off TTopic: its winter...

...get your gnar on. this shit is fucking nuts... saw it at mixtmeat and had to re-blast it.

unknown bikes

the captions on the pic say it all... fuck yeah. when/where/how much???


this one goes out to renaud and his bike of the month.

quick clip

a quick nose pivot from jt51o on youtube... love that trick/quick clips are the shit.

bike of the monTTh

saw this shit over at trick track... hot fucking fire. 
love those tires... been trying to get my hands on a set for a while now. they look fucking rad on a murdered out build. here's the specs:

Nemesis Project TF 46cm
NS Fundamental
NS District
Random BMX 170 mm
Tree 33T
Odyssey Twisted

a big one goes out to bauhaus fans. fuck yeah renaud. 
we at TTvBLOG are huge bauhaus fans.


lol. dont quit your blowjob is the latest from everyones favorite (or least favorite) "fixie" hater. looks like he's in long beach these days? has he always been? any way you cut it, long beach bike shit is fucking killing it all right now.

gus and his SE

this thing looks solid... and it looks like gus is doing a bit of off roading here... cant wait to see an edit fromt his guy.

2011 ns analog

this shits all over the www right now... fuck it tho. rad color... clean build (why didnt they throw a pivotal seat/post and bmx cranks on this???). looks good tho.

iminusd 1 year trick comp

if you got skills... get over to this shit and scoop some loot.