ace metric

solid first edit from ace metric. some of those night shots with all the neon look killer. a couple solid gaps in there.

profile 14mm fixed hubs

fuckin rad... just caught this on twitter
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off TTopic

matt spencer's music video... you're fucking nuts man. haha.

wonka: unfinished

has this really been on vimeo for months? anyone else seen it... wonka just tweeted that shit, had to repost. check it. cant get enough wonka footage.

"skate shiTT"

two in one day is pushing it... but this edit is too clean.

christian musgrave: winter porno #2

musgrave's keeping shit coming these days.

"skate shiTT"

start your day off right with some skate shit. long cruising lines, some tech shit, smoothe style, foreign spots, pretty killer.