fuckin rock solid

dig the song in this one... some solid riding too.

rooTTs: fully cocked

here's clints latest flick. if ur in the market for a bmx flick, and you want to see some creative, original shit... snag a copy. available now, here

quick clip: kevin anderson

solid drop... looks like a nut shot to me lol. hell of a birthday present, happy birthday motherfucker.


heres the latest from funny... been a while since we've seen an edit from this guy, but he's holding shit down hard. his flatground game is next level, killing pegless grinds, and smoothe ramp work.

via prolly

erik v @ bolsa park

erik is always killing it... check that grind into the bank, thats some shit right there. this edits been up for a while but i missed it first time around.

unknown 14mm hub

unknown bike co will be offering a 14mm hub soon. no word on pricing or release date yet, but check back for updates. 

zlog mob winter training

here's the zlog team with some winter training mini shred. fuckin rad. tyler is fucking killing it right now, creative, technical, and stylish. i liked the clips of him on ruffs charmer... cool to see someone on a different bike.

thunderkill frame

get fuckin psyched on this.

"skate shiTT"

heres a new one from aloha fixed for a shop over there... clean filming, clean skate, worth a watch.

off TTopic/"skate shiTT"

too cool not to post. check it. slam vs the dickies 874 work pant. gotta put products to the harshest test possible. haha.

super long tire slider/smoothie... is smoothie really the best name for this... id feel dumb saying that out loud. seen at zlog

shiba friday

seen at prolly