w-base stylin bike check

this ones been around on vimeo for a while now... totally missed it somehow. theses stylin frames are fuckin rad, here's a little bike check and a quick trick flick. check it out.

putrajaya shred session

looks like this was a good time, pretty big turnout.


short clip of some ramp riding. looks fucking fun. psyched on ynot, keeping us entertained.

quick clips: "scotty eagleton"

fuckin rad clips, that last one was a rad slam... cant wait to see an edit from these guys.

deep fried sean coats

seans been killing shit since he first showed up... i dig this so called throw away footage "old ass clips i dont plan on using", hardly throw away... looks like seans got some new shit in the works and got some old tricks hammered down. get those 3's man. rad style.

tyler johnson

tyler might have the smoothest style in fgfs these days. always killing it.
seen at zlog

the b-rad show

more from brad... some bmx shit at gnar park. when does the b-rad reality show start?

mike chacon in london 2

mike keeping us updated on his trip. he's living the fuckin dream, filming some solid shit, and keeping the edits coming. 

hammer bros

some new shit from dph. solid edit. i know im coming in way late on this one. theres some rad shit in here, psyched on those hops through the circle.