~@kitChen griNdz

hahaha. man, brad should have a reality tv show.
b-rad and deathc00kies fucking shit up.

more shmob

here's another one from shmob... these dudes stay on it. this is a sneak peek for a new webflick on the way so keep watch. thanks for the shout out guys. keep em coming.

sadio booster build

this is the first sadio booster build i think ive seen... aside from their promotional shots. it looks clean, and i dig that geo. pic's not bad either eh?
full specs:
Frame: Sadio Booster
Fork: NS RNS 2
Headset: Animal
Stem: Premium
Handlebar: BB 17
Grips: Animal
Seat Post: Dartmoor
Saddle: Animal
Cranks: Sadio160mm
Bottom Bracket : Sadio
Pedals: Eastern
Foot Strap: Magnetic
Chainring: Deity 34t
Cog: Sadio: Surly 14t
Lockring: Cr-mo
Chain: Half link
Rim:F= MX5 700C 36H
Rim:R= MX5 700C 36H
Hub:F= Unknow 36H
Hub:R= Unknow 36H
Tires:F= Vetek 700x40C
Tires:R= Vetek 700x40C

jesus moreno

this is the second flick from the dirtbags posse and its on point. lots of solid tricks. watch out these guys are coming up.

evan martinez

according to vimeo this has been up for a month now. the filming and editing on this shit look professional. so clean.

nom d'une pipe!

super clean filming and editing... bff paris trick comp w/ mike chacon.
saw this over at prolly's joint/had to repost

rooTTs: banned volume 2 blunts and stunts

banned fucking rules. thats all there is to it.

"the great dc shoe burn"

i dont usually post events... but i couldnt resist this one. "the great dc shoe burn" haha. no offense if you are, but im definitely not a fan of dc shoes. i think they're fuckin ugly, i think rob dyrdek and mtv are fucking lame, i think this brand is basically monster energy brand in shoe form. burn shoes to protest the exclusion of bikes at the new skate plaza. shit on the motherfuckers.

"skate shiTT"

keep it real authentic. creative spots, creative skateboarding...

some old some new

the latest from chris clappe and seattle. you know theres some fire in here, so fuck calling shit out, just watch.

oscar khan

this is by all means the best oscar edit we've ever seen. he's been at it for a long time now and it shows, his style is more relaxed than ever, nailing both tech and big tricks.

squares and friends

it seems like theres a fuckload of fgfs shred going down in long beach. this flick has some familiar faces and some new ones... fuckin rad. keep this shit coming guys.

strange rectangle

i know this is a quick clip of a stock trick... the point here is that ive never seen a vimeo player take this shape. id figure that something filmed like this (vertical on an iphone i assume) would just take on the typical form and add black bars on the sides... never seen this shit.