roll one

fuck yeah chuckie. dudes rolling on the white wall nation... fucking shit up proper, keeping edits coming. get psyched, dudes been on the fgfs thing for a long time now, its good to see some real solid edits.

rick anderson

this edit is so fucking clean, big tricks, super clean filming, rad style. this kid has some serious fucking skills, cant wait to see more. must see TTv, and by all means fucking killing it. two of them today. fuck yeah.

deathcult: night of terror

this shit is fucking rad. themed edits are the shit and this ones fucking killer old horror style.
seen at deathc00kies, the realest. fucking killing shit.

"skate shiTT"

trong your mind is some local shit. this posse kills shit, keeps it original, and keeps the flick and pics coming... check them out; TRONGYOURMIND