fuck yeah!!!!! shmob X TTvBLOG. this is a teaser for their upcoming murder edit. get psyched. huge thanks to shane.

albert: fixed gear tricks 2

the kid can spin... definitely got that shit dialed.

mike for nike

totally skipped past this one... some mike chacon nike.

zero to go

i dig the freestyle bike mob rolling down the street.

TALON - instant x SAG

some fixed and some skate... the bag looks pretty rad too.

more proud cat pics

here's more from proudcat. check those drop outs... definitely psyched on that shit. 
check out more a the proud cat blog

rooTTs: eastern slider contest

this is SOOOO fucking rad. must see TTv.

alpha lab 26" fixed

fuck yeah. this thing looks killer. about time theres a chromed out fgfs whip. looks like neg bb drop, but those tires are kinda small by current standards. we'll see as this thing develops. saw it over at prolly's joint. 
head over HERE for more info

mixtmeat: little planet test

this shit is rad. lol. MIXTMEAT