tony fast russian circles

bunny hops for breast cancer

some big shit went down. fucking fire.


rooTTs x "skate shiTT" x cult

this codey kid is fucking killing shit... here's another edit with both bmx and skate, get this kid a fixed whip and we'd have this whole blog in one flick haha. fucking rad. must see TTv.

jogja for merapi

some solid riding from who knows where... someplace foreign to me. this goes to show that solid tricks and fucking killing it is "international language" haha. check that slam at the end... definitely an ender.

fronTTwheelless wheelies

so classic.


i wonder why i havent seen this anywhere yet??? maybe i totally missed it, but its a mishka ad featuring prolly of course among the rest... did i totally miss this over at prolly's spot? its old footage, but still, its kinda cool. all stylized and shit.

nem pro build

saw this on trick track... super legit build... which reminds me, where are those steveland cleaners that were supposed to drop around halloween?

mixt meat

not only is this photo fucking killer... but it sounds like the mixt meat posse is stacking some footage for an edit. cant wait.

joe mckeag

i know i slept on this one... but its too fucking rad not to repost. this webflick is filmed and edited so proper. definitely fucking killing it.