wheelie 7d

fuckin murder rap motherfuckers.


saw this over at labrakeless... so killer.

droopy gets bucked

saw this one over at deathc00kies fuckin solid head banger. nothing a little four loko cant fix haha. seriously tho... fuck man.

sTTolen bike

Tanner from deathc00kies bike got stolen. keep your eye out for a dumb mother fucker looking to get his teeth knocked out riding a:

Green Brassknuckle frame size 54 (scratch on the inside of the right leg of the fork)
Black sugino messengers
Black demolition pedals with RS1 straps
Black b43s laced to black level hubs with silver nipples an an 18 cog on it
Black demolition bottom loader stem with black tricksters
Cane creek s1 headset1
Generic Black 31.8 Seat Post

stolen in downtown long beach,
reclaim by any necessary means and contact:
contact email: tannerbooch@gmail.com

shmob novemburr 3

shmob posse is a fuckin webflick factory... they keep bangin em out and progressing quick. shane's workin on his cab three's and it looks like he's just about dialed, good style on em too. edit looks good, mixing it up with some fresh spots. these guys got that ride/film all the time mentality that pushes shit to the next level. shmob it.

profile contest winner

one of a kind profile spliner and hub set... so fucking rad. to the lucky winner of their recent contest. seen on profile racing's twitter BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


SubFactory x PlanetHops for FTC

this is rad. ftc getting in on some fixed action is rad, the filming is super clean, the editing is smoothe, the tricks are legit, the spots are like a movie set... definitely must see TTv.

quick clip: joe mckeag

lofty 180 in dtlb... i know those stairs and thats a solid 180 right there. check it.

one liner

this is tommy mao's first edit... not bad for a first flick.

off TTopic

seems like everyone is loving this cult shit these days... ive had this video bookmarked for a while now, so i figured i'd share. brought to you by corey smith and commune, featuring video art by jaclyn campanaro. this shit is fucking rad. must see TTv


this is why banned videos are the shit.

skate shiTT

new from volume

the new volume site is up... and what the fuck do we have here. im psyched on this... volume doesnt explicitly say it, but this is rumored to be a new 26" fixed offering. according to bloggerzlogzack  this will feature 14mm dropouts, huge tire clearance, and no bb drop. wow. "700c dont limit me... but 26 sure is looking good" haha.

videohunTT: antonyo

another old but good flick. i remember this one like it was yesterday, antonyo's clean execution blew me away. specifically that tire slide was the fuckin shit. havent found any new yet flicks today... i will be digging up some shit to keep things interesting.

videohunTT: andrew voegeli

i came across this one... oldy but goody when i was digging around on trick track. andrew's got killer style and a bag of tricks. this flick is 3 months old... where the fuck you at man??? looking forward to more from this guy.