why whats up?

fuck yeah. been too long since the last 2020 flick. way too long.


never low: geoff meoff teaser

pretty legit for a first edit.


probably one of the most killer if not THE most killer bmx flicks i have seen in a long time.

gus molina by mike chacon

seen at prolly's joint. u know gus is killing it. definitely watch if you havent seen it.
*dont shop at wactive (no offense gus)

sTTeals and deals

it just hit me that I should post this kind of shit. this auction already ended... and I know these aren't profiles or anything special... but shit, look what you get for $40 bucks shipped. if you aren't "ballin" (lol), or don't have parents who buy you shit... you gotta stretch that "cheddar" as far as you can and build that bike up as solid as you can with the little you got. 


here's another grom from venice (sorry if i alreay posted this)... but there must be something in the water over there. venice and long beach are fucking killing it in my opinion. elijah and j-wolf should hang and get grom webflick together.

tyler louie

correct me if im wrong, but this looks to be one of the shmobsters with a solo edit. i know its got a couple of the same clips from the recent shmob edit... but i wanted to give this guy a personal shout out. solid style, solid tricks, rad park... fucking killer man.

skate shiTT

skate or die, or... skate AND die. lol. hell of a slam.

hip hop is dead

im by no means a hip hop hater, but lol at the video title, way to "keep it real" haha. this is christians first flick on his new frame, check it.


two off topic posts in a row... fuck this is becoming a "variety blog". i ran across this edit on vimeo "doin it for the grime" its tied in. this is a self filmed inlinesk8 flick pumping some grime street hype. why not? im all for grime st hype.

raffy vs tracko (way off TTopic)

i know i dont typically post cyclocross (and i dont plan to start)... but i saw this photo of my man raffy putting the hurt on tracko kyle with the title "remember when tracko didnt mooch other bloggers stoke". LOL. too rad.