched than to have this fucking guy putting my shit on blast. 
...and on the same note, this shit had me laughin. caught it over at prolly's blog and had to repost. 
so fucking awesome.

"skate shiTT"

 some skate shit with earl... why not? free earl.

bb17 charmer dual 26 pics

here's more pics of the dual 26 charmer. seen over at BB17's FLICKR. cruise over and check it out... there's plenty more than i posted here. bb17 is coming up hard. get psyched on these guys.


here's a couple updates from matt... that practice video is rad. dude has such smoothe style and skills beyond what most people will ever reach. i love that spot, i just to chill out over there all the time at night. best parking structure downtown (imo). cruise over to wolfdrawn for the whole story.

freesTTyle mob presents diego

looks like diego's on a mission right now, second edit this week.

alec aranowiTTz: bored

some shred shit from OC... i know those spots.


quick clips: pepe

rad style in both these clips.

fixtape freemix

ronnie just dropped this edit, dont miss it. fucking pumped to see these guys riding together. hell of a line up in this one, looks like that event was the raw deal.


quick one of some esb production and a little bit of riding from ted and friends. 

BB17 dual 26 build

Here's the latest on the BB17 dual 26er. SWOO followed up with another update today. head over to his blog for details.

skate shiTT: trong your mind

more from the realest local posse. psyched on this edit.

rooTTs: bone deth summer boogie

fuckin rad.

on off team

its rad to be out on a bike at night. more freedom at spots... the city feels like its yours.

off TTopic: scooter slam

i dont even know how i came across this... but this is one hell of a slam. im not a scooter fan and wont be posting scooter shit, but fuck man... here's the kids description;

"Not very good quality, but I dont care. I cant watch this video anyway. The result of this fall, fractured orbit(eyesocket) fractured some other bone in my face, 7 stitches on my eyebrow and a swollen as shit left eye"

50's west fixed

more from the west fixed posse. these guys are obviously staying focused right now. riding, filming, flooding the internet with web flicks, and organizing an event. "hustlin". some serious hammers in this one too, this mob has some tech tricks dialed... and if you havent check out the event. get linked below.

"freestyle fixed jam in lisbon in  the 19th and 20th march and a  bike polo tournament in a big indoor  park, more people from europe is  coming such as geometrick crew, the rotterdam crew and we have some  americans trying to come..such as wonka,  jakob santos, michael chacon  and wheel talk crew...."

for more info, head to the facebook event page 

bb17: eason

caught this over at lockedcog. bb17 makin headlines today. i dont think ive ever seen such long trick combinations. how can you even ride straight after something like that. skills eh?

BB17 dual 26

saw this over at SWOO'S BLOG, looks like BB17 is coming through with a dual 26 fix.
not much news yet, but keep checking with swoo for updates.


click the flyer for more info. 

get psyched. 

hiro for phoenix

these phoenix edits are always on point. hiro X phoenix is guaranteed good shit. this squad is always worth the watch.

quick clip: gwang's feeblebar

single trick clips are the shit. feeble bars are fire right now.

west fixed: this weekend

its not too late to get a last minute flight over to portugal.
this goes down starting saturday... get ready for it.  
i cant wait to see some footage of this shit!!!!

"freestyle fixed jam in lisbon in  the 19th and 20th march and a  bike polo tournament in a big indoor  park, more people from europe is  coming such as geometrick crew, the rotterdam crew and we have some  americans trying to come..."

for more info, head to the facebook event page 

scream baby


2011 kick off

christian musgrave and friends fucking shit up proper for 2011. so many legit tricks, game stepped up real hard in this one. keep an eye out this posse. nice song haha.

pj padua shredit

here's pj with some legit flat ground. glad they got that 180 bar. haha.

freestyle mob: diego

LA based freestyle mob holding it down for the west. here's a quick one featuring diego.

quick clip: iphone 4 test

this one goes back a few months... from the guys who brought you deathgrip, a quick clip filmed and edited on iphon4.


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via: wolfdrawn on tumblr. 
if you havent seen it, go check it out.

proud cat trick frame update

this is the new color. looks pretty good i dig a brown/bronze frame... third after black and raw in my book. i still havent seen these for sale online, but it looks like if you're in the area you can get one HERE at XLIFE.

off TTopic: "fuck it fridays"

wheelie boyz fuck shit up.


there's not much fgfs webflick shit right now... so i said fuck it and posted some retarded shit for you. wheelie boyz is the shit and that jiz video had me crying the first time i saw it. check em out, especially if ur in class or at work, watch jiz at full volume. hahaha. fuck it.

"skate shiTT"

die trying. thats a fuckin slam right there.

welcome to grime street

the new grime store is open...



here's some more pussy shit for your eyes and ears. killer video. even thieth has a soft side... especially when it comes to chicks with head wounds.

"skate shiTT"

lakai bonus footage... kinda mainstream for my taste, but some real legit spots, legit tricks, big names, why not?


off TTopic: fix up in the air

for the lulz. this is waaaayyyyy off topic, thats not even a trick bike "bro"/get a bmx.
in 2011 the shit talk will be; "get a trick frame" lol


these gorbis kids keep the flicks coming... i think theyve put up like 8 videos in the past couple weeks. that snake run spot looks fucking rad. id be psyched to ride, skate, whatever that spot.

sam grime thailand

grime is big news today. shop opening and two webflicks. so fucking rad. havent seen much from this guy but he kills shit. must see TTv.

"skate shiTT"

tim and eric flicks are always rad. skateboarding needs to go a more creative direction these days. with bullshit like tony hawk pro skater video games, shit boards for sale at walmart, skate shops in the mall, run of the mill tricks, same trick plus two more stairs, etc... it gets to a point where it feels like you've seen it all at least twenty times... then theres tim and eric.

grime tv 1

fuck yeah. this is the first of a series. i cant wait for more of this shit. grime posse fucking kills it. nuff said.

w-base: how i roll roots new color

w-base dropped their old school bmx frame in a new colorway. looks killer.

off TTopic: winter shred

cant decide if this is fucking stupid or fucking awesome. haha.

geometrick 2011

somehow i totally skipped past this one. this is a solid edit. if you didnt check it elsewhere, dont miss it the second time around.

destroy bikes 2011 29er frame

i saw this over at PFGBLOG and this frame looks fucking rad. 29x2.3 tire clearance, 14mm, negative bb drop (one inch above the axles), all the hot shit addressed. we'll see how these hold up in the coming months, but it looks solid.

here's the build specs:
Frame - Custom Destroy 29er Frame
Fork - S&M Pitch Fork
Stem - Flatware
Bars - Vultus
Wheels - 48h Chukkers 4x to Profile 14mm rear hub
Tires - Schwalbe BigApple 29er X 2.35 ft & rr
Cranks - Profile 165mm
Sprockets - 36t x 13t
Pedals - Demo PC x Haley's Straps
Chain - Shadow HL
Post - DMR Piv. x Primo Saddle
Pegs - Shadow

unknown bikes trick frame v.2

here's the latest from unknown bikes. the v2 has the same tire clearance as v1, but has a stronger rear triangle, 14mm compatibility, and geometry improvements. looks solid. preorder now HERE.