swoo X lamarche

i know prolly already covered this... but swoo is covering some lamarche action up north. check the photos here. this ones the shit. 


lol... some funny shit from matt and corey.


November 18, 1978 

TT my mordecai TT

while we're on the TTopic of mordecai builds... here's mine. 
not the best pic, but i've been putting this off for too long telling myself to wait till you get this new part or that new part... but fuck all that shit, it is what it is... and here it is:
frame: mordecai 55 murder black
fork: black market 435 a2c
cranks: profile 165
sprocket: tree 39t
wheels: velocity chukker 700's to formula hubs 16t cog
front tire: serfas drifter 2.0 (heavy as fuck)
rear tire: vittoria rando 1.75
pedals: animal
straps: hold fast
stem: thomson 6 bolt
saddle: some squishy shit with birds on it
post: macneil pivotal 
bars: atomlab general issue (these are the budget steel 22.2 clamp steel bars)

yes, i know my fork is too tall for this frame and it slacks out the hta, but i like it, and ill do what i want with my bike... i implore the rest of you to do the same. jumbo tires are the shit, im going 2.3 up front as soon as i wear out that rear rando.

murder out mordecai

this thing looks real proper. details here: pristine

the hisTTory channel

its been a while since if posted a hisTTory channel post, but i wanted to keep this going. here's some super old shit from wonka... way back before bmx cranks, back when tires topped out around 35c... vimeo says this was uploaded 2 years ago. i find that hard to believe, but still, this shit is definitely old as fuck and would be a pretty solid edit even by todays standards.

"skate shiTT"

this is some rad skateboarding right here... super creative, super "skillz" haha, super killer. some of the freshest spots ive seen in a while.

pfg night moves

looks like they assemble all those quick clips into a webflick... not bad, added some new shit in there to keep it fresh and some music for "atmosphere" haha.


so fucking rad. 11 minutes of wall rides, so be ready to sit back... this shit is awesome. must see TTv.

four TTricks

dig the style of this video... i like it when people "theme" them or set a tone. i watch a fuckload of fixed flicks so its cool when something stands out.