new frame?

off TTopic

motor bike by 14bike co/super ted. couldnt resist a repost on this one... way fuckin cool. looks like a motorized esb on mtx33 no less.


saw this one on plonka's blog, the-rise.com... how fucking rad is that spot?

markn summer autumn edit

some wheelies... lots of night filming thats hard to follow, but there's some solid tricks in here.

26" bmx: plonka's europe scraps

i dont usually post back to back 26 bmx edits... but, plonka is another one of my favorites to watch so i had to repost... theres some serious shit in here, obviously dude is killing it right now. not to mention some of those parks in there are so fucking rad.

fall is here

new one from sean coats... nothing landed, but that shit would have been pretty rad.