scum city vol. 1

fuckin psyched on these bumstead flicks.

double trouble

i fell asleep at the wheel today... but 1:09 and oscars ender take the cake in this flick.

lab rats in the bay

this is some next level shit from these three...


shmob with some chillfiliming... filming some chillout shit. parking lot sessions with your homeboys is where the fuck its at. shmob posse keeps the webflicks coming.


solid edit from gus and cultur...

great white north

shea, swoo, lamarche, briggs... big names doing big things up north. check it. 

"skate shiTT": colin arlen

i know ive been posting a lot of skate shit lately... but this ones "relevant". colin arlen by colby elrick... a skate flick. i really fuckin hope colin still skates, this shit is way legit. i never knew... must see TTv.

thunderkill build

charles posted his recent TK build on trick track... looks fucking legit.

marino bikes custom trick build

this shit blew me away... fucking rad frame, neg bb drop, 29x2.35 (massive tires). this shit is so legit, that raw looks epic. rad geo, clean build, fuck yeah. 

build specs:
Frame- Marino Bikes custom frame
Fork- NS fundamental 3
Wheels- P35s to formula hubs
Tires- F. Schwalbe Big Apple 29x2.35 R. Continental 700x54c
Bars/Grips- Answer Pro Tapers/ ODI Longnecks
Cranks- Madera Protocol 175mm
Sprocket- Madera Helm 28t
Pedal/Straps- Atomlab/ burro straps
Seat/ Seatpost- Animal
Cog/ Lockring- MKE 12t

thunderkill frame: coming soon

looks like TK is ramping up for frame sales... time to get psyched.

26" bmx

this is some killer homegrown big bmx shit... i think this is the second 26bmx flick ive seen using this same song. lol. its a good one tho, watch it now.