rooTTs: banned 4 life dvd

parts 1 and 2. watch it all. this is must see TTv. banned is fucking killing it harder than anyone.

dph cameras will steal your soul

saw this over at LOCKEDCOG. deserves a repost for sure. dph keeps the hits coming.


these are lookin solid...

unknown bike co

cruise over and check their blog. definitely some solid riding, frames, and parts coming from these guys... they've been hiding in the shadows for a while now.

bob8ya4 november edit

high speed flatground... i dont think ive ever seen these tricks done so quick.


i dont know what the title means... but theres some keo footage in there, someone we dont see very often these days. kinda long, kinda slow, not very much riding... watch at your own risk.

vegas baby

kris lc in vegas... not too much riding in this one, but a look at some interbike good times... vegas is the shit.

wrahw patches

torey has some patches right now... get em while theyre hot. as with all things wrahw, im sure supplies are limited so act fast if you want one.

off TTopic ...its winter

its been getting down to the 30's around here at night, so it seems pretty fucking official. get out and shred some of that snowboard shit.

christmas time

musgrave putting it down for christmas time... rad edit man, psyched on those tunes.
christmas time!