tom lamarche and tom briggs

apparently tom lamarche is out filming with tom briggs. i cant fucking wait for this... like a kid on christmas. no info. seen at prollys joint.

ride high

more fire from your man chuck reynolds. digging that new setup... the white walls are fucking killer.


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isaac gibbs sponsor me video

well... im kinda going out on a limb with this one... definitely an interesting flick. a bit more "riding" than i typically post, but theres some tricks in there... and its without a doubt unlike anything ive seen before. check it out and see for yourself.


sfg is really coming up huge these days...

more quick clips from pfg

three more from pfg. that grind across grass gap was rad. and lol at that grind fail "no i just fucked up like a douche bag"


i dig this one. the general raw choppiness of the edit... the weird music... there's potential here. keep an eye out for more from these guys. 

pfg: downhill dirt jumps

HOLY SHIT. this shit is nuts, definitely next level, definitely pushing it hard. fuck yeah guys. must see TTv.


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anthemII trailer. theres some massive shit in this trailer, big names, get psyched, this flick should be fucking epic.  

grime: always crummy in filthadelphia

fuck yeah. here's some new hype from grime. always blowing minds.those last few clips are fucking nuts. new life for an old spot from BSv1.

bb17 charmer 26ed

this has to be a first... dual 26 bb17 charmer. caught this over at swoo's blog. looks fucking killer, and that front tire looks massive.

grime build: repainted

this is definitely the first murdered out grime build ive seen. looks fucking rad like that. legit setup.

"skate shiTT" - elevated engineering

fuckin rad, check it out, its miles on a skateboard.