"skate shiTT"

seems like ive been posting skate shiTT every day lately. fuck it tho, i just keep coming across some rad shit. 

big bmx: shoot shorts

hahaha. rad video. mostly comedy, funny looking fork, car pulled sliders, whip skids, i see some fixed gear influenced 26" bmx here. matt spencer and this kid should go head to head at sliders. check it.

tom mosher quick clip

here's something new from one of the fgfs founding fathers haha. tom stays on this shit, looks like he's riding 26" wheels these days and fucking shit up as usual. psyched to see more from tom in the future.

atl bike battle

finally a legit edit of this event.

michael chacon in paris

the saga continues... mike is definitely living the fucking dream right now. cruising on vacation with his bike. two of the best things life has to offer... thanks for keeping us updated mike. thats dedication.

"skate shiTT"

motorcycles booze and skateboards... even more surprising; this is a skate flick from a snowboard video filmer... should be pretty good too.

slow motion rail

congo kills shit like he was born on a bike. its clear in shots like this how the see saw effect caused by bb drop really fucks with grinds.

shmob november 2

killing it. definitely some next level shit from shmob. this posse obviously stays on it, back to back edits, that last line is some serious shit, almost had it. solid fuckin riding. watch the fuck out for shmob, these guys are definitely coming up.