quick clip: got it

shane from shmob putting in some work... nothing like hammering down a new trick. nose pivot slider is one of the raddest looking tricks out in my book.

a lovely day to ride for no one

this edit is rad. clean filming and editing... rad setting, some killer spots, creative tricks, and digthat title.  feeling that madlib joint too... dont miss this one, must see TTv.

its a lovely day to blog for no one. lol.

via pedalconsumption

"skate shiTT"

some high speed skatepark shredding... that spot looks like fun.


adventures of HTW. this is some "hood shit" haha. love these kind of flicks.

seen at dahstreets.blogspot.com


this chick has a "cult following" ...and THIETH loves that kind of shit. search her name on youtube to see some freak fans worship videos. if you like this, check out her other band, bubonic plague. killer, original sound.


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remember this?

 remember this?

looks like its built up? saw this on trick track...

usvsthem: improvise & survive

this is an event teaser... lots of big names in it... im always amped to see congo ride and he's got some tricks in this one. definitely check it.

winter edit

here's the latest from ronnie... some rad shit in here. his bike is looking killer lime greened with matching bars. super psyched on that hop off bike to kickflip hop back on... .

seen at: prolly