fuck yeah shmob. this is fucking dedication right here. tyler didnt nail that ender line in the last flick so they went back and locked it down. these dudes are putting in work... this is the kinda shit thatll take it to the next level. fuck shit up shmob.

fuckin friday

its friday. this video is fucking retarded. watch it and get pumped to do what all the good people do on friday nights; get wasted and act like total fucking idiots. live the dream.
*disclaimer: this video is pointless and stupid. there isnt much fixed shit to be found today, but i still wanted to serve you some second or third rate entertainment. i will probably never post anything this stupid again.
*disclaimer2: if you dont have any plans tonite or cant find an old guy to buy you fourloko, check babysabbath's vimeo page for more of this brand of entertainment and some bonedeth bmx flicks.


this bone deth slimers flick is fucking awesome. i may have already posted this months back, but fuck it. its like seeing it again for the first time... and if i didnt already post it, or if you havent already seen it, this is must see TTv.


i dig these footplant 180's... there was a flick i posted yesterday where some whipped one down a couple stairs. kinda like a no comply on a skateboard.

"skate shiTT"

vmp x wk

more from seoul. dig that black and white. super clean flicks coming from these guys.

corey san agustin

corey is definitely fucking shit up right now. im psyched on this edit. dirt jumping, hand rails, 360s, heavy lines, and that slam at the end... shit man. fucking pushing it.