tune TTown

 this is some fucking raw shit. i dont follow much rap these days, but fuck, this video is nuts. some skate shit in there too... kind of. you are out of your fucking head if you even want to try this at home.

the hisTTory channel

this shit is from summer of 08... way before big tires and trick forks... fucking nuts. wonka's been killing it since he first sat on one of these bikes. this edit still holds legit today even.

gettin' broke occurs

lol. this edit is fucking epic. i want to see more where this came from.

"skate shiTT"

here's a trailer for a north carolina based skate flick... super clean filming, some tricky editing, and i dig that shot where the whole mob is pushing down the street together.

26" bmx

fucking love the title of this one... and the video is action packed entertainment. lolxfuckyeah. solid fucking edit... but whats with the music. haha.