some legit euro shit.

whoa! whats that thing?

lol at the title... this is another solid edit from DPH. clean filming, edited well, the whole nine yards. must see TTv.

"skate shiTT"

like most people these days... im kind of tired of the baggy pants gangster shit. that being said, an exception has to be made when watching this... nyc spots, some mind blowing tricks, smoothe styles, etc. the skateboarding in this flick will not let you down.

pedal piff

here's the latest from chuck reynolds, aka pedal piff. so rad to see him still riding, and on the come up real hard. this is definitely some super clean next level riding for him. check that ender, this edit is fucking solid.

rooTTs: big bikes

these dudes are big bmx at its finest and here's their latest. KNS.Lo

destroy 26er

saw this over at prolly's blog... cruise over to urban velo and read about it... sounds cool. i always kind of dreamed of seing a dropped rear triangle like that, but now that i do, im not so sure what to think. either way, psyched to see more on this bike, looks solid, high bb, decent tire clearance... and it comes in black haha.


gorbis is a group of young guns out of santa cruz... looks like they got some filming in the works. this ones just a teaser, but we'll see whats next.


colin cable keeping you up to date. this is more from their trip up north.

hainus vol 5

willies and hooters. this kid has a rad barspin style, alongside a plain natural riding style. cant wait to see a more trick filled flick from him.

j. wolf

heres j-wolf's latest; a day at venice beach. dude is definitely progressing. he's come a long way since that first flick he posted. ill be psyched to see him coming up. keep it going man.


best of both worlds? or is this ride fast shit getting in the way haha. just kidding. i still ride hills/distance... this flick is definitely filmed clean and entertaining.