proud cat trick frame

heres another pic of one of those proud cat trick frames... fuckin ugly colorway, but it looks kinda cool on 26's (and claiming 2.35 tire clearance) wonder how solid these things are.
...and check that chainwheel:



"skate shiTT"

skate like a bat out of hell. rad to see justin roy still killing shit.


clint's been killing it on the web video mission for a while now... this shit is definitely going to be killer.

christian musgrave: so long thrasher

so i guess christian is moving on to bigger and better things... favor bikes sent him an achilles frame so he slammed together a farewell edit for his thrasher. right on man, comin up/deserved.

seoul street clips

this is classic right here... backerds rider past some cops... thats some "international language" right there.

heres another quick one of a whillie through a crowd. dig the quick clips.

monday morning edit

this is some "MUST SEE TTv" its always rad to see something new from mike and wonka.. this one wont disappoint. these two are definitely blazing trails. looks like wonka's got 3's locked down.

boothby winter ediTT

some new shit from josh b... that 180 at the art center bump got my psyched.

soundtrack death or glory edit

i almost skipped right over this one since theres already been a few edits for this... i gave it a watch since the soundtrack guys put it together and i wasnt disappointed. check it, theres different angles, fresher filming, more tricks that didnt get covered in other edits, etc.

downed inTTernet

Internet is down at TTHIETTH hq today... posting will resume when this scum gets us back online.
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