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geometrick X fixé mag teaser

quick one... big tricks... busted parts. kill shit.


kareem's leader builds

these are kareems leader builds... the shadow is looking super rad... and the mordecai is said to be "watermelon four loko inspired" lol. legit builds... that shadow has massive tires. more details/pics over at loosenuts.


"skate shiTT"

some skate shit from "across the pond" or some shit like that. londoners fucking shit up.


im on a real banned kick lately. fuck it. this shit is so rad.


hahaha. i love this edit... theres some fucking funny shit in here. antics, mini fix bikes, spots, and that pivot in front of the cops... haha. fuckin rad for a first flick.

proud cat trick frame

as you can see these frames have hit the streets... they're out for testing. looks like theres a few solid builds. i know that pink tire build is "interesting" but it shows 2.35 tire clearance. if you're looking for a frame thats out of the ordinary this might be what ur lookin for. more HERE

brooklyn machine works flat rat stem

here's something new for those of you who ride oversized clamp bars... its bmw so you know its strong and legit. check it.