steezy squares

long beach is holding it down hard these days... here's another posse putting shit down in dtlb. lol at that song. tons of footage here. this is the second or third flick ive posted from these guys... they keep em comin.

iminusd trick comp pt 4?

here's the 4th edit to surface of the iminusd trick comp. unlike with past events all of these edits seem to have their own perspective. this shits a little more raw than the previous... i dig it.

quick clip

hop up to ride on a sea wall. pretty cool.


went digging around youtube... some shit from "overseas" just for the fuck of it.


"skate shiTT"

fuck yeah some skate shiTT jaws edit style. i fucking love that movie.


#amicoolnow lol. sean got a cult stem the other day so he's cool now... i thought id blog some cult shit so i could be cool now too. haha. stupid fucking humor i know, just watch this shit.

T.D a.k.a NAKAMURA slowEdit.

heres a new one from yu kusumotoh, this dudes hammering down some tricks on his grime frame. always rad to see an edit with a frame ur into... and im definitely psyched on these grime frames.

26" bmx

this ones called "chill hour" its the latest from plonka. this time its his "homie" jeremy doing the riding. just some park shit. been following plonka on vimeo and i dig watching the rigid fork dirt jumper shit... 26" bmx.

rally: 혹한기 훈련

here's the latest from rally and planet hops... some serious christmas light shit going on in the background here... i wish we had some shit like this in my city. some killer spots in here, some sparks fly, worth a watch.