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the latest music video from matt spencer... i dig this one.

venice cruisers

here's a new one from enzo santi, they're holding down some solid tricks, look forward to more from these guys, and venice beach coming with flicks these days. kill it.

dane dubow by nikon jow

the latest from nikonjow featuring dane dubow... solid first edit for dane.

anti brake: chine dh

haha. definitely fixed drive and definitely freestyle.

quick clip: rally

heres a quick clip from rally... one liners are fuckin rad. pretty solid line, dig that spot, it looks rad on camera.

two days edit

heres a new one from rtztkd... theres some pretty cool curb tire slide mini shred action in here.

im a tricker

some shit from "over seas". 

x-life proud cat trick frame test

more proud cat proto test flick action is surfacing... pretty solid flick... dig that super low res quality. i dig how these are looking built up/on camera.