snowboards and fixed gears

saw this over at krislc's blog. its some snowboard shit mixed with fixed gear shit... something to get you pumped for the winter season. im gunna get out and shred some of that shit this year.

sal x w-base

i dont usually post product stuff, but i had to make an exception for this one... these are probably the cleanest bike specific gloves i've seen. w-base is definitely killing it right now.

ph story 1

this ones been around for a while... sorry i missed it. (better late than never) some nice filming and killer slowmo.

"skate shiTT"

this is way too fucking rad, i saw this over at swoo's blog and had to repost.


here's a new one from muffin man... keeping it street.


"skate shiTT"

rad style.


is that really j-wolf? if it is... he's come a long way since his last video. it doesnt look like him either... who knows.

quick grind

do grinds