this edit is fire. long beach spots, some huge rails, some cool music, rad bike flavor; black kit with chrome bars and red grips. check it.


steven jensens dual 26 vandal

saw this over at zlogblog, its stevens volume vandle proto build. that raw looks fucking rad.

another dual 26 mordecai

solid build from basik on trick track... related to the tire topic... this is another tire im into for 26 riding. comes in 2.15 and 2.3. they look killer on those mtx33's.  check em out here... i dig that tread.

dmr supermoto tires

these tires look fucking rad... as seen on renauds nempro (bike of the month). ive been looking to get my hands on these for a bit now, but it seems they're hard to come by in the states. they're lightweight, low rolling resistance, and come in 2.2 which is a killer size for the mordecai (giving you a little extra room for untrueness). check em out here, here, and here. also available in black if white walls arent your deal.

torontofixed soon

heres a super mini from tronoto fixed. dig that vignette and the colors in that parking structure. short and sweet.

quick clip, wk warming up

this is some "bootleg" footage of wk warming up... one line quick clip. wk definitely has smoothe style.

swoo: this is how i sTTudy

some funny shit from swoo... fucking with his bike for a little bit on a study break.