happy halloweekend motherfuckers



some bone deth for halloween week. this edit is so fucking rad, watch it twice.

two clips

here's something new from downie, a quick one of a couple solid lines. i dig that transition in the middle. cool flick, quick watch, check it.

da fixed

here's a flick from enzo santi, looks to be a first time edit... kids these days just seem to show up with a handful of solid tricks.

gabe & packy

if you read regularly you've seen a few from packy by now... he just keeps the edits coming, he's handling shit these days. if this keeps up we're gunna have a new household name in fgfs. keep this shit coming packy.

w-base: grand shrine of izumo

some new shit from w-base. skip to about 1:30 for riding, theres a couple tricks from nasty in there.

j wolf: quick clip

jonathan wolf's getting some tricks dialed. the young ones are coming up. coming in hot with 180 bars, fucking rad man. dig that ender too haha. nice flick j wolf.

sfg gwang / grind footage

sfg sent this video through. lots of filming from these guys lately... this ones from gwang, killing some grinds.