"skate shiTT"

some creative shit from theeve and drew dezort. i dig the wallie action. dont miss this its short and packed full.

rooTTs: sean burns

sean burns is the shit. i try to cover all things sean burns that i can... he's one of those riders that comes through with mindblowing footage everytime, and this is some fire right here. must see TTv. check the 0:23 mark for some wtf shit. i havent read up on the other blogs yet or asked permission of the fixed gear blog gods, but dont miss a sean burns flick check it.

quick clip: saint pete fixed gear

this ledge is so rad. super long grind from saint pete fixed gear.

irvine kids

here's a flick from orange county... the OC. theres some rad spots in irvine, i used to skate a bunch of these spots. kinda long, kinda shakey, but a look at whats going down in pleasantvile oc.

@morning ride

more from the gnar brad show... the dude is fucking nuts. that handrail is legit. brad's come a long way since i used to ride with him, but he's always had that crazed fearless mentality to push it and blast unbelievable shit that you didnt even see coming. get psyched on this. brought to you by deathc00kies... the realest.

'tis the season

'tis the season... tis the fucking reason i havent been able to post as of lately. packy and friends got rad style, solid bags of tricks, and have seriously stepped their shit up since the last edit. these dudes are some of my fravorite up and coming names. follow these guys they're on their way up.

wolfdrawn: 2010 crashes

the man, the myth, the legend... matt spencer stays fucking killing it. wolfdrawn edits never disappoint. this ones got the best names in the game in it. gotta love that sean coats zoom in... literal lol shit.

aloha tanner

tanner kills shit always and has been around for ages. aloha fixed "4life".

wheeltalk extras

extras from wheeltalk... i missed some serious fuckin fire in the past few days... a few days in internet time is like 6months in real life. totally fucking blowing it.

wrahw weirdyvision

toreys webflicks are the best on the net. there is no such thing as throw away with this guy. watch and learn, wrahw sets a standard that most will never reach. torey is an "original coors".

fish and chips xxx 2010

here's the first of many ketchup posts... you can use ketchup as fake blood, to fake a murder, to pretend you're fucking killing it... also, you can accuse me of "blog rape" all day if you want to, i want to have a running history of fgfs flicks, because i love this shit. so, rape, murder, killing it, stealing it, whats the difference... this is the internet, and you all stole your sport from bmx. lol.